Bernie Sanders Is Ron Paul For Lefties

You're going to have to excuse me if I pass up a trip on the Bernie Sanders Is Our New Trvth Telling Prophet Bandwagon. Bernie Sanders is Leftie Ron Paul: a nutty uncle who sometimes blurts out a piece of common sense, such as this:...but most of the time sounds about one step away from a contrail conspiracy theorist. He's just another tedious class warrior. If I want Crazy Truth Teller, I'll take the original, not his mirror image.And if he knew jackall about economics, he wouldn't … [Read More...]


“The eraser is an instrument of the devil” Sez Credentialed Moron

They give degrees out to just anyone these days: The eraser is an instrument of the devil because it perpetuates a culture of shame about error. It’s a way of lying to the world, which says ‘I didn’t make a mistake. I got it right first time.’ That’s what happens when you can rub it out and replace it.Instead, we need a culture where children are not afraid to make mistakes, they look at their mistakes and they learn from them, where they are continuously reflecting and improving on what the … [Read More...]


Who Is That Priest in the “Pawn Sacrifice” Trailer?

Pawn Sacrifice is a new film from Edward Zwick about the brilliant, disturbed chess prodigy Bobby Fischer. Tobey Maguire plays Fischer and Liev Schrieber plays his nemesis, Boris Spassky. Here's the trailer:Some viewers may be puzzled by the prominence of a Catholic priest in the trailer.The IMDB entry doesn't list the character's name, but I can't imagine it being anyone other than Fr. Bill Lombardy.Lombardy was an International Grandmaster who finished second to Fischer in the … [Read More...]


ISIS Is Destroying Ancient Palmyra

This is the Lion of Al-Lat:It stood at the entrance the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria, and dated to the First or Second Century. It was a product of the great Palmyran civilization, which had a brief but prosperous glory while the Roman Empire was beginning its decline. It was built in honor of  Al-Lat, a pre-Islamic goddess.It no longer exists.ISIS has taken over Palmyra, which has a rich cultural heritage, and begun a systematic destruction of all "idols." Eyewitnesses have de … [Read More...]


What Happened at the Secret Synod Planning Session?

Edward Pentin has done some first rate reporting on the factions forming to push through radical change in the Church's unchangeable moral teaching. He has a new story in the National Catholic Register* about a secret meeting that took place at the Pontifical Gregorian University on Monday with "the aim of urging 'pastoral innovations' at the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family in October." Around 50 "bishops, theologians and media representatives, took part in the gathering, at the inv … [Read More...]


The Media Hate All Religions: An Example

One thing Christians need to remember about the media and our self-styled elites: they don't just hate Christianity. They hate all religion.However, their progressive reflexes prevent them from attacking faiths they consider the province of "minorities." This includes Muslims (1.5 billion practitioners, roughly 23% of the planet), Hindus (1 billion, 15%), Buddhists (500 million, 7%), and Other. The provincial mentality of the progressive files those believers under Protected Other Status, … [Read More...]


“Only $5 Per Hour”

This was the future in ye olden days of 1982, kiddies. Let Grandpa Tom tell you about it... … [Read More...]


Social Media Summarized in One Screen Capture

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Recycled Disney

It's not unusual for cartoonists and animators to reuse previous work as a shortcut. Here are two compilations of scenes from classic Disney films showed how detailed movement animations were redrawn with new characters.The great comic book artist Wally Wood (Mad Magazine, Two-Fisted Tales, Daredevil, etc) had this written over his drawing table: "Never draw anything you can copy, never copy anything you can trace, never trace anything you can cut out and paste up." … [Read More...]

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Joanne McPortland on the Call to Self-Destruction

I don't think I've ever seen a spring quite like this. It's not unusual for depression to come in cycles, and for it to hit harder as we emerge from winter. But this season, everywhere I look, I see people more people crushed under this burden than I ever recall seeing before.Are we just talking about it more? Are we being more candid? Are years of stagnant economics and social upheaval wearing down our ability to resist?Or is there something else going on here? More than one Catholic … [Read More...]


Everyday Prayer

Prayer can be hard. Many of us follow the forms laid out by the Church because they are a good foundation upon which to build a prayer life. Whether it’s the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary, we drink from a deep and pure well that can nourish our spiritual life with the wisdom of the Church and voice of God in Scripture. When we do, we join the People of God in one prayer.Yet this discipline of prayer is like any discipline: it requires work and practice. As with a diet or exercise r … [Read More...]


DC Fanboy Nerdvana

These just dropped today:When Rory from Doctor Who showed up as a Time Master in this trailer, my Whovian daughter said "I have to sit down." She was verklempt.And I thought this trailer looked like a pretty respectable take on Supergirl. Certainly better than the Helen Slater movie.As I've said before, I'm a DC fan all the way. I only follow three shows: Arrow, Flash, and Gotham. I'm reluctant to commit to two more, but these just look like loads of fun, and I gotta support … [Read More...]

This is Ivy.

“I Am Dog!”

An Analysis of the Cognitive Patterns of the Common House IvyIVY: Oh please dad, I have to go out! I have to go out SO BAD! I have to pee! Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease![kind-hearted human lets dog out in the backyard]IVY. Oh my! GRASS! When did this get here?! I love to roll in it![rollrollroll]Isn't grass the best! It's so great! I'm going to do this forever![stops rolling, sticks nose in air]Do you smell that?! Does that smell like the best! I think someone 1.3 … [Read More...]

Rembrandt, Rape of Prosperina

Trigger Warnings Are Offensive

Elizabeth Scalia directed me to a story about Columbia University students who are offended by Ovid's The Metamorphoses, because Generation Participation Trophy never gets tired of tryIng to slap a bike helmet and elbow pads on civilization.The poor little snowflakes are claiming that ancient classics like Ovid's retelling of The Rape of Persephone triggered a rape victim, and that the professor was insensitive to her complaints. They don't bother to say what she wanted (probably a … [Read More...]

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Are You A Welcome Light?

There's a prayer in the Divine Office that asksTeach us to work for the good of all, whether the time is right or not; make your Church a welcome light for the whole human family.Am I a welcoming light? When I speak and write and teach about the Church, do I draw people in, or push them away?I listen to a lot of presentations to Catholics with children in religious education. Many of those Catholics aren't serious about, or even practicing, their faith. The speakers try to … [Read More...]