Careless Karmas

Careless Karmas October 9, 2014

The worst karmas aren’t the ones we purposefully cultivate but the “careless karmas.” These are our karmic weeds. It takes a lot of effort to cultivate the garden we want. Weeds take no effort at all.

If you’ve ever tried to pull up a dandelion, you know how deep the roots are. The plant itself hurts your hand a bit, discouraging you from pulling it out. In contrast to the strength of the roots, the flower, when it seeds, scatters seed easily. A tiny puff of wind, and there will be new dandelions all over the place.

I actually love dandelions, despite using them to illustrate bad habits.
I actually love dandelions, but a lot of people work hard to rid their lawns of them.

If we aren’t intentional in our actions, and if we don’t make the effort to choose shreya over preya, we’ll eventually find ourselves overrun by the weeds of bad habits, which can choke out whatever we were actually trying to cultivate.

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