Both matter and anti-matter

Both matter and anti-matter October 9, 2014

Paradox of nature:  a sub-atomic particle has been discovered that acts like both matter and anti-matter.

From Elusive Particle that behaves both like Matter and Antimatter discovered | Maine News Online:

Physicists at Princeton University claimed to have discovered an elusive particle that behaves both like matter and antimatter. Using a two-story-tall microscope in one of the labs at Princeton, the physicists found a glowing image of a particle, known as a ‘Majorana fermion’, at the end of an atomically thin wire.

Since the 1930s, researchers have considered the existence of this particle. The discovery of the particle could ultimately lead to development of computers that use quantum mechanics.

In 1937, Italian physicist Ettore Majorana forecasted that a single, stable particle could be both matter and antimatter. The particle‘s name is inspired by Majorana. . . .

“One of the first steps in making a quantum computer is to make a quantum bit. The ideal quantum bit should be one that you can control but it does not interact with its environment, so as to be changed”, said Ali Yazdani, a physics professor at Princeton University.


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