Sound Cannons to Be Fired at Drivers

LRAD stands for Long Range Acoustic Device, and it's a kind of sonic weapon created for breaking up large protests and hailing people at extreme distances. And now it's going to be fired at motorists driving at high speeds through construction zones. Missouri's Department of Transportation is going to give the device to road workers to warn speeding motors to slow down: The device emits a targeted, deafening siren that "easily penetrates the windshield and well-insulated cab of a car, … [Read More...]


A True Story About “Jesus’s Wife”

I went into our Religious Education office this morning and was reminded that I have a lot of work ahead of me. It seems as though Little Bart (not his real name) came home from his Religious Formation Class and told mommy that Jesus was married. Because that's what a teacher in our program told his class. Jesus probably even had kids. Yeah, she said that too. Why would she say something so profoundly, mind-crackingly stupid? Our program's teachers have the highest rate of … [Read More...]


“Jesus’s Wife”: Still Fake

More than 18 months after the mainstream media splashed front pages with credulous headlines about a "new" "gospel" "proving" "Jesus" had a "wife" (and I've used up my allotment of scare quotes just writing that much), we finally have the results of testing on the age of the papyrus, and the results are ... meaningless, just like this entire story. My very first reaction to this document was that if it was authentic, it was just more from the Gnostic Noise Machine. Some of King's colleagues … [Read More...]


The Unabomber’s Delusional Offspring

Anarchist/anti-tech protesters have targeted the home and neighborhood of tech entrepreneur Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and partner in Google Ventures. After a late night of howling at the moon, these feral lunatics dug into their bag of Soviet-era propaganda, leafleted his neighborhood, and unfurled banners outside of Rose's San Francisco home declaring him a "parasite" and threatening to "snip" his "b***z." (This last was presumably inspired by a bizarre and tasteless attempt at humor by Rose … [Read More...]


St. Francis on Kickstarter

A group of monks is using Kickstarter to raise money for the restoration of a cell where St. Francis stayed four times from 1209 and 1223, when he traveled to Rome to get recognition for his new order from Pope Innocent III. The location is the church of San Francesco a Ripa in the Trastevere district, and although it's more famous for its Bernini sculpture, the monks know that the real treasure is the cell where St. Francis stayed. The cells needs extensive work, as the Kickstarter page … [Read More...]


John XXIII and the Jews

One of the better parts about being a writer is that you get learn things for a living. For example, when Carl Olson asked me to cover a lecture on Pope John XXIII and the Jews for Catholic World Report, I had only a fairly general image of Pope John. I thought he was a genial and humble man, a skilled diplomat, and a fine leader. I liked all that I'd read by him, but until Rabbi David G. Dalin explained the extent and nature of his work on behalf of the Jews during World War II, I never thought … [Read More...]


Gay Sturmtruppen Claim Another Scalp UPDATED

The gay rights movement has a cost another decent man his profession in their attempt at ideological purification. Brandon Eich, the creator of JavaScript and long-time CTO of Mozilla, has stepped down as CEO because the hothouse flowers and perpetually aggrieved will brook no dissent in their goosestepping march through America. What was Eich's hateful crime? Child molestation? Drug running? Murder? I mean, it must be serious to cause a man to lose his job, right? I guess that depends … [Read More...]

Ft. Hood shooter Ivan Lopez

Ft. Hood Shooting: Let’s Not Blame the SSRIs, Okay?

Before starting, my prayers go out to the victims in the Ft. Hood shooting, including the shooter himself, who appears to have been suffering from mental illness. Their families are dealing with an unbearable and senseless loss. May God hold them in His hands and comfort them. This post, however, is about something else. I can see the demonization of the mentally ill in general, and a certain class of staggeringly useful drugs in particular, is already starting. I know that linking … [Read More...]

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Huzzah! Ratzinger’s “Opera Omnia” Is Coming This Month!

Well, the first volume, at least. The English translation is being published by Ignatius Press, and should be out by the end of April. The title is Collected Works: Theology of the Liturgy. Here's the official line: This major volume is a collection of the writings of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) on the theology of the Liturgy of the Church, a subject of preeminence to him as a theologian, professor and spiritual writer. It brings together all his writings on the subject, short … [Read More...]


The Pope and Bovril

Pope Leo XIII loved economic sanity, St. Thomas Aquinas, and beef tea. h/t: Retronaut … [Read More...]

Christ the King (Ghent Altarpiece)

Catholics Coming Unglued: It’s Time to Calm Down

A segment of the faithful Catholic population has been growing more and more distressed since the election of Pope Francis, and it's really time they get a grip. Traditionalist site Rorate Caeli kicked off the madness by declaring the Holy Father "The Horror" and posting a string of increasingly demented attacks. That seemed to set the tone, as though declaring Open Season on Francis. Critics post on Facebook mocking the pope and and deriding anyone who doesn't think we're heading towards … [Read More...]


What it Takes to Make Pope Francis Stop Smiling

[Read More...]

Which one is Leland Yee again?

Anti-Gaming Crusader Charged With Gun-Running

Number of people killed by video games: still zero. Number of people killed by weapons allegedly smuggled by Democratic Senator and video game industry scourge Leland Yee: unknown, but given that the FBI claims Yee conspired with crime lord Kwok Cheung “Shrimp Boy” Chow to bring $2 million worth of weapons into the country from the Philippines, and that machine guns and motherflippin' rocket launchers were among the weapons included, I'd say the answer is much more than zero. You … [Read More...]

Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript. Can't you just see the eeeeevil?

New Mozilla CEO in the Crosshairs for Prop 8 Donation

One thing you can always count on with the gay rights movement: they never miss an opportunity to slander opponents of gay marriage as "haters" and gin up a thoughtcrime fatwa at a moment's notice. The latest target may be Mozilla's Chief Technology Office Brendan Eich, who was just made the CEO of the company, which makes the Firefox browser. I'm saying "may be," because although various comboxes are alive with outrage trolls, only one irrelevant company has thus far reacted publicly. … [Read More...]


Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift: What Does It Mean?

Among gamers, the surprise acquisition of VR headset maker Oculus Rift by Facebook is being treated as a harbinger of the end times. Many are investing a great deal of hope in the next-gen virtual-reality tech being developed by Oculus Rift, believing it may kick gaming to the next level. To have that very tech scooped up the company at the nexus of everything awful in game design seems like a bad thing. I've been down the VR-headset road before, visiting developers and manufacturers for … [Read More...]