Minister of Yoga

Minister of Yoga November 12, 2014
Dhanvantari, God of Ayurveda
Dhanvantari, God of Ayurveda

I haven’t talked about Narendra Modi on this blog because: 1. politics gives me a headache lately, and 2. it’s way too early to tell if he’s going to live up to the hopes India has for him. But one thing is for sure: he’s serious about restoring yoga’s rightful place as an Indian practice. (Yoga in America is a topic I’ve always had lined up for this blog and there’s just so much I want to say that I haven’t really started.)

First Modi proposed the idea of an International Yoga Day, and now he’s set up a ministry to promote yoga, ayurveda, unani and siddha.

From Reuters:

“This is our system and it has not received enough prominence. We will take it to the masses,” said Shripad Naik, who took charge of the ministry on Tuesday.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or is Big Yoga headed the way of Big Pharma? Is this a step forward or back for medicine? For India?

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