If you love babies, this is a must-read

If you love babies, this is a must-read January 26, 2024


by Marina Shatskih, via Unsplash. Teddy bear alone on a road is a reminder of the loss in Gaza of thousands of infants and children
Families in Gaza have lost unspeakable loss, including the deaths of over 11,000 children and infants (photo by Marina Shatskih, via Unsplash)

We are all about babies today. Babies and toddlers. Because what’s not to love about children. They are innocent and energetic, joyful, and loaded with potential.

With some exceptions.

Israeli leaders have declared, “it is an entire nation that is responsible,” and “all of Gaza should be erased” and “there is no such thing as uninvolved civilians in Gaza” and “Now we all have one common goal—erasing the Gaza Strip from the face of the earth.”

Below are the names of just some of the children whose lives were stolen from them by Israel. (Find the complete list here.)

If you are the parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of a young child, remind yourself: these children were just like your loved one. They were loved, doted upon, cuddled, photographed incessantly. Their families had dreams of their future happiness and success.

Scroll slowly, please. Scroll reverently. See the message at the bottom.

0 years old – Didn’t reach their first birthday

Abd al-Jawad Mizar Jamal Hoso (0 years old)

Abdel Khaleq Fadi Khaled Al Baba (0 years old)

Abdel Rahim Ahmed Abdel Rahim Awad (0 years old)

Abdel Rahman Ahmed Essam Salah (0 years old)

Abdel Rahman Samir Salama Saad (0 years old)

Abdel Raouf Ibrahim Abdel Raouf Al-Farra (0 years old)

Abdul Karim Abdullah Omar Shehab (0 years old)

Abdul Karim Kamel Zidane Al-Hawajri (0 years old)

Abdullah Ahmed Khalil Zorob (0 years old)

Abdullah Amir Abdullah Al Khor (0 years old)

Abdullah Muhammad Abdul Hamid Muhanna (0 years old)

Adam Magdy Jaber Al-Dahdouh (0 years old)

Adam Muhammad Fouad Al Agha (0 years old)

Adam Muhammad Samir Abu Ajwa (0 years old)

Ahmed Moamen Ahmed Daloul (0 years old)

Ahmed Mohamed Amin Nofal (0 years old)

Ahmed Muhammad Yasser Dardouna (0 years old)

Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Fouda (0 years old)

Ahmed Shadi Talal Al-Haddad (0 years old)

Ahmed Talaat Ali Barhoum (0 years old)

Aisha Jihad Jalal Shaheen (0 years old)

Alia Abdel Nour Sami Al-Souri (0 years old)

Alma Adnan Jamal Al-Qatrawi (0 years old)

Alma Moamen Muhammad Hamdan (0 years old)

Alma Qais Abdul Karim Al-Zahrani (0 years old)

Alyan Abdul Rahman Alyan Al-Ashqar (0 years old)

Amal Mahmoud Mohamed Saleha (0 years old)

Amal Muhammad Ahmed Al-Bayouk (0 years old)

Amir Mahmoud Zuhdi Al-Masry (0 years old)

Anas Abdul Aziz Muhammad Zahir (0 years old)

Anas Abdullah Bahaa Al-Din Sukayk (0 years old)

Anas Tariq Muhammad Al-Hasanat (0 years old)

Anisa Mahmoud Ahmed Ali (0 years old)

Anwar Muhammad Ahmed Al Hindi (0 years old)

Aseed Hussein Muhammad Abu Hamad (0 years old)

Aseel Amir Ali Al-Ashi (0 years old)

Aseel Muhammad Jumah Dhair (0 years old)

Aws Muhammad Hussein Al-Aleel (0 years old)

Ayat Abdul Aziz Omar Farwaneh (0 years old)

Ayla Uday Abdel Jawad Abu Ras (0 years old)

Badr Yasser Rafiq Abu Habib (0 years old)

Bahaa Mustafa Jamal Musa (0 years old)

Basil Muhammad Hossam Abu Jasser (0 years old)

