The Smurfs — Finally! — Give Up Communism

The Smurfs — Finally! — Give Up Communism August 2, 2011







My latest offering on National Review tackles the tough issues of our time:

Hollywood’s newest offering is a film version of the iconic 1980s television show, which ran for nine years on NBC. The little blue guys — and one girl! — are back.

And guess what? They are no longer Commu-Smurfs.

You didn’t have to be Joseph McCarthy to see the red undertones of the blue Smurf society. In Evan Topham’s popular YouTube video, along with countless internet conspiracy essays, the case for Smurf Communism has been firmly established. First, all Smurfs were forced to wear the same uniform: white poofy hats, white pants with a hole to accommodate tails, and white shoes. (Smurfette was allowed a white dress, but was never allowed any deviation in her uniform.) Secondly, the Smurfs only had one role in life and were named according to their profession: Poet Smurf had to write all of the poems, Handy Smurf had to fix all of the broken items, Baker Smurf had to create sugary confections for every Smurf’s consumption. No one was allowed to perform multiple roles in society. Once, Vanity Smurf tried to switch things around and paint, however, and Poet Smurf put down his quill and tried to build things. The disastrous consequences sent a clear message to Smurf society: stick to your job assignment and don’t ask any questions.

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