Jon Stewart Slams “Politically Craven” Nancy Pelosi – Tells Her to “Go”

Jon Stewart Slams “Politically Craven” Nancy Pelosi – Tells Her to “Go” November 22, 2014

Stewart Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is (supposedly) a champion of voting rights and equal opportunity for women. But she just missed a big opportunity to prove she believes her own rhetoric.

Fellow Democratic representative Tammy Duckworth can’t make a House leadership vote because she’s pregnant, and her doctor said it wouldn’t be safe for her to fly to DC. She asked to vote by proxy instead. How did pro-women-pro-voting Pelosi respond?

No go.

Jon Stewart picked up on the duplicity. “You are suppressing the vote of a minority pregnant woman who is a wounded war veteran — she is everything you supposedly stand for, stuffed into one individual!”

See what else he had to say to Pelosi:

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