Ben Carson Insults The Black Community With A Rap Campaign Ad

Ben Carson Insults The Black Community With A Rap Campaign Ad November 5, 2015

In 2012, Herman Cain insulted the black community with his ridiculous, jazz music laden ad campaign that promulgated the very worst stereotypes of the black community. When I thought it would not be possible for someone to insult the black community any more than Cain, Ben Carson swooped in to “one-up” his predecessor.

Carson is either trolling the black community or completely out of touch with his own blackness. This commercial is almost as bad as Herman Cain’s “jazz” commercial. Both of these black conservatives are as bad as any white conservative because they honestly believe that all they have to do to connect with the black community is to “jazz” up their message. Never mind all of the detrimental policies their ideology would bring to America as a whole. Let’s just wrap it in a hip-hop song.

Could he possibly think this ridiculous ad would be effective and help build his support in the black community? If he thinks this, then he is even more confused than he appears. This ad, like Cain’s ad, is beyond insulting and will ultimately backfire.

Listen to Ben Carson’s Rap Campaign Ad below

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