Teacher gives sixth-grade students a survey with really inappropriate questions

Teacher gives sixth-grade students a survey with really inappropriate questions April 13, 2017

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Some things just leave me scratching my head.

Check out this story at The Blaze:

A Florida middle school teacher handed out a survey to her sixth-grade students that left them — and their parents — in shock.

Daryl Cox’s students at Fox Chapel Middle School in Spring Hill were supposed to read statements on the survey and respond according to how comfortable they were with each scenario, WTSP-TV reported.

Some of the statements included:

“A friend invites you to go to a gay bar.”

“You go to the gay bar and a person of the same sex invites you to dance.”

“You discover that the cute young man/woman that you are attracted to is actually a woman/man.”

“You discover your teenage brother kissing a male friend.”

“Your two next door neighbors in your hall are lesbian/gay.”

“Your mother ‘comes out’ to you.”

Other statements in the survey describe scenarios dealing with race, religion and ethnicity — and comes from a book “Exploring White Privilege” by philosophy professor Robert Amico, WTSP said.

Why do 12-year-olds need to be “exploring white privilege” anyway?

And here’s the kicker: the teacher was already on probation at the school and still decided this was appropriate.

Students in the class said they were questioning why they had to do this particular assignment. One child told the local news what the teacher was saying, “She was going, ‘Yeah this is kind of wrong … maybe I should take it back.’ Kids were asking if they could share it with their parents. She was like, ‘No. Don’t show your mom. Don’t take that home. I’m taking it back up.’”

It’s bad enough that colleges have turned into social justice institutions, but let’s leave it out of elementary school!

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