It’s 5 o’clock somewhere: hymns and happy hour?

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere: hymns and happy hour? February 19, 2014

“Beer with Jesus” might have fallen off the country music charts, but the trend has legs — er, foam — apparently.

You may remember the other half of our resident husband-wife team, GetReligionista Bobby Ross Jr., writing a post in November on the subject.  In summary, he looked at reports on churches offering services in pubs and bars and the successes and failures in each.

We have a new twist to the story now, and it comes to us from the country music capital of the world, Nashville Tenn. It also involves music, but not of the hometown variety.

The Tennessean invites us to pull up a barstool and join the Beer and Hymn Sing Group in this report:

They don’t talk doctrine. There’s no prayer or Bible study.

Once a quarter, they pack the dark upstairs bar at MadDonna’s in East Nashville to sing centuries-old favorites. The last one kicked off with “Amazing Grace,” ended with “Go Now in Peace” and featured classics such as “How Great Thou Art” in between.

The organizer, Geoff Little, said he got the idea from seeing soccer fans in London and Dublin pubs switch seamlessly from singing fight songs to singing “Be Thou My Vision.” He believed it would be a way to draw Generation X and Y friends to a religious gathering outside the classic venues for those.

“Why was Christ’s first miracle to be the ultimate bartender? Jesus was interested in celebration,” said Little, a member of Downtown Presbyterian Church. “We separate being human from being spiritual all too easily in Nashville.”

This story isn’t just throwing one back with the regulars. It does justice to all sides, including religious experts, historians and visitors who drink nothing stronger than Diet Coke. We’re also invited to explore the Bible for Scripture related to drinking and consider the temptations of excess imbibing.

But technicalities inside, the story strikes a nice balance between the possibility that hops and the Holy Spirit can co-exist:

“No matter what your belief is, the environment is relaxed and non-threatening,” said Heidi Barrett, a participant who attends nondenominational Belmont Church. “In the Christian world, alcohol gets shunned, but it doesn’t have to be something that you have to be scared of. Beer and Hymns brings the two worlds together.”

Interested in more than just singing? CNN Belief Blog reports those wanting the full-flavored  worship experience have even more options to choose from now. Religious groups who in the past have aligned more with temperance than tolerance are finding evangelistic opportunities on-tap now, it would seem.

Students over 21 and recent college graduates also are a target group of the alternative worship services that take place in bars, according to the blog. And the good-time feeling of enjoying a draft together is explored in comparison to the group dynamic of worship:

The communal value of beer also appeals to Scott Sullivan, an alumnus of evangelical Calvin College who owns the Greenbush Brewing Company in Sawyer, Michigan.

“We are the community gathering place,” notes Sullivan, whose pastors are regulars in his taproom.

“Conversations and debates go on all day and people trade ideas. … I’ll often have a pastor sitting next to an atheist talking about all sorts of things, which isn’t something that can happen in a conventional church setting. How can you beat that?”

Can I get you another … few grafs of history?

Christian craft beer aficionados like Smillie and Sullivan are also quick to point out that beer history is closely tied to Christian history.

St. Patrick reportedly used beer as a way to lure in Irish heathens before he converted them to Christianity. In the Holy Roman Empire, beer lover Charlemagne promoted improvements in brewing at monasteries throughout the empire, gradually making the church the primary wholesaler of beer in society.

What do you think of the reporting on this topic? Have any important questions or angles been left out?

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