Pelosi hasn’t watched the Planned Parenthood videos but she’s pretty sure they’re fake

Pelosi hasn’t watched the Planned Parenthood videos but she’s pretty sure they’re fake January 21, 2016

Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to get her talking points about abortion together.  Last week she got chastised by her own side for saying she didn’t believe in “abortion on demand.”

And now she is on record as praising Planned Parenthood and swearing that the undercover videos, which prove that Planned Parenthood has sold the body parts of aborted babies, have been doctored.  Oh, but by the way, she has has never actually watched these videos she’s attacking.

Live Action News reports:

Pelosi called the House investigations sparked by CMP’s efforts “‘the Select Committee to Hurt Women’s Health,” insisting the videos were “doctored.” But when interviewer Melinda Henneberger noted that the analysis Planned Parenthood itself commissioned actually found the videos were not deceptively edited, Pelosi stood by her insistence otherwise.

“I did not sit down and watch their doctored versions of what may have happened, and I still say they’re doctored,” she said, admitting she only watched news coverage of the videos, rather than the full videos themselves.

The Planned Parenthood-commissioned analysis is actually one of two which have been conducted on the CMP videos, the other of which was commissioned by the pro-life and religious liberty group Alliance Defending Freedom. Both confirm that the footage has not been edited in misleading ways.

Let’s not let stubborn little things like facts get in the way of your talking points, Ms. Pelosi.  Who cares that your declaration that the videos have been doctored have been disproven time and time again?  Facts don’t fit into your pro-abortion, pro-murder agenda.

Pelosi likes to talk about how she’s a devout practicing Catholic and comes from a largely pro-life family. She claims she’s “with the program in terms of the Catholic Church.” That’s when she said she wasn’t for abortion-on-demand. And she tried to change the topic to contraception and family planning.

Just like the videos she refuses to watch, it also appears as if House Minority Leader Pelosi refuses to read the Supreme Court cases on abortion and the laws she votes against that help stop abortion on demand.


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