Trump and pro-life

Trump and pro-life September 29, 2020

To many of us, being pro-life means abiding by an ethic that goes well beyond opposition to abortion. It’s an ethic committed to protecting the vulnerable, and grounded in the idea that every human deserves dignity, because every human is created in the image of God, including the unborn, Black people, immigrants, the incarcerated and the poor.

The Trump administration showed few signs of recognizing that ethic. Instead, it often demonstrated disregard for human dignity — and an appalling willingness to discard lives not considered politically useful. Trump has maligned undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers as “thugs” and “animals,” and backed up that rhetoric with his ramped-up policy of family separation and detention at the border, leaving thousands of migrant children vulnerable to abuse. He has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault and has unashamedly used demeaning language about women.

Polls suggest that pro-life evangelicals today support Trump even more strongly than during the last presidential election: Eighty-two percent said they would vote for him (compared with the 77 percent who cast ballots for him in 2016), and 64 percent said that he is “somewhat” or “very” religious. The president has frequently claimed to be on the side of God, when in fact what he preaches is a vision of America with himself as savior, a sort of nationalist gospel of his own definition. He has also declared that he “will never stop fighting for Americans of faith” and that under his leadership, “Christianity will have power” — even though our faith does not call upon Christians to seek power. Quite the opposite: We’re called to emulate the love and humility of Jesus’ sacrifice. Unfortunately, by endorsing Trump and defending him at every turn, our movement has placed power ahead of all else. We cannot look to politics and expect to find a savior there.

The church is meant to be known for our unconditional love of others. By supporting Trump, we show only our love of power.

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  1. Conservatives have a problem. It’s a hysterical theology. Think of it like the marvel movies. Each movie, it becomes a bit more fantastical. You start off with a relatively unreasonable man balanced against an enemy who wears a similar iron suit. The last MCU movie had magic stones, alien species, and sorcerers. Power creep always happens. This means their bogey mans evolve and they get more and more evil.
    Let’s spell this out:

    Conservative Evangelical Christianity is deeply rooted in white supremacy. (White culture in the US is defined by white supremacy.) The big bogey man back in the day were those “savages”. We now refer them as Native Americans. Here’s a quote from a rather famous source in the US.

    “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

    See… the first bogeyman was the “Indian Savages”.

    We also had a fear of Germans. Fun fact.. we almost were a german speaking country. Pennsylvania Dutch anyone?

    We also had fear of religious people. Religious people truly are the worst for forming any civil society that protects ALL members of that society. It’s based on exploitation.

    You know what the next big bogey man was? Blacks. In particular, black men. Think “Birth of a Nation”.
    We had that for quite a long period of time.

    Then, we had the 60’s which were a direct result of the conservatives social oppression. People got tired of conservative bullies. Black people fought for the right to be treated more humanely. (Please note, they’re still fighting because white people are dumb or evil. Pick your poison. After 100 years, they’re still spouting the same nonsense.)

    We also had the rise of a more coherent feminism because voting rights didn’t cut it. WWII showed women that the work place wasn’t a foreign place and they welcomed the freedom from men’s oppression. To work as “Rosie the Riveter” and then, get a pat on the head and forced back into the kitchen was intolerable to most of those women. That’s what gave us the roots of feminism. (At least I believe so.) Their daughters demanded more and we’re into three generations of women demanding to be treated as human beings. (Men are either stupid or evil. Pick your poison. After 100+ years, they still haven’t figured out that women are people. This is why we don’t have debates on why we allow men in positions of power when men have started two world wars, massive genocides, and 99.99999% of all violent conflicts. Instead, men worry about the gender that is obsessed with things like schools and veganism.)

    So why do I give this big historical pattern? It’s because abortion is a white supremacist anti-woman conservative made up belief. At the same time that we were pushing with the idea of “pro-life”, the Americans forced millions of women to abort or have a one child policy. It was always about preserving white babies. We hear it… “WhItE gEnOCiDe”. Where do you think that comes from? who can give birth to white babies? White female human beings. From native americans to blacks to even feminist liberal women… it’s always about white supremacy.

