A Letter from Hal and Corinne Prewitt, the New Owners of Romney’s House

A Letter from Hal and Corinne Prewitt, the New Owners of Romney’s House September 12, 2012


Those interested in my story, “What Mitt Romney Left Behind: The People Who Bought His House Tell Their Story,” might be interested in a comment left below it.  Hal and Corinne Prewitt, of course, are the new owners of Gov. Romney’s former Utah house, and they responded to some of the critical comments left on our blog:


Those who wish to disparage our story by attacking us and the home, take comfort we wrote it because of your loud and incorrect statements that are often based on false assumptions. Please consider, each of us never knows what we don’t know.

Download it here: http://www.prewitt.net/story.pdf We are real, the story we told actually happened and once again we are not part of nor was it written or approved by Mitt Romney’s campaign. In 2009, we began telling the story to our friends (more are liberal). It was they who found it valuable; the liberals who helped us write the story and said it should be heard by Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. Our conservative friends were less impressed.

Yes, we are financially rich, but very different than you apparently imagine. I wish you and every person in our country could, as we have, experience the American dream. Our success comes from building and not taking from others. Being successful and in touch with every American are not mutually exclusive. I started with nothing, oldest of four boys raised mostly by a widowed mother. We are proud of our accomplishments and the fact that I no longer have to sleep in my pickup truck or worry about having money for food. Google my name and read my history.

The home is beautiful, but far more important and often falsely reported or overlooked are the facts the Romney’s selected a public non-gated neighborhood and actually chose not to build a true luxury estate. The home was built with a focus on his family. There was a bedroom for each child. There are no maid, butler or nanny quarters. Clearly Ann and Mitt raised their kids. No gold faucets, no fancy silverware. No swimming pool, tennis court or movie theater. The kitchen was simple and typical of most homes with kids, very much like those in which we were raised. We chose to remodel the kitchen.

It is a home noteworthy not for what they built, but more for what they did not and easily could have.

A few facts not in our story. Some people have claimed Mitt was too cheap to hire movers as the reason he moved himself. Very unlikely he acted to save money or because it was economical. We found no indication of that in his actions or home. While he was working, the garage door became ajar. A simple problem to correct, but he was busy so he called a service company to come fix the door. It is a fact, not only did he load the truck, he drove it to his new home. This was real work and not what most of us would call a “fun” experience. Clearly it was not beneath him to roll up his shirt-sleeves and get the job done. The fact he made these decisions speak directly to his character. Not the stereotypical actions of a millionaire and more importantly not the image most Americans have of Mitt Romney.

Our story is provided by witnesses delivering facts and not initially his supporters nor anti-Obama. Private details, how he acted out of public view and when not running for office. We distinguish between knowing something (I was there) and being told or reading what somebody else thinks happened. Most negative posts we read here appear to come from people who have never met Mitt Romney, get information from others and have zero direct personal knowledge of the subject they make claims about.

Thank you to Hal and Corinne for speaking out and — once again — telling your story!

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