Romney Testimonies: Former Mitt Skeptic Nathan Schmid

Romney Testimonies: Former Mitt Skeptic Nathan Schmid September 5, 2012

When we were at the convention, we saw many people who had come into the RNC as skeptics but left as Mitt enthusiasts!  If you used to be lukewarm or even hostile towards Gov. Romney, but have changed…  we want to hear your story!  Here is our first of a series:

Nathan went from being a Romney skeptic to having a Romney bumper sticker on his car!

Name:  Nathan Schmid

Location: Morris, Minnesota

Occupation:  Full-Time College Student at the University of Minnesota, Morris

How I Used to Feel:  I used to feel that Mitt was simply not conservative enough. I was skeptical about his record and how he would bring actual change to this country. I wasn’t able to clearly see how he would be much different than President Obama, and I wasn’t sure that I could support his candidacy. Things such as his healthcare law in Massachusetts and his problematic past statements and positions with abortion rights and guns rights made me hesitant to support him. Also, although not essential for the presidency, I felt that Mitt lacked the enthusiasm that others (including President Obama) so clearly demonstrate. I can say that as a young Republican, I was not particularly happy as Mitt sealed the GOP nomination last spring.

How I Feel Now:  I feel energized and enthusiastic about Mitt Romney’s campaign! First of all, I must say, that after realizing that Mitt was going to be the GOP nominee, I threw my full support behind him because I know that we HAVE to defeat President Obama. I will admit that I was still a bit reluctant, but I supported him nevertheless. However, after doing more digging of my own and getting to know Mitt, I realized that I could really connect with him. His business record is incredible, his time as governor (including healthcare and other laws) was a success for Massachusetts, and I finally felt that Mitt held the same core, conservative values that I do. I have found that Mitt has real, bold solutions to our biggest problems, and he is not afraid to make tough decisions to get things done. I am confident that as president, Mitt will balance the budget, repeal and replace Obamacare, let the private sector thrive (and hopefully help me get a job after college!), work tirelessly to defend the rights of the unborn, and rebuild a strong relationship with our closest ally, Israel. As if all this wasn’t enough, Mitt’s speech at the convention was a clincher for me. I will admit that although I have been enthusiastic about his candidacy for most of the past summer, the one thing I was still skeptical about was Mitt’s own enthusiasm, as well as my personal connection to Mitt. Well, needless to say, the convention speech that he delivered erased any and all doubt in my mind about him. Not only was his speech inspiring and passionate, but it helped me grasp who Mitt truly is as a person–as a son, husband, father, grandfather, friend, neighbor, and businessman. It was nice to hear about him from a perspective other than politics, and I was able to realize that, in many ways, Mitt and I are similar. We are both people who love America. We work (and have worked) hard to achieve many goals, and we understand that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible in America. As a young American and first time voter, I am proud to stand with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I know this election will be a difficult battle, but the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and watch. I hope you will stand with me in supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November and beyond!

Thank you, Nathan, for your honesty and transparency!  And…  welcome aboard!

Have your own Mitt Testimony?  We want to hear from you!




How You Used to Feel (and Why)

How You Feel Now (and What Changed Your Mind)


Also, as an added bonus, send in a photo of you with Romney gear or – better yet – holding up a sign that announces your (new!) support!  E-mail me your answers using Nancy @ – with no spaces – and your story can be an inspiration to others who are just now tuning into the political process with the two back-to-back conventions!

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