Bilal Khaled Muhammad Sobh (0 years old)

Bilal Muhammad Kamal Hamdan (0 years old)

Celine Abdel Hadi Adel Daher (0 years old)

Celine Ihab Ayman Al-Bahtiti (0 years old)

Daughter of Dina Abdel Hakim Ayoub Natat (0 years old)

Daughter of Zainab Muhammad Al-Abd Nawas (0 years old)

Diaa Ahmed Abdel Ati Saleh Musa (0 years old)

Diaa Majed Ahmed Kishko (0 years old)

Elena Momen Riad Al-Rifi (0 years old)

Eliana Muhammad Nabil Mekheimer (0 years old)

Ella Muhammad Salem Al-Drimli (0 years old)

Essam Mohammed Essam Farag (0 years old)

Etaf Hassan Riyadh (0 years old)

Ezzat Asaad Ezzat Saq Allah (0 years old)

Fadl Maysara Muhammad Abu Hasira (0 years old)

Fahd Uday Imad Al-Ajez (0 years old)

Farah Hammam Youssef Bahr (0 years old)

Farah Hossam Abdel Karim Hanoun (0 years old)

Farah Suleiman Raed Abu Shabab (0 years old)

Fatima Louay, Rafiq Al-Sultan (0 years old)

Fatima Moatasem Amin Nofal (0 years old)

Fatima Muhammad Rizq Al-Wawi (0 years old)

Fatima Saleh Yasser Al-Hout (0 years old)

Fayrouz Fadi Hamada Abu Salima (0 years old)

Firas Muhammad Abdel Aziz Tamraz (0 years old)

George Sobhi George Al-Souri (0 years old)

Ghaith Khattab Omar Al-Bahloul (0 years old)

Ghaith Yasser Nabil Nofal (0 years old)

Ghazal Asaad Maher Abu Lashin (0 years old)

Ghazal Mahmoud Saeed Al-Haddad (0 years old)

Hala Yasser Hamed Al-Sanwar (0 years old)

Hamza Muhammad Abdel Hamid Ashour (0 years old)

Hassan Hamza Hassan Al-Amsi (0 years old)

Hassan Muhammad Hassan Abu Daqqa (0 years old)

Haya Sharif Bakr Al-Batniji (0 years old)

Hind Khaled Ahmed Jahjouh (0 years old)

Hoda Mustafa Hatem Abu Seif (0 years old)

Hoor Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Mamlouk (0 years old)

Hoor Omar Mahmoud Al-Azaib (0 years old)

Hoor Rashad Saeed Habib (0 years old)

Hoor Yassin Ahmed Sheikh Al-Eid (0 years old)

Ibrahim Ahmed Nasser Shaqura (0 years old)

Ibrahim Al-Muatasem Walid Al-Quqa (0 years old)

Ibrahim Ammar Saad Al-Qara (0 years old)

Iman Muhammad Abdel Fattah Al-Hinnawi (0 years old)

Ismail Ahmed Ismail Farhat (0 years old)

Issa Mahmoud Muhammad Qarmout (0 years old)

Iyad Abdel Rahman Jihad Muheisen (0 years old)

Jamal Muhammad Jamal Al-Maghari (0 years old)

Jannah Hisham Muhammad Hamouda (0 years old)

Jannat Naji Abdel Rahman Abu Hammad (0 years old)

Jihad Muhammad Raafat Al-Dalis (0 years old)

Joan Ali Nasr Amer (0 years old)

Joel Atallah Ibrahim Al-Amsh (0 years old)

Joud Bahaa Al-Din Haider Al-Nadim (0 years old)

Juri Ammar Ibrahim Al-Jarousha (0 years old)

Juri Ayed Ismail Al-Najjar (0 years old)

Juri Darwish Hamed Abu Khatla (0 years old)

Juri Ramadan Muhammad Miqdad (0 years old)

Karim Muhammad Fayez Al-Madhoun (0 years old)

Karima Muhammad Majid Al-Ghoul (0 years old)

