Top Eight Ways Other People Pay for Your Sexual Adventures

Top Eight Ways Other People Pay for Your Sexual Adventures October 2, 2012

One of the most spiritually, culturally, and politically consequential lies of the modern era is the founding lie of the sexual revolution: “What consenting adults do with their own bodies is nobody’s business but theirs.”  In reality, however, the sexual revolution has imposed enormous, measurable costs on our culture — including on innocent victims of your own self-indulgence.  Don’t believe me?  Here are eight ways other people pay for your conduct:

1.  With the rise in illegitimacy and divorce and the consequent rise in single parenting, we pay with trillions of dollars of welfare for fractured families who can’t take care of themselves.

2.  Since the children of single parents are far more likely to commit crimes, we pay with our personal security.

3.  Because the often-duped and sometimes innocent victims of sexual promiscuity are often afflicted not just with depression but with STDs, we pay with our health.

4.  When fragile psyches can’t handle having their sexual choices criticized, we pay with our freedom of speech.

5.  Because millions of American feel entitled to have their sexual choices subsidized by their fellow citizens, we pay with our freedom of religion.

6.  Since it’s vital that your sexual adventures be supported, facilitated, and even documented by your fellow citizen, we pay with our freedom to run our own business.

7. Because you feel entitled to join and lead religious groups regardless of your sexual conduct, we pay with our freedom of association.

Finally, and most importantly,

8.  Since your sexual satisfaction is more important than anything else — even another human being’s very existence — more than 800,000 children per year pay with their lives.

When sexual indulgence causes such catastrophic consequences — consequences that eat away not only at our respect for human life, at our respect for our fundamental liberties, and at our nation’s fiscal health, can we dispense with the utter absurdity that sexual exploration is somehow virtuous or even “courageous“?  At the very least, let’s be honest: It’s high time for those who support the continued (and expanding) sexual revolution to admit that sexual pleasure is their most important value.

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