ESPN Gave the “Courage Award” to Caitlyn Jenner Instead of Iraq War Vet and Amputee Noah Galloway

ESPN Gave the “Courage Award” to Caitlyn Jenner Instead of Iraq War Vet and Amputee Noah Galloway June 3, 2015

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David French points out that Noah (above) was “runner up” (apparently not even considered) to “Caitlyn:”

Caitlyn Jenner showed “Hollywood courage,” defined as an action that is guaranteed to win the thunderous applause of the cultural elite — and gain fame and fortune — while earning the disapproval of a distant social conservative culture that coastal liberals rarely encounter and can’t begin to understand. Noah Galloway, by contrast, sacrificed his body for his country – defending the ESPN’s right to make its pitiful cultural statements – then showed perseverance through pain that we can scarcely comprehend. But whatever. He has to marry Caitlyn Jenner for ESPN to care.

Read it all here.

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  • Casde

    Marry Caitlyn”? I think David French missed the part where gender identity and sexuality are two separate things. Just because Bruce Jenner has transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner does not mean his sexuality has changed.

    And yes, what Jenner has done, making this public, took courage and will help many who have suffered. That does not take away the courage Galloway showed just as had he been given the award it wouldn’t take away Jenner’s. Not all heroes are born of war.

  • Dave Kwiecinski

    Look up the definitions of transgender and transsexual. We’re really talking about BOTH here.

  • Casde

    That we are Dave. But what we are not talking about sexuality. Being transgender or transexual does not make someone homosexual. Understand?

  • Casde

    It seems Nancy is confused as well. In writing as Bristol Palin on her blog, she links back to this article and talks about her supposed gay friends. Again, gender identity and sexuality are two separate things.

  • Dave Kwiecinski

    Gosh, no, I guess I don’t. I didn’t know sexuality in a transgender/transsexual was automatically homosexuality. Huh! Who would’ve guessed that? Thanks for the enlightenment, Casde.

  • Tunes59

    Taking drugs and cutting your dick off isn’t an act of courage.

  • Casde

    I don’t know about that just yet Josh. I think there are many people aside from ” bible thumpers” who are uncomfortable with this and can be cruel. But I think with people like Jenner going public and sharing their stories that will change. Someone wrote ” you can’t hate someone whose story you know” . And I think that applies here. For some anyway.

  • Casde

    I’m not sure where you got that from what I wrote Dave. But no, being transgender/transexual does not automatically mean you are a homosexual. Nor does it automatically mean you are not. As I said, gender identity and sexuality are two separate things.

  • Casde

    Tune, if you yourself identified as a female ( I am assuming you are male) your whole life would you have the courage to tell those you love ? How about telling strangers in hopes that you could help others? Why not? ( you don’t need to answer. Just food for thought)

  • Barry Danford

    well, casde,not too many trannies have the balls too defend this country so you can post idiotic statements like you just did. DON’T YOU PEOPLE GET IT? ARE YOU THAT STUPID? If it were’nt for the runner up the winner would be BEHEADED! Oh, and BTW you and your little group of whatever you call yourselves would be right along side of him/her /it whatever. During WW2 Nazi’s would round up all the queers trannies etc. And BURN THEM ALIVE, STARVE AND TORTURE THEM! Pssst! gotta lil secret fer ya. They don’t do that anymore! know why? hmmmm?BECAUSE THE RUNNERUPSOF THE WORLD SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN HARD!!! WAKE THE F*CK UP

  • Casde

    Really Barry? Is that what you think the Iraq War saved us from? To save people here from Sharia law and so I have free speech. Hmmmmm. I think you need to rethink that.

    Look, brave veterans dont have to win every bravery award over non-veterans. Courage can be be shown outside of war. And FYI if Noah was the runner up he was one of many. It didn’t come down to a contest between him and Jenner.

  • Ron Turner

    Guess what – there isn’t anything courageous about broadcasting your delusion NOW!

  • Dave Kwiecinski

    Read the definitions of both. We are talking about both. Or you are not understanding the definitions. With respect to homosexuality, I never mentioned it. You did.

  • Casde

    Actually Dave, David ( and then Nancy) French first mentioned it and I was pointing out that gender identity and sexuality are different things. To which you suggested I look up transgender and transexual definitions because we are talking about both. Your comment is strange, because indeed Both terms apply to Jenner but that had nothing yo do with my comment. It sounded like you were ( are?) confused about ” transexual” having something to do with sexuality as opposed to gender identity.

  • Dave Kwiecinski

    I’m done. The discussion has become circular and is more gainsaying than argument.

  • Nancy Wickman

    All of this outrage over a hoax. You’ve been punked, Nancy, and could have avoided embarrassing yourself and Bristol by doing a simple internet search. But this fake story fit right in with your ideology so you jumped on it.

  • I think you are confused — there is a hoax story about him being “runner up.” As I wrote above, there’s no evidence that he was even considered by ESPN. That’s worse!

  • Downchuck

    Nancy, there may not be evidence that he was considered but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t. Or do you have some inside knowledge of their selection process?

  • Sorry – I don’t!

  • Nancy Wickman

    I’m sure there are many awards which Noah would be qualified to receive and he should be honored as a veteran. But ESPN is SPORTS network and the award is for people who transcend SPORTS through their contributions. He’s a fine individual but unless you consider Dancing With the Stars a sport, it seems perfectly logical that he wasn’t included in their considerations. But if it’s any consolation to you, at least Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican.

  • Frank

    Mutilating his body and pretending to be someone he is not is the height of cowardice not courage.

  • tominchicago


  • Mike Nickum

    Way to be good lil liberals ESPN!!! Thats why I hardly watch anymore!!

  • Frank Lee

    Still waiting for her to answer you Nancy.

  • Barry Danford

    Sorry to reply so late. The Iraq war is entirely NOT THE POINT The point is that the man who would do this is a special type of person, and you CLEARLY are not. The one person in this world who DOES NOT want war is the soldier, any soldier. And guess what EVERY VETERAN WHO WOULD PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE FOR THIS COUNTRY SHOULD WIN EVERY AWARD OVER NON-VETERANS!!!

  • Heyya

    Sorry, I disagree.