Kenan Amin Marwan Abu Shakyan (0 years old)

Khaled Bilal Muhammad Abu Al-Amrain (0 years old)

Khaled Fadi Khaled Al Baba (0 years old)

Lana Yasser Nassif Hegazy (0 years old)

Lana Youssef Emad Loulou (0 years old)

Layan Muhammad Youssef Hussein (0 years old)

Layan Rami Anwar Faisal (0 years old)

Louay Mahmoud Saleh Al-Ajrami (0 years old)

Maha Fadi Khaled Al Baba (0 years old)

Mahmoud Eid Muhammad Nabhan (0 years old)

Mahmoud Fadi Khaled Al-Baba (0 years old)

Mahmoud Youssef Muhammad Abu Shawish (0 years old)

Mai Hatem Asaad Qita (0 years old)

Malak Abdul Rahman Ayesh Darwish (0 years old)

Malak Abdul Salam Ali Abu Saif (0 years old)

Malak Mahmoud Atef Halawa (0 years old)

Malik Mahdi Ahmed Shalouf (0 years old)

Malik Muhammad Shafiq Abu Al-Kass (0 years old)

Malik Sami Mohamed Maghari (0 years old)

Manal Moamen Majed Abu Al-Awf (0 years old)

Marah Hammam Youssef Bahr (0 years old)

Maria Ahmed Salah Kurdieh (0 years old)

Maria Khaled Zakaria Al-Shanti (0 years old)

Maria Yasser Kamal Al-Masry (0 years old)

Maryam Ahmed Mahmoud Saidam (0 years old)

Maryam Ahmed Ziad Ashour (0 years old)

Maryam Noureddine Wael Daban (0 years old)

Masa Jalal Moin Al-Harkali (0 years old)

Masa Muhammad Youssef Nasr (0 years old)

Maymouna Saher Saeed Al-Sayed (0 years old)

Mecca Ahmed Eid Abu Sharkh (0 years old)

Mian Yahya Yusuf Al-Astal (0 years old)

Mira Abdel Rahman Fathi Radwan (0 years old)

Moamen Ahmed Mahfouz Salah (0 years old)

Moamen Essam Hussein Saleha (0 years old)

Moamen Ibrahim Sabry Abu Shamas (0 years old)

Moatasem Billah Moaz Hammad Hammad (0 years old)

Moatasem Kanaan Farid El Gamal (0 years old)

Moaz Abdel Fattah Khaled Al-Zuhairi (0 years old)

Moaz Hani Muhammad Al-Aidi (0 years old)

Moaz Muhammad Jawad Al-Wadiya (0 years old)

Muhammad Abdel Samad Maher Mohsen (0 years old)

Muhammad Ahmed Salem Al-Qanou (0 years old)

Muhammad Al-Jabari Saed Misbah Al-Khor (0 years old)

Muhammad Amr Muhammad Maghari (0 years old)

Muhammad Basil Mahmoud Al-Khayyat (0 years old)

Muhammad Fadi Jihad Radwan (0 years old)

Muhammad Hamed Nidal Aliwa (0 years old)

Muhammad Hani Muhammad Al-Zahar (0 years old)

Muhammad Hussein Muhammad Abu Hamad (0 years old)

Muhammad Ihab El-Din Khaled Awaida (0 years old)

Muhammad Mahmoud Dhifallah Al-Nadaiyat (0 years old)

Muhammad Mamdouh Muhammad Abu Jazar (0 years old)

Muhammad Mustafa Khalil Tammos (0 years old)

Muhammad Nidal Hisham Atallah (0 years old)

Muhammad Nour al-Din Yahya al-Akkad (0 years old)

Muhammad Omar Mustafa Shehab (0 years old)

Muhammad Saeed Adel Abu Al-Rous (0 years old)

Muhammad Saleh Mahmoud Al-Dairi (0 years old)

Muhammad Taher Ahmed Abu Younis (0 years old)

Muhammad Tamer Musleh Al-Qanou (0 years old)

