Dear Trump Christians: what in God’s name are you doing?

Dear Trump Christians: what in God’s name are you doing? November 13, 2020

Trump-supporting Christians have abandoned the call to be Christlike, and turned Christianity into something barely recognizable. It’s time to ask ourselves honestly: what are we doing?

I’ve always referred to myself a lifelong Christian, and I intend to remain faithful to God till I die. I’m very grateful for being raised in the church. If not for the solid, heartfelt faith of my parents and extended family, I’m not sure I’d still be wearing the “Christian” label. Because, Trumpism.

Here’s a quote I saw recently, trying to belittle atheists:

“When people choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

I propose that, no, the exact opposite is true:

“When people choose to believe in God, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

It’s true. We have been guilty of a massive lack of discernment, and the sooner we admit it, the better.

First we paired ourselves with a man who…well, you know the long list of strikes already against him even before he won in 2016. In spite of his many indiscretions and deep-seated vices, we Christians excused and embraced him. Every time some new trespass came to light, we found a way to brush it off.

Everyone is a work in progress; everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance, but we’re not talking about a friend or coworker here. This is the man on track to be in charge of our country – the primary steward of our taxes, the priority-setter for the whole world. Before election day, he showed us that he was a fake Christian.

He showed us he was self-centered and arrogant. He showed us he was a racist – even as he told us he was “the least racist person in the room.” The opposite of Christlike.

We are guilty

We knew all this and we elected him. We looked at him and his Muslim ban, and his Mexico wall, and we said, “yes, this is the man for us.” We completely ignored Jesus‘ straightforward words, “whatever you have done to the least of these, you’ve done to me.”

That’s right, we turned away Jesus at every international airport and deported him at our southern border. We ripped babies from Jesus’ arms and put them in cages. Not Obama. Us.

(Yes, I know Biden/Harris are going to “kill babies.” Except, well, please get a nuanced education about abortion – read this and this and this and this, for starters. Or just read one of them. Please.)

Nearly every day for four long years, the president we elected did something obscene, or lied to us or to the world, or bullied the weak, or cozied up with tyrants. For the last ten months, he has ignored hundreds of thousands of Americans as they died.

Now, the majority of Americans are done with him.

And we can’t handle it. He is probably the most hated man in the world right now, but we think the only way he could lose an election is through some kind of massive conspiracy.

What have we become, Christians? Do we still believe we have the moral high ground here? Do we even care about integrity? It seems to me (and hundreds of millions of people around the world) that all Christians care about anymore is winning.

Are our leaders being Christlike?

Christian leaders are now (or rather, still) weaponizing Christianity, and now they’re using it to demonize and/or ridicule every American who has chosen not to vote for “our man.”

Paula White: “we break every demonic confederacy [interesting word choice there] against the election, against America, against who you have declared to be in the White House.”

Kenneth Copeland: “The media said Joe Biden is president. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha.”

Michelle Bachmann: “God, take your rod of iron and smash the delusion of Joe Biden as our president – he is not.”

When the president tear gassed a peaceful protest so he could walk across the street and hold up “a Bible” for a photo op, that was distasteful. We can say, “Father, forgive him. He knows not what he does.”

But Paula and Kenneth are pastors. They know better. And Michelle is…well, I’m not sure what she is nowadays. Not only are these people’s words offensive, rude, and decidedly un-Christlike, they are using God’s name and the Bible as a weapon. They’re bossing around the God of the universe.

And let’s not forget, they’re doing this in defense of a man who watches TV and plays golf all day while Americans are dying.

So I ask again, what have we become? Does this in any way resemble Jesus? Are we being Christlike?

Look at our own actions in the last week or so. We’re pretending like we just want a fair election, but we won’t consider it fair unless our candidate wins.

Many of us have just walked away from society (such as it is) rather than confront the facts. We’ve suggested that “liberals” must have tampered with vote counts, and implied that “conservatives” would never do such a thing.

We can not accept the fact that it’s over. We are demanding to keep that person in charge of our country.

