Student hails an Uber and realizes his driver is U.S. senator Ben Sasse

Student hails an Uber and realizes his driver is U.S. senator Ben Sasse November 15, 2016


The Blaze has a great story.

Imagine you’re on your way home, you call an Uber to get you there, and you realize the driver is a United States Senator.  That’s exactly what happened when a nineteen year old student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln called an Uber and he got the above notification.

His driver was Sen. Ben Sasse.

“I thought it was a joke, but then I saw he had a five-star rating,” he said.  “And it became apparent when I saw the rating that it was probably real.”  By the way, this is my favorite part of the story — I’m not sure what about being a Senator would also make you a five star Uber driver, but I love this is what convinced him of his driver’s identity.

Silva said he found Sasse waiting in the car alongside an aide. Sasse got out of the car to introduce himself, and his aide told Silva that Sasse was driving an Uber in order to talk to constituents.

“He’s a pretty cool guy,” said Silva. “I couldn’t see who else would take time out of their day and shake my hand.”

Silva, who described himself as a disappointed Hillary Clinton supporter, said he discussed the election with Sasse.

“I asked if we could talk about the election, and he said, ‘Sure, you can lay it on me,’” Silva said. “Since Ben Sasse was one of the few Republican senators who didn’t endorse [President-elect Donald Trump], I asked him if he held that position still. He made it clear that they would obviously have to work together.”

Silva said he was “impressed” by Sasse’s answer.

“When you have an actual senator there, you realize this is his actual job to work with the president, so you gain an appreciation for how they have to handle things,” Silva said.

I love this story so much.


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