A New Review From Amazon

A New Review From Amazon January 19, 2012


Review three!

In their book, Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney (And Feel Good about It!), David and Nancy French share their experience about their decision to support Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, starting with his first run back in 2006. Coming from Southern Evangelical backgrounds, their decision was not especially easy, particularly for Nancy whose initial reaction was, “I won’t vote for a Mormon!”

The book takes us through their paradigm shift of determining that not only is it acceptable to support someone not of their belief system who shares their values but also determining that for them, Mitt Romney is the best qualified candidate in the field. They share their experiences of forming their blog ‘Evangelicals for Mitt.org’; the comments from readers, both positive and negative, both from Non Mormons and Mormons alike. They address the issue of what a President Romney might do towards advancing the agenda of the Mormon church. They address Governor Romney’s Romney’s supposed flip-flops and his positions on all the major social and economic issues including gay marriage, abortion, RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare, and what he really did while working for Bain Capital.

There is also a very personal side to their story as Nancy shares her first experience “skiing” (or something like that) in Utah with the Romneys. David shares his feelings and observations about Mormons in general as he expresses his appreciation for the Mormon commitment to social issues he holds dear.

Throughout the book they make it absolutely clear that they are first and foremost Evangelicals. They are not interested in promoting the Mormon church nor would they want Governor Romney to be their pastor. But as they state many times, “We are not electing a Pastor-in-Chief.”

This is a must read book, not only for Evangelicals, but for anyone who continues to have concerns about Mitt Romney’s sincerity, integrity, or commitment to conservative issues.

It’s so gratifying to read these reviews!  Who will be next?  Buy the book here.

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