Oh, and many of us are still selfishly refusing to protect our communities by wearing a mask.

Yeah, I’m still a Christ-follower. But “Christian”? I’ll have to think about it.

“When people choose to believe in God, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

What in God’s name is wrong with us?

FEATURED IMAGE: “House fire” by Ada Be is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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18 responses to “Dear Trump Christians: what in God’s name are you doing?”

  1. Nothing is wrong with christians. This is who you ARE, who you’ve always been. Remember, it took less than a century to go from acceptance as a religion recognized by the state to the only religion recognized by the state. It took only 2 generations for you to go from ‘you are now allowed to be christians’ to ‘you are not allowed to be anything else.’ And we spent the next thousand+ years in the iron grip of the christian dominion.

    In their mad rush for power over others, these toxic christians you criticize recognize this truth: christianity succeeds through coercion. That’s why people are walking away in droves now – because they can!

  2. It’s all about power, not God, not Jesus, not religion, not empathy. Let those dying from COVID, hurricanes, the far west forest fires keep silent because, according to Trump Christians, they don’t matter.
    The “least of these” are expendable. They have no power, no bully pulpit, no voice.

  3. Of course! Not afraid of criticism here, as long as it’s constructive, which yours was. People looking at Christians from the outside have the most accurate idea of who we are. We’re too busy basking in the glow of our own holiness.

  4. When someone shows you who they are, as Trump has done over and over again, believe them. My brother in law sent my wife and I a YouTube video of some preacher playing the fear card, saying that a vote for Biden puts the blood of aborted babies on our hands and we would therefore suffer the judgment and wrath of God. This same preacher said that our vote was not for the person but for the platform. I thought to myself, the Republican Party needs to find a much, much better representative for their platform. Hopefully they will abandon trumpism and make an attempt to return to some semblance of normalcy and respectability.

  5. Im an ex Christian and have been since the end of 2004 in fact my deconversion anniversary is coming up . I dont see how people can loudly declare they will be christian until the day they die. I dont think that far ahead these days. Things happened in my life that altered my perspectives. I had a friend tell me only christians go to heaven and another one tell me i wasnt Pagan unless i believed in Jesus. Because i watched my family fight over the veracity of their beliefs in Jesus i made an oath to separate myself from Christianity and i even put tattoos on my body to represent that i left christianity for many many reasons and if i go back it means i havent learned anything from what i experienced. As for anyone remaining in christianity examine your beliefs they arent as compassionate nor as tolerant as you assume they are. That is my warning and my advice. You are free to choose but not free of the consequences of your choice.

  6. I wanted to comment on Brianna’s deconversion, it touched my heart and I want to reread John 3:16 again His sacrifice. It is not what other people do or say about God’s love or justice it is what He tells us in His letter’s to us that is truth.
    Eph 2:1 -10 His grace not our morality that saves us and puts us in right relationship with God, and eternal life. And His Spirit gives us new life, we are not just mentally agreeing that I need to change. I love you sister, His mercies are new each day, we all need them. Thomas

  7. Brianna, my heart was touched by your comments and I wanted you to know it is not what others say, but what does God say about you or Rossi ot anyone. His letter in John3:16 shows His sacrifice and His will. Eph2: 1 – 10 shows His grace is our salvation, not our own thoughts or moral code that puts us in right relationship with Him. Lastly it is His Spirit that comes to reside in us now and eternally , not our church, denomination, not our country, nor our politics. Love Thomas

  8. I was watching “The Chosen” and in the scene of Jesus conversing with Nicodemus that has really stuck with me is: Jesus did not come to save us from the Romans. He came to save us from sin.

  9. Brianna, you join a very large group that have given up on Christianity altogether. I don’t blame any of you. We all need to examine our beliefs and decide whether they are really for the good of humankind and our planet.

  10. Had to double-check to make sure this wasn’t written by John Pavlovitz. Because he has been saying these things for years.

    If people would put the “Christ” back in “Christian”, and actually act according to the dictates of one Jesus of Nazareth, Christianity would be surging in a popularity instead of hemorrhaging followers.

