If You Think The Republican Primary is Chaotic, You Should See the Democrats!

If You Think The Republican Primary is Chaotic, You Should See the Democrats! January 21, 2016

Are you a disheartened conservative Republican frustrated because it feels like we can’t decide on who should take on Hillary Clinton? Are you confused by the constant in-fighting between conservatives, libertarians, populists, and the establishment? Shouldn’t we be more focused on taking down Hillary Clinton instead of each other? Is there any hope?

David French in the National Review has some wise perspective to dispel our worries:

But look on the bright side. We’re not Democrats. While the Trump-dominated GOP race is pulling most of the headlines, consider a few salient facts. First, the Democratic front-runner — the unquestioned establishment favorite — is facing a current, expanding FBI investigation. And, if the newest reports can be believed, Clinton is in deep trouble:

Emails from Hillary Clinton’s home server contained information classified at levels higher than previously known, including a level meant to protect some of the most sensitive U.S. intelligence, according to a document obtained by NBC News.

In a letter to lawmakers, the intelligence community’s internal watchdog says some of Clinton’s emails contained information classified Top Secret/Special Access Program, a secrecy designation that includes some of the most closely held U.S. intelligence matters.

David goes on to detail the numerous scandals looming over Hillary’s campaign, from her illegal use of e-mail and the Clinton Foundation favors to intimidating Bill’s sexual assault victims and trying to out-progressive a socialist.

David concludes:

In short, the Democratic party is starting to relive the worst aspects of the 1990s — the constant influx of new scandals combined with drip, drip, drip revelations from old scandals. Soon enough, the party will be focused on keeping their front-runner (and her key aides) out of jail. […]

There it is, Democrats. Your establishment is in bed with a woman who reeks of corruption. Your progressive base is currently out-bidding itself in a sprint away from a market economy and toward a stifling, identity politics-obsessed socialism. You’ve lost so many state governments and congressional seats that the national party is weaker than any time since Reconstruction, and Republicans are the ones in crisis?

So take heart, Republicans.  It appears the nominees on both sides of the aisle are up in the air. Don’t hang your head, get out there and tell people the truth about the problems our nation faces. We’re conservatives, so we know our next President won’t be able to save us or redeem us. But the election matters as much as any other before. So inform yourself, engage winsomely, and stand up for what matters.

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