Jon Stewart Hammers a Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation, Civil War and Forced Marriage

Jon Stewart Hammers a Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation, Civil War and Forced Marriage June 7, 2015

It must be hard to be a liberal.  Jon Stewart’s recent interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali shows how difficult it is to defend Islam after everything that’s happened.  Jefrey Tayler has a great article in Salon that caught my eye:

To understand why, let’s examine the case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  No one exposes the faulty thinking, moral incoherence and double standards pervading the Western liberal reaction to Islam better than this Somali-born, self-professed “infidel” and “heretic.”  Herself a survivor of female genital mutilation, civil war and forced marriage, and, for more than a decade now, the object of Islamist death threats, Hirsi Ali deserves the respect of all who cherish free speech, equality between the sexes, and the right to profess the religion (or no religion) of one’s choosing.

Brought up a Muslim and once so devout she joined the Muslim Brotherhood, Hirsi Ali deserves, to say the least, a fair hearing when speaking of Islam.  Yet in the constitutionally secular United States, Hirsi Ali often finds her views about her former faith treated with suspicion, even contempt.  Her media appearances and publications occasion slews of sanctimoniously ignorant commentary from liberal “Islamophobia” scolds.  The publicity tour she has been making for her recent book “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now” is no exception.

Her book offers some very basic reforms:

1.  an approach to the Islamic canon that precludes its use to justify violence;

2.  an emphasis on living life as an end in itself, rather than as a means to achieve paradise;

3.  the adoption of legal codes conceived by people according to their needs;

4.  the enforcement of these laws in accordance with modern conceptions of authority;

5.  and an end to bloodshed in the name of faith.

These reforms should be the type of thing that all Americans would embrace.  All liberals, all conservatives, all right thinking people. But Jon Stewart decided to dismiss this woman’s claims — this “survivor of female genital mutilation, civil war and forced marriage, and, for more than a decade now, the object of Islamist death threats” — by comparing her reform to Martin Luther’s reformation of Christianity.

Oh it must be so hard to maintain one’s sense of moral superiority when talking to someone who’s been there, done that, and is trying so desperately to create a meaningful conversation with Islam itself.  (Especially when that person didn’t survive with her genitals intact.) But people are noticing the inexcusable double standard of liberals. Mention Josh Duggar, and they rightly get furious.  So why do they end up defending genital mutilators? Tayler’s article — worth a whole read — explains that the tides are turning:

A new star has just arisen to expose Islam’s turncoat progressive guardians, defend Hirsi Ali (and Charlie Hedbo), and stand up for all those would tell the truth — Sarah Haider, a 24-year-old Pakistani-born American brought up in Texas.  Speaking with evident trepidation at a conference at the American Humanist Association in Denver, Haider, co-founder of the group Ex-Muslims of North America, detailed, in a 38-minute must-watch speech, the hostility, questioning of motives, and name-calling (Jim Crow, house Arab, native informant) she has suffered from “liberal allies on the left” who “pigeonhole anyone who says anything negative about Islam.”  By demonizing ex-Muslims, “leftists,” she said, “align themselves with the Islamic religious right,” and “use anti-Muslim bigotry as an excuse to stifle any criticism of Islam,” leaving reformist Muslims abandoned, without allies.  “As a consequence, an audience on the left frightens me nearly as much as an audience of Islamists does.”

Haider said so much more; please watch the whole speech.  She asked, “What kind of person holds two different groups of people accountable to two different standards of behavior but a bigot?”

A bigot. That is to say, a liberal fond of calling out “Islamophobes.” A liberal who, in doing so, effectively takes up arms in the ranks of assassins, oppressors, and genital-mutilators.

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  • Heyya

    It doesn’t show that at all. Did you even watch the video Nancy French? Perhaps you take offense to the parallels Stewart draws. Here’s a good read .

    And another

  • Vision_From_Afar

    No clips or transcripts from the interview itself?

  • Heyya

    You can easily find googling. Worth seeing firsthand.

  • Heyya

    Hmmm…. I’d be willing to bet you never were a fan of Stewart’s

  • Vision_From_Afar

    If you’re going to sling mud like this, at least a supporting quote to bolster the argument is only good practice.
    If you’re complaining about the interview from March (the only one I can find via Google), she repeatedly misunderstands his point that we are, in fact, seeing a violent Reformation in Islam, and that fear-mongers are spinning false narratives. She sticks to her points and ignores the parallels.
    I’d still hardly call it “Hammering”, especially without direct quotes.

  • Heyya

    Thanks Will. I think the point for the Frenches and so many others is that Christianity is better than Islam.

  • Heyya

    I’m in agreement with you Vision. And yes, Nancy French is referring to that interview from months ago. Though who knows if she even watched it. It certainly isn’t what she claims.

  • 12banjo

    Jon Stewart is vile, just vile. A heap of chicken excrement. A corporate sell-out, who takes his marching orders from the Chicago Mercantile banking billionaires.

  • 12banjo

    And I’ll just bet you’re a fan of the foul-mouthed Mean Girl, Jonette Stewart.

  • Heyya

    I have no idea who that is banjo

  • RustbeltRick

    Great, now that you’ve actually linked to the real thing, Nancy will turn off comments.

  • wakingdreaming

    The headline mentions Jon Stewart but then there is absolutely nothing about Jon Stewart in the article. This is badly written. Please fix it. Your grade is F unless you revise.

  • Heyya

    True wakingdreaming, though she does suggest that he was supporting genital mutilators in the interview ( he wasn’t). And there is no link for the video nor the Salon article. I’m not sure Nancy French fully realizes Tayler’s position.

  • MrCorvus

    Nowhere in this post does the author actually explain how Stewart’s comparison of Islamic reform with Christian reform is “hammering” or “dismissive”.

    The whole thing is basically a reprint of Tayler’s article, whose name the author spelled incorrectly in the very first paragraph.

  • Heyya

    I’m guessing she’s not very familiar with Tayler’s writings.

    The whole thing is basically another convoluted attempt by French to bash liberals, the supposed left wing media and Muslims.

  • Vision_From_Afar

  • CruisingTroll

    Christianity IS better than Islam. In fact, every one of the other great religions of the world is better than Islam. Judaism is better than Islam. Hinduism is better, Buddhism is better. Heck, even atheism, which IS a religion in that is advances a specific metaphysical framework, is better than Islam.

    Feel free though, please, to first, ESTABLISH your criteria, and then demonstrate how Islam is equivalent or better than any other major world religion.

  • Heyya

    I made no claim, but it looks like you just did. Do please feel free to do as you say yourself. Establish you criterial and demonstrate how Christianity is better than any major religion as well as the absence of religion or a lack of belief in any deity ( atheism) .

    It’s what you yourself asked for after all……