Leftist Writer Sneers at New Benghazi Movie, Giving Conservatives Hope that It’ll be Awesome

Leftist Writer Sneers at New Benghazi Movie, Giving Conservatives Hope that It’ll be Awesome December 16, 2015

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Like most people, I’m looking forward to the day when the truth about Benghazi comes out. This is not because I’m a conservative, it’s because I’m an American.  As Deroy Murdock over at National Review put it,

“People died. Hillary lied. Obama lied, too. They lied early. They lied often. They lied deliberately. They lied about the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, at the hands of al-Qaeda-tied terrorists. They lied, but not to protect vital national secrets or flummox America’s enemies. They lied to get reelected. And they lied directly, knowingly, and repeatedly to the American people.”

Like many, I think Americans cut the administration some slack when the tragedy occurred, believing that sometimes the details of such events are hard to see clearly.  But they’ve never set the record straight, have kept lying, and hope that Americans are so naive that we’ll forget.

Too bad we don’t have a way to keep tabs on the government, to call them out for their lies and hypocrisy…  a class of people dedicated to truth and justice.  Wait, something is ringing a bell.  Didn’t we have those once?  I think they were called “journalists?”

Now, we just have snarky, ignorant, pompous asses like Andrew O’Hehir parading around getting free food  and acting like they’re smarter than everyone else.  Case in point.  O’Hehir was invited by Paramount Pictures to screen a portion of Michael Bay’s upcoming movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”  Bay produced movies like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Transformers, and more.  But it’s his adaptation of “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi” by Mitchell Zuckoff into a film which got under O’Hehir’s skin.  

See, O’Hehir is sophisticated.  He wants you to know that by reporting on the event in the following ways:

I attended a strange press event in New York on Friday afternoon for Bay’s forthcoming “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” along with a desultory crowd of perhaps two dozen other journalists, most of whom clearly showed up for the free lunch and a little holiday-season chitchat. Paramount Pictures served us the aforementioned lunch, which was delicious, in a barren second-story restaurant apparently made out of paving stones that looks like the “fine dining” establishment in a brand new exurban mall but in fact overlooks 42nd Street. 

Or this “Radical Islam isn’t going to hurt you” language:

Maybe the dazed and jaded atmosphere of this event was just about the sensory overload of midtown Manhattan in December, or maybe it reflected the general Trumpian mood of fear and delusion in a country that may finally have snapped the last tether of sanity. Consider Friday’s New York Times poll, with its all-time high numbers for Trump and its finding that Americans perceive terrorism as the No. 1 threat to the nation. Even after San Bernardino, terrorist attacks committed by Muslims have killed fewer than 50 people in the United States in the years since 9/11. Meanwhile, 35,000 people commit suicide every year, and close to 100,000 die from mistakes made by medical professionals. Several thousand people die every year by falling off ladders. It is more likely that you or I will die this year by drowning in the bath, being electrocuted by a home appliance or colliding with a deer than that Muslim fanatics will murder us.

And this, which shows that he and his fellow writers are merely bored by the whole experience:

 Anyway, at Friday’s event three members of the “Annex Security Team” depicted in the film – the ex-military CIA contractors who tried to rescue United States ambassador J. Christopher Stevens after the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was overrun – joined us to eat shrimp-and-onion canapés and infinitesimal grilled cheese sandwiches in the paving-stone restaurant. For whatever reason, only a handful of my press colleagues even pretended to be interested in them.

Sorry, I’m getting carried away with my examples, but it’s amazing how much snark, ignorance, and condescension he managed to squeeze into a single piece.  For example, check out how he described someone who had questions about Benghazi:

“a beady-eyed cable TV person came creeping up on my right and began asking graduate-level Benghazi-ology questions…”


Anyway, my husband David also was amused by the Salon piece, which he wrote about in National Review. Specifically, he called out the writer’s “charitable take” on Marine Mark Geist.  O’Hehir wrote:

I don’t really know why I want to claim some fundamental decency for the guy; he answered my questions courteously, but I don’t have any idea what’s in his heart. No doubt Benghazi conspiracy buffs like Cable Guy have enabled Geist to earn a living since he got back from Libya, and when you consider that he nearly died on a rooftop thousands of miles from home for reasons no one will ever be able to explain, I don’t think we can begrudge him that.

David writes:

Why did Geist nearly die on that rooftop? He laid down his life to save his fellow Americans. Defending American civilians abroad is a noble calling. Surely even a thoughtless Leftist can understand the need to protect American diplomats and intelligence personnel doing their work on dangerous ground. 

The writer also says that Benghazi is “precious to the nationalistic right,” a carefully selected word to show dismissiveness.  But David isn’t buying that either.

No, Benghazi is not “precious” to conservative Americans. We’re rightly in awe of the men who fought against overwhelming odds, but we think it’s important to understand exactly how the most powerful nation on earth — led by all the best liberal policy wonks — left its own people so exposed in a hostile land. We want to know why the world’s most expensive and best-equipped military couldn’t come to the aid of Americans under fire. We want to know why our leaders lied to us in the aftermath of a deadly attack. And we want to know why some of those same leaders continue to boast about the Libyan intervention as if it represented “smart power at its best.” 

I’ve obviously not seen any of this movie — not having been invited to the “barren second-story restaurant apparently made out of paving stones that looks like the “fine dining” establishment in a brand new exurban mall but in fact overlooks 42nd Street.”  However, I’m looking forward to making this movie a blockbuster hit.  

If not just to annoy the likes of writers at Salon.

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