  11. As a long time atheist I welcomed your takedown of the “Trump Christians”. Sadly you and a few of your fellow Christians are a voice in the wilderness. Even more sadly Trumps many failings were not immediately a disqualification to non-Trump Christians, e.g. Catholics voted for Trump at about 50%.
    You are what you support – and to me an atheist – I see the “good Christians” in this country overwhelmingly supporting Trump with rare welcome exceptions.

    I wish you well and hope your Quixotic quest for a 21 century reformation of Christianity succeeds – the world cannot afford otherwise.

    One of the main reasons Christianity is losing the youth in mass is the younger generation sees the face of Christianity and rightfully so want no part of it.

  12. Just as believers have been deluded by religion and rhetoric, they have allowed themselves to remain in the false moral narratives of the “right”. Blind to the evil, the racism and systemic injustices of this political agenda about perpetuating white supremacy under the misnomer of “pro life”, they have been victims of gaslighting, fear mongering, and falsehoods.

    Just as their entire practice, continuing in pagan practice, under the title “christian” has nothing to do with the Messiah: they don’t even know His name! They were blasphemous in word and action before this political mess got mixed into it. Now, they aren’t worthy to claim the One who gave Himself for Him. They defied His walk, spit on His teaching with every racist, rude remark they condone of the monster the now idolize. They have turned the term “Christian” into something so unlike Christ, so far from Him or His Father, I’m sure they weep.

    But, even in your strong admonition, and my words here, these hard headed, cult members will still refuse to hear or heed. They cannot even come out of their cult mentality to honor their nation or it’s very foundations. They are blasphemers and traitors, heart breaking for their clear minded family and friends. Even that heart break won’t break their cult mindset or turn their gaze from their “golden calf”!.

  13. Very well stated. And I’m in total agreement. I struggle with even hearing the name “Jesus” anymore without cringing. I once loved God. Now, I lament His existence in my life. I came out of a cult-like Charismatic church, and then gave God the riot act. I felt He was patient and took the obscenities I spoke to His face without contempt. After a few years of being angry, I finally heard God say in my spirit, “Just remember, all of those terrible things the church did; the hatred, prejudice, false teachings, fruitless sacraments, and DOA prophecies did NOT come from Me. They are not mine.” And in that, I find a greater peace – not a settled peace, though. It’s a day by day process of healing and discerning the truth from the lies.

  14. I prefer to be called a disciple of Jesus. The term Christian has absorbed too many negative vibes. Follower can mean one who follows Jesus, but from a distance. A disciple of Jesus is not a Jehovah’s Bystander (one who may believe in God but who does not want to get involved). As Jesus’ disciple, I could never support Trump or anyone of his ilk.

  15. You’re not acting like Jesus & need to repent. You have been blinded, as written in the Bible. You see good as bad/bad as good. You are quick to note about Trumps past, has God forgiven you for yours? God will hold you accountable as much as anyone else. Remember the the woman who was to be stoned and Jesus said anyone without sin, cast the first stone? Apparently none of you read that in the Bible. Did you know Trump has “publicly” acknowledged God before man while Biden has removed Him. If you discern, stop watching the news, YOU WILL HEAR JESUS! You want to know Jesus, yes Jesus, talk to Him.
    The hypocrisy is unreal, unsure how I stumbled upon this page.

  16. Hi ButGod,

    It never ceases to amaze me how DT is considered by some to be righteous and spiritual, and Biden is cavorting with demons. You may not want to come back to Grace Colored Glasses. I write about how I used to think like you, but was rescued.

  17. Both Trump and Biden are deeply flawed. They are politicians. I think it would be very difficult to be elected for either party while following and living the teaching of Jesus.

    The problem here is the election system. Already 3 California state seats have been changed from Democrat to Republican through the recount. So many instances of fraud have been found with so many of the fraudulent votes going towards the Democrats. Dead people in Georgia voting for Biden?

    I want to know who legitimately won. I gladly accept a legitimately elected president from either party. We need to fix the voting process.

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