Murad Eid Youssef Abu Saifan (0 years old)

Musk Abdul Hay Sami Al-Halabi (0 years old)

Musk Mahmoud Ibrahim Hegazy (0 years old)

Musk Muhammad Khalil Gouda (0 years old)

Mustafa Hani Essam Saqallah (0 years old)

Nabil Bilal Nabil Al-Aidi (0 years old)

Najwa Ahmed Fathi Radwan (0 years old)

Najwa Mahmoud Fathi Radwan (0 years old)

Nasr Alaa Nasr Jarghoun (0 years old)

Nasr Yahya Nasr Al-Rakhawy (0 years old)

Nisreen Muhammad Muhammad Al-Najjar (0 years old)

Nour Ahmed Zakaria Al-Derini (0 years old)

Nour Youssef Bassam Abu Hasira (0 years old)

Nourz Ahmed Shaaban Halasa (0 years old)

Obaida Bilal Youssef Abu Muailiq (0 years old)

Omar Ahmed Abdel Nasser Shamlakh (0 years old)

Omar Ismail Omar Sharaf (0 years old)

Omar Jihad Omar Al-Bahtini (0 years old)

Omar Youssef Salah al-Din Abu Jadallah (0 years old)

Osama Muhammad Adeeb Aslim (0 years old)

Qais Ali Nabil Al-Aidi (0 years old)

Qais Muhammad Ramadan Abaid (0 years old)

Raafat Ibrahim Raafat Al-Azami (0 years old)

Raafat Khalil Raafat Anan (0 years old)

Raed Ihab Raed Salman Alai (0 years old)

Raed Khaled Raed Rajab (0 years old)

Rafif Mahmoud Aref Al-Faqawi (0 years old)

Rafif Walid Sabri Al-Nabahin (0 years old)

Raghad Ahmed Odeh Abu Khattab (0 years old)

Rakan Hossam Hussein Musa (0 years old)

Ratel Yasser Jumaa Abu Al-Fitah (0 years old)

Rayan Abdel Rahim Jamal Al-Qatrawi (0 years old)

Rayan Abdullah Zakaria Al-Astal (0 years old)

Retal Khalil Yahya Al-Batsh (0 years old)

Rima Muhammad Sabry Al-Buraim (0 years old)

Rose Abdul Aziz Muhammad Al-Ghoul (0 years old)

Saba Ahmed Ali Al-Qazzaz (0 years old)

Saba Muhammad Imad Shalaq (0 years old)

Salam Wael Ahmed Al-Astal (0 years old)

Salama Muhammad Marwan Abu Atiwi (0 years old)

Salma Amr Abdullah Nassar (0 years old)

Salma Ibrahim in the name of Shaaban (0 years old)

Sama Ibrahim Majid Al-Wadiya (0 years old)

Samira Osama Youssef Al-Zahhar (0 years old)

Sanad Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Al-Omrain (0 years old)

Sanad Bilal Nabil Amara (0 years old)

Sanad Yassin Mustafa Al-Zinati (0 years old)

Sarah Abdel Rahman Mohamed Hammad (0 years old)

Sarah Fathi Abdel Karim Al-Farra (0 years old)

Sarah Mahmoud Fayez Ahl (0 years old)

September Omar Kamel Abu Rahma (0 years old)

Sewar Khaled Saber Abu Qashlan (0 years old)

Sewar Mounir Harb Dawas (0 years old)

Sewar Suleiman Daoud Halas (0 years old)

Shaima Saeed Nabil Al-Laham (0 years old)

Sham Ahmed Fawzi Al-Qufaidi (0 years old)

Sham Muhammad Saleh Al-Sawalha (0 years old)

Sham Raif Mahmoud Khalil (0 years old)

Sila Muhammad Suleiman Abu Amsha (0 years old)

Sobhi Hamdan Sobhi Hassouna (0 years old)

Sobhi Ramzi Subhi Al-Ajl (0 years old)

Son of Anwar Ahmed Muhammad Darwish (0 years old)

