The best idea for the debates

The best idea for the debates November 9, 2015

Tomorrow is another debate between the Repubican presidential candidates.  The last debate, on CNBC,  made even the liberal media criticize the liberal media, leaving the Republican debaters looking good.  So why have the Republican national committee and the candidates been whining about it and trying to come up with formats so that what happened that night “will never happen again”?  That’s what columnist Charles Krautthammer asks, in the course of which he offers the best idea so far for the debates.  See what it is, after the jump.

From Charles Krautthammer, Take the winnings and run – The Washington Post:

Ted Cruz has suggested that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin moderate Republican debates. Good idea, wrong target. How about this arrangement? Limbaugh & Co. should moderate the Democratic debates. What a splendid blood-soaked spectacle that would be.



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