    Don’t be fooled by the pro-life bs. It’s a white supremacist’s movement. They just dress it up with a few show and tell token minorities. But notice that this community doesn’t care about black babies. They used to demonize the “welfare queen” who “popped out babies”. I remember that. Why don’t the Christians remember that? We even have that hysteria when we talk about Somalian refugee immigrants. It’s absurd. (And what’s up with flint, MI? What about those 500 kids that were stolen from their parents at the ICE detention camps? What about the credible reports of forced female sterilization? Hmmmm… pro life my a$$.)

    The real anti-abortion people are the pro-choice people. We understand that birth control and serious fact based sex education plays a significant impact on teenage pregnancies. But it doesn’t stop there. We also understand that cheap or free birth control helps women who are married and have 3 kids gain control so we want them to have it as well. If they want 19 kids. Go for it. If they want to keep it at 3, go for it. But wait, there’s more. We also want to increase spending in things like childcare costs, public education, food programs, housing programs, public parks and libraries and community centers. Why? Because this gives women the freedom to choose to have a baby if they so desire. The expense is removed from this equation. And what do you get? Abortion rates plummet. (And late term is one of the saddest events. Only a cruel people would politicize that. An ectopic pregnancy is one of the saddest events. Only a cruel people would politicize that. But that’s what the pro-life people like. Cruelty and malice and control over those they consider inferior. Women participate in their own subjugation because they choose to side with their oppressors. Much like the token black who is paid handsomely to say “No such thing as racism in the US”. )

    Atheists are better human beings. (If they choose humanism variants or satantic temple tenets, they are more Christian than the Christians are.
    Pro-choice are better at reducing abortion rates. I’m not sure where Progressive Christians stand because you seem to like the oppressors too much.

    Conservatives just lie constantly. The Pro-life movement is a white supremacist conservative anti-woman (which is something I’d stick in genocide) movement. It just sounds nice. After all, thousands of kids would love a home. They’ve been kicked so hard, they’re like abused animals who don’t understand that sometimes, people are trying to help them. Conservatives routinely pull money out of all the programs that could help “save a life”. Where does that money go? Into their church coffers and to their military so they can make orphans in other countries. Just look at their pro-life approach to covid19… 200k and counting is just a number to them.

    Progressive Christians… stop playing with the way that conservatives frame things. Conservative Christians are not followers of Jesus Christ. If anything, they are Anti-Christians. They’re pleather, not leather. Their fake gold, not true gold. They’re fakes. Nothing they say is true. Even when they quote the Bible, I would remind you progressive Christians.. even the Devil can quote the Bible. See the temptations of christ in the desert.
    Because as long as you give them respect and tolerate their evil nonsense… you weaken your witness. I tell my atheist friends…I’m glad that it’s conservatives who are out there. It makes my job easier to push people away from christianity. The only reason I’m suggesting that you guys fight… is because I look at the victims of conservative Christianity and I’m willing to lose this battle if it means that people are safe. In that Solomon story with the two women and one dead baby and one living baby, I’m the one who says “Don’t cut the living baby. The other woman can have the child.” You progressives need to start making your whips and cleaning your de-sanctified religion of the conservative vermin. Just like Jesus did when the money lenders desecrated “his father’s place”.

    Remember, the conservative Christian isn’t kind or polite. They lie and exaggerate and use emotional histrionics to push their evil agenda. By pretending that they may have a point, you further evil in the world. Please.. for once in your miserable lives.. fight for those real people who are suffering as a result of conservative malice and evil. The conservative knows what they are doing. Don’t make excuses. They’ve been told over and over the same spiel and they double down. It’s because they want to hurt people. they aren’t ignorant. And even if they were ignorant, ignorance does not excuse their crimes. Even in your religion, ignorance is no excuse for salvation. You either believe or you don’t.

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