Prince didn’t support Obama or gay marriage and prayed THIS every night

Prince didn’t support Obama or gay marriage and prayed THIS every night April 22, 2016

The Washington Post claims, “Raunchy Prince was actually a conservative Christian who reportedly opposed gay marriage.” 

Could it have been that the singer — who caused many parents to turn off the dial and many teenagers to swoon during the 1980s — meant to point to a Higher Power?  The Washington Post explains:

Raised a Seventh Day Adventist, Prince later became a Jehovah’s Witness, and the story of his conversion became public in a rather remarkable way. The Guardian wrote in 2004: “A newspaper in his hometown reported how a married couple had answered their door to find Prince proffering a copy of the Watchtower. Though they were orthodox Jews, and it was Yom Kippur, they were also Prince fans. They welcomed him into the house.”

Can you imagine opening the door to see Prince standing there to evangelize you?

In 2009, Tavis Smiley asked the reclusive artist why he didn’t vote for President Obama, the first black President (with apologies to Bill Clinton).  The Washington Post reports:

“The reason why is that I’m one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses,” Prince said. “And we’ve never voted. That’s not to say I don’t think … President Obama is a very smart individual and he seems like he means well. Prophecy is what we all have to go by now.”

Indeed, though Prince is famous for writhing around naked in purple bathrooms and writing songs with titles like “Sexy M.F.,” religion — okay, “prophecy” — has guided much of his music. For every filthy song like “Darling Nikki,” it seems, there is a track like “The Cross.” The Purple One’s religiosity became even more apparent after he turned to Jesus in 2001.

Then there was the time Prince came out against gay marriage. In a New Yorker profile in 2008, he slighted Republicans and Democrats — “neither of them is getting it right,” he said — but singled out same-sex marriage as part of the Democrats’ notion that “‘You can do whatever you want.”

“God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out,” he told the magazine. “He was, like, ‘Enough’.”’

Also, his lyrics – even the raunchy ones — seemed to always have a touch of the divine:

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life,” he intoned, pastor-like, in “Let’s Go Crazy.”

“If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I’ll still see” – “Adore”

“We all have our problems, some are big, some are small. Soon all of our problems, y’all, will be taken by the cross.”– “The Cross”

In November of 1985, he declared this on MTV:

“I believe in God. There is only one God. I believe in the after world… I pray every night.  I don’t ask for much.  I just say ‘thank you.'”

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