{WIWS} Bump Pic and Swimming

{WIWS} Bump Pic and Swimming July 15, 2013

I finally got around to having Atticus take a decent picture of my growing bump, so I decided to participate in What I Wore Sunday.

What I Wore Sunday linkup

It’s finally hot here. Like real summer time hot. So I wore a sleeveless shirt to Mass. I usually would wear a little something over my shoulders, but the only one I have that matched my outfit was in the wash. Ah well.


The Outfit:

Skirt: Liz Lange Maternity from Target

Top: Banana Republic (not maternity)

Shoes: gold sandals (he couldn’t quite get them in the photo) Naturalizer from Macy’s (I think)

Bump: courtesy of 16 weeks pregnant with twins

I’m also wearing a necklace with my new awesome St. Gerard/Our Lady of Perpetual Help medal and a crucifix my mother in law gave me which is really beautiful and special. Can’t see it because I’m turned to the side.

After Mass we took M swimming at the YMCA pool and she loved it!


IMG_0634I love this so much.


Ah, summer.

To see much more wonderful church outfits than mine, check out Fine Linen and Purple!

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  • Love those babies! (The one on the outside too, of course :)).

  • You look beautiful! Thank you so much for joining up 🙂 I cannot wait to see those precious twins!

  • I think that when you’re pregnant (ESPECIALLY) with twins, nobody can possibly judge you for going sleeveless – I know if I get too hot during Mass when I’m pregnant, I feel like I’m about to pass out!

    Your bump is adorable, and I love that skirt – I have one just like it that’s a maternity staple 🙂 I was sad when it stopped fitting when I wasn’t pregnant anymore!

  • Pat

    Wonderful pictures. I am smiling. Thank you for the posting.