Monday’s Grand Sextile Powers Manifestation Magic

Monday’s Grand Sextile Powers Manifestation Magic July 26, 2013

Get ready to wish on a star—a giant, six-pointed one ringing the Zodiac.

On July 29, the Grand Trine in Water we’ve had most of the month is joined by a second Grand Trine in Earth. The two interlocking triangles will form a hexagram around the Earth. In astrological terms, a Grand Sextile.

Think of it. The two triangles, one pointing upwards representing matter, one pointing downwards, representing spirit descending into matter. Shiva and Shakti joined in ecstasy. Heaven and Earth as one, just asking you to plant the seeds of your desire, because the earth is moist, fertile and ready.

The last time we had this exact configuration was February 27, 1945—near the end of World War II. Millions wishing for peace; and in May and August of that year, they got it.

There are a lot of angles and connections in this complex configuration. In addition to the harmonious trines, there also are some challenging T-squares, which create friction. As Trines need action to bring their opportunities into reality, I’m seeing that as a good thing.

The sextile configuration breaks down like this. For Team Water: a conjunction of Jupiter, Black Moon Lilith and the asteroid Pallas in Cancer; Saturn in Scorpio; Neptune in Pisces. For Team Earth: Venus in Virgo; Pluto in Capricorn; and for just a few hours, the Moon in Taurus.

The Grand Water Trine continues to offer us the opportunity to cleanse heavy, trapped emotions, heal old wounds, feel universal love, and plan the structure around dreams we’d like to manifest. Or to get psychic insights to aid those causes.

The Grand Earth Trine, holding from 10:40 A.M. to 10 P.M. Eastern Time, helps us to bring those dreams into form. It is abundance and all good things growing with the Moon in Taurus. It is things both beautiful and practical with Venus in Virgo. And it is the willingness to let go of that which impedes our advancement or holds us to structures which no longer suit, thanks to Pluto in Capricorn.

Think of how we need both water and earth to sustain and enhance physical life. Without water, seeds do not grow in the earth. Without water, clay is too dry to be moulded into cups and bowls, or bricks. And without earth to form a boundary, water has no form. Think also of the Tarot card of The Star: in most designs, a woman pours water upon the earth. The ruins of the stone Tower lay behind her. She represents hope, the continuation of life after destruction. The healing powers of Divine love speaking to our souls, poured upon our wounded heart.

There are many ways to look at this configuration, and many ways to work its energies. I will be using the energies of this star to update a manifestation spell I’ve been slowly working for about two years now. It’s a big spell, the changing of a life. It’s required much change in my attitudes and my actions. Those changes are indeed starting to manifest the life I want. Now that I am closer to my desires, I can see more clearly the shape they are taking. I can give form to those areas of the spell that previously were left purposely formless to allow the universe to co-create with me.

The spell has wishes for love, for prosperity. For creativity, for shifts in my day job and advancement in my creative work. For a new and better home environment. Water and Earth aplenty there.

I have an altar in my home, which holds tools representing each of the directions and a candle in its center representing God Herself. To work with the energies of this Grand Sextile, I’ll add a circle of candles in colors representing each planet. I will choose seeds representing the growth of this new life, and earth to put them in. I will revise the spell. When it is just right, I will print a copy in red ink, and tie it in a scroll with silk cords. And think of that which I want to manifest as I tend the seeds in the days and weeks after closing the circle. As I pour water onto the earth, giving life. Waiting for growth. Waiting for the first green shoots.

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