Who Are Iraqi & Syrian Archaeologists Blaming for Looting?

Who Are Iraqi & Syrian Archaeologists Blaming for Looting? October 5, 2015

Screenshot 2015-10-05 06.51.14Aw, go on–you know the answer. It’s an old answer that fits every situation, particularly in the Islamic world.

That’s right: the Jews!

Yes, they’re using their supersecret Jewish archaeology mind-control powers to … I dunno, force ISIS to destroy the heritage of the middle east. It’s complicated.

The lack of proof is evidence that’s it true, because one thing about those Jews: they’re clever. If you can’t find evidence of anything you say, then you know they did it.

Let’s hear from an insane person:

“The Jews are always looking for antiquities – especially Middle Eastern ones, and particularly Iraqi ones – in order to prove that the Torah is true,” Ali al-Nashmi, the Iraqi archaeologist, said on the pan-Arab Mayadeen television channel earlier this month.

And so they extort, steal, and establish mafia gangs,” he opined.

Al-Nashmi further claimed the “ancient theory” – an apparent reference to the Torah, which he seems to erroneously conflate with the later Babylonian Talmud – is a product of the Jewish exile in Babylon some 2,500 years ago. Jewish adherence to this “theory” of ancient Jewish roots in present-day Iraq – Jews had lived in present-day Iraq since Babylonian times, fleeing only in the 20th century – was “reinforced following the 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland.”

The Jewish antiquities-stealing “mafia” – whose alleged existence “is why the most prominent archaeologists in the world are Jews,” he adds – is “connected to Jewish capital.”

Mafia gangs? Would that be the Kosher Nostra?

And then there’s this from … Holy Cow, he’s the director of Syria’s Palmyra museum. You know, the city whose ancient treasures were blown to rubble, on camera, by ISIS Jews dressed in ISIS costumes.

Walid Al-As’ad, the director of the Palmyra Museum, spoke to the Mayadeen network in a similar vein, explaining that Jews are driven to “erase the Arab origins of these antiquities” – this time a reference to Syrian artifacts – and “destroy the city [of Palmyra] and wipe it off the face of the Earth, in order to erase the memory of their Babylonian exile,” an exile he said was abetted by archers from Palmyra who served in the army of Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar II when he destroyed the First Temple and exiled the Jewish elite to Babylon.

A little further down we learn this about Walid- Al-As’ad:

In August, Islamic State jihadists beheaded Walid’s father, Khaled Al-As’ad, and hanged his mutilated body in public. The elder As’ad had served as director of the Palmyra Museum for 40 years until his retirement in 2003, when Walid took over the position.

Good grief. I mean … what do you even say to that? The only tiny sliver of hope for a reasonable explanation is that Walid is saying these things out of fear, even though he’s not currently living in a region controlled by ISIS.


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