Are You Paying Attention, ‘Post-Partisan Christians’? Barack Obama is Circling the Wagons Around Abortion

Are You Paying Attention, ‘Post-Partisan Christians’? Barack Obama is Circling the Wagons Around Abortion October 18, 2012

As Mitt Romney surges in the polls, Barack Obama and his running mate are now launching a renewed bid by women voters, this time targeting abortion both explicitly and implicitly.  Here’s the explicit:

Now, here’s the implicit (Joe Biden calling abortion simply an “operation”)

Note the now-legendary passion in Biden’s voice. He (and President Obama) believe in protecting abortion to their very “core.”

It is now beyond clear that if a Christian wants to support Barack Obama and Joe Biden, they have to be content with supporting a ticket that not only supports abortion “rights”, it supports taxpayer funding of abortions, and it does so as a “core” value. Simply put, a Christian who takes such a position or lends even the slightest support to such a position — a position that, to be clear, seeks to not just sanction but subsidize the intentional taking of hundreds of thousands of human lives — is committing a grievous sin.

In May I wrote a much-discussed post that ended with a simple question for our newest generation of “post-partisan” Christians: “As the price for your new path, are you willing to forego any effective voice at all for unborn children?”  The next president is likely to select no less than two Supreme Court justices.  Your vote can help determine whether we have a fighting chance at overturning a constitutional atrocity or whether you secure the right to kill yet another generation of unborn Americans.

The lines are crystal clear.  Where will you stand?

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