7 Quick Takes — Royal Wedding Edition

7 Quick Takes — Royal Wedding Edition April 29, 2011

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Before you groan and click away, how can you groan and click away?

This whole royal wedding thing is so exciting. A real prince, who is someday going to be a king, is about to marry a “commoner.” His college sweetheart, not some arranged marriage to a woman he’s never met! I’d call that progress.

So in honor of progress, and my 8th grade super-crush on Wills

my quick takes this week are dedicated to all things Royal wedding.


The wedding coverage begins at 4am! I will not be getting up at 4 am; I think I’ll plan a 6 am wake up call so I don’t miss any of the good stuff. I’ll be watching the special “Good Morning America” that will be broadcasting from London.


I first learned of Prince William when I was in 8th grade. That was the year Princess Diana died. Of course he was (1) a prince (2) two years older than me and (3) very cute.

What 14 year old girl wouldn't have a crush on him?

On the other hand, my crush has long since passed. That might be because age has not done all for Wills one might have hoped.

Prince William Prince William arrives at Middle Temple as he is called to the Bench on July 6, 2009 in London, England. Prince William arrived for the engagementwhich comprised a choral evensong before the Prince is called as a Royal Bencher.

Seems he has begun to resemble Dad more than Mum with age. Pity.

Now his bride-to-be…that is another story.


Catherine Middleton

I might have a little crush on her.


She is so stylish. Some of her outfit choices, particularly bathing suits, are not even close to modest, but I do just love some of her more formal wardrobe.

Like this. I actually have a coat similar to this.
And this.
This too.
And of course, this.


What I really love is that the royals have decided they do not want wedding gifts. Instead, they are asking for donations to be made to a charity they have set up; the Berkshire Community Foundation.

You can read about it here.


Did I mention I lover her fabulous sense of style?

I wish I owned this outfit. Or that I had somewhere to wear a beret. Atticus, please take me somewhere where I can wear a beret. Preferably Paris.

And because it deserves its own quick take


Show us the bling Kate!

Kate Middleton williams royal Engagement ring

I think it’s really nice that Wills wanted to use his mother’s ring for Kate.

The center diamond in my engagement ring was the diamond from my mother’s ring, which was the diamond in my great-grandmother Sarah’s (who I am named after) ring. I love the family heirlooms.

And in case you’ve read this far wondering, “who cares?”


The reason people like this kind of stuff is because:

(1) none of us will ever be royalty, and we all have a secret voueyeristic side, and we want to see how the filthy rich people do things.

(2) It’s a sweet love story, and only those with the hardest of hearts don’t like a love story.

(3) Just about every woman has at some point probably had daydreams of being a princess.

(4). With all of the other horrible, depressing things going on in the world, it’s nice to see something happy. It’s a modern day fairy tale, and I like it. So there.

Are you going to watch any of the coverage? What do you think of Kate? Or could you not care less? I’d love to know!

Have a happy weekend folks, and please say a prayer for me. I am having the first of two root canals on Saturday. Blech.

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  • I like your take on it, and I”m not necessarily anti-royalty or anything. HOwever, I’m not into it either. Maybe it’s my sarcastic, who-gives-a-rat’s-behind side of me, LOL

    Great takes, though!

  • I LOOOOOOVE ROYAL STUFF! And yes… Will has lost his boyish good looks… Kate is beautiful and her dress was simply gorgeous! I’m just a slightly bit jealous. Sigh…. I love all this pagentry.. all the haters on Facebook are getting me P.O.’d!

    I’ll send some prayers your way!

  • I am still watching…waiting for the Balcony shot. Been up since 5 a.m. I’m Canadian, and as Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, this is part of my heritage, history, etc. I’m a Royal watcher too. The wedding of Charles & Diana was the first thing I remember seeing on TV, when I was 7, the age my daughter is now. Kinda cool to come full circle like that!

  • I did not get up to watch but I would like to see some of it…WITHOUT Katie Couric talking over the music. I’d really like to hear the music.

    I was disappointed, although not particularly surprised, to hear them say Kate Middleton was also the first person to “cohabitate” with a royal.

  • I can’t see the ring picture…

  • My first interaction with a People magazine was over the “true story” of their relationship and courtship. It was much less romantic than I would have guessed.

    I’m not “sick” of the coverage (I don’t have a lot of media exposure), but I do get nervous every time it comes up, and I pray for them. You might say I’m afraid to get invested– It’s so easy for my heart to get wrapped up and then broken in other people’s sorrows.

  • This was, BY FAR, my absolute favorite review of the royal wedding. Low and behold, I laughed aloud at the comment that Prince William, with age, is now resembling his father. So true. 🙂

  • I wasn’t one of the wedding watchers, but I sure enjoyed the photos you posted! Kate’s formal style is simply beautiful. That blue dress — eeeeep! So gorgeous! I loved her wedding gown, too! It made me look at my own wedding photo and wish I’d wore lace. 🙂

  • I didn’t watch the coverage, but I checked on-line for her dress this morning—-I really really hope this influences new brides to cut-it-out with the strapless night gown look—I bet she was able to both pray and dance with nary a problem— everyone looked lovely

  • Oops, forgot to add that I’ll be praying for you! I hate dental work of any kind (including regular checkups). I hope it goes smoothly!

  • I enjoyed these takes 🙂 I didn’t get up early to watch but did turn on the tv right after breakfast. And ditto to Maggie, Kathleen, and Katie’s comments above!

  • popping over from conversion diary …

    i got up at 4 a.m. and by 4:03 a.m. i had a cup of tea and had a quiet couple of hours before waking the boys up for school.

    watched some more later in the morning, and this evening i’ll watch some t.v. commentaries.

    and i agree about her style …

    have a blessed weekend.

  • Ha! Love your quick takes! (I’m stopping over from Conversion Diary).

    Two things: 1) I ,too had an ENORMOUS crush on the Prince, himself. I do believe it even included daydreaming we might meet someday…I was a little extreme, even back then ;^) 2) I love Kate’s fashion as well. The dress was simply amazing, don’t you think?

    Wish I could have watched the coverage…but had a baby to get up with instead! Have a great weekend.