Brings the Stupid Brings the Stupid May 8, 2015

Let’s see what kind of memes our lefty friends are spreading today:

2015-05-08 09.20.17

Let’s take the points one at a time:

  1. Why is “Christian” in scare quotes? Christians of conscience who don’t want to participate in the absurd and sinful farce of gay “marriage” are not really Christian? So now non-believers are reading us out of our own religion?
  2. While we’re at it: it’s gay “wedding.” #thereIfixeditforyou
  3. Why is Christian lowercase? I can’t image it’s for any other reason than as a gesture of contempt. Christians are part of this group? They like their beliefs being held in contempt?
  4. If a Christian gun store owner sold a gun to a person he knew was a criminal, or with foreknowledge that it was going to be used in a crime, then he would indeed be culpable in the murder, without question. Likewise if he failed to perform the required background checks. What, they expected a different answer?
  5. The point of the meme, of course, presumes that any gun will be used in a violent act, and that the Christian gun store owner knows this and acts anyway. In fact, the moral determinants in this case make it clear that the gun store owner is acting with what’s properly called “invincible ignorance“: that is, he cannot possibly know that an immoral or illegal act will stem from his sale. Indeed, the vast majority of guns purchased at gun stores are not used for illegal acts, so the store owner is working in perfectly good faith in assuming that his sales won’t be either.
  6. There is never any question as to whether a gay “wedding” is immoral or not: it’s always immoral, and direct material cooperation with that act makes the bakery (or florist or whomever) complicit in the immoral act.

Try harder next time guys.



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