Don’t Believe the Media: Romney Was (and Is) Right

Don’t Believe the Media: Romney Was (and Is) Right September 13, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes comments on the killing of US embassy officials in Benghazi, Libya, while speaking in Jacksonville, Fla., on Wednesday.
Charles Dharapak/AP

Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post slams the media for focusing on Gov. Romney’s response to the tragedies on September 12th than they focused on the President:

Yesterday, virtually the entire liberal media and some on the right as well made the story of the day not about the murder of our diplomats, not about why we did not prepare for a potential assault, not about whether President Obama’s halting policies had come home to roost, but about why Mitt Romney, after a day of silence from the White House following an atrocious apology issued in Cairo (we now know issued without authorization), spoke out when he did.

As I reported yesterday, an underling, according to the State Department, put out the apology online after it was rejected by the State Department’s Near East desk and he was told to wait. Violence ensued that day. Day turned to night in the United States and the White House was mute. So at 10 p.m. after an entire day without an adequate response, Romney put out a statement. What he said was valid then, as it remains valid in retrospect: “I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi. It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

That was not only correct, but the Near East desk at the Obama State Department essentially agreed. (The press seemed to think Romney didn’t know the timeline, but Romney advisors insist that he did. The Cairo embassy reiterated its sympathetic message after the Cairo embassy had been attacked.)

Read the rest here, circulate her message to your friends, and pray that Americans can see through the media’s smoke screen.


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