Son of Israa Jamal Salem Abu Mathkur (0 years old)

Son of Nabila Nasr Muhammad Nofal (0 years old)

Son of Rahima Saadi Muhammad Shaheen (0 years old)

Sondos Muhammad Hammad Abu Baraka (0 years old)

Sondos Muhammad Subhi Samara (0 years old)

Suzan Iyad Muhammad Al-Ashi (0 years old)

Tahani Ezz El-Din Ahmed Zoroub (0 years old)

Tala Muhammad Rafiq Abu Ghali (0 years old)

Tariq Ziyad Humaidan Abu Omra (0 years old)

Tasneem Ramzi Odeh Qaraman (0 years old)

Tayem Samer Suleiman Jaarour (0 years old)

Tia Mamdouh Muhammad Abu Jazar (0 years old)

Toleen Ibrahim Jihad Al-Maghari (0 years old)

Toleen Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Taaban (0 years old)

Tuqa Musa Khalil Abu Nuseira (0 years old)

Uday Muhammad Rafiq Al-Sultan (0 years old)

Uday Muhammad Saadi Abu Hamada (0 years old)

Watan Muhammad Abd al-Rahim al-Madhoun (0 years old)

Watin Ahmed Khaled Al-Saidi (0 years old)

Watin Baraa Abd al-Rahman al-Hawar (0 years old)

Watin Yahya Khaled Abu Hilal (0 years old)

Yasmine Ramez Abdel Razzaq El Masry (0 years old)

Yassin Adel Musa Zanoun (0 years old)

Youmna Omar Riad Al-Rifi (0 years old)

Younis Wissam Abdullah Afaneh (0 years old)

Youssef Ahmed Jamal Musa (0 years old)

Youssef Haitham Youssef Abu Mahdi (0 years old)

Zaid Khaled Juma Al-Bahbahani (0 years old)

Zein al-Din Suleiman Moin al-Najjar (0 years old)

Zein Amer Ibrahim Al-Jarousha (0 years old)

Zeina Ahmed Mohamed Shatat (0 years old)

A Palestinian child is killed every 15 minutes in Gaza

1 year old – killed before they could take their first steps

Abdel Rahman Iyad Abdel Rahman Abu Jalal (1 year old)

Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Yahya Al Balawi (1 year old)

Abdullah Ibrahim Khaled Al-Dali (1 year old)

Abdullah Khalil Abdullah Abu Hayya (1 year old)

Abeer Ibrahim Khalil Meema (1 year old)

Adam Bakr Nasr Al-Sarhi (1 year old)

Adam Ezzat Muhammad Warsh Agha (1 year old)

Adam Shawkat Mahmoud Al-Rantisi (1 year old)

Adi Adam Jamal Abu Al-Naga (1 year old)

Ahmed Amin Ahmed Abdel-Al Muharram (1 year old)

Ahmed Mahmoud Ayman Al-Jayeh (1 year old)

Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Khalifa (1 year old)

Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Sheikh Al-Eid (1 year old)

Ahmed Nazir Shawqi Shaaban (1 year old)

Ahmed Thaer Sobhi Ghareeb (1 year old)

Ahmed Yasser Ahmed Abu Halhoul (1 year old)

Akram Muhammad Moin Al-Harkali (1 year old)

Al-Baraa Muhammad Samir Abu Taima (1 year old)

Ali Tariq Mahmoud Radwan (1 year old)

Alma Khaled Kamal Rashwan (1 year old)

Alyan Muhammad Alyan Al-Bayouk (1 year old)

Amir Iyad Saeed Al-Naffar (1 year old)

Amir Muhammad Mustafa Othman (1 year old)

Amir Omar Zakaria Al-Astal (1 year old)

Amir Rifaat Omar Abu Shab (1 year old)

Amira Ibrahim Salah Abu Awad (1 year old)

Amira Muhammad Samir Abu Ajwa (1 year old)

Amna Shawqi Rajab Iqdih (1 year old)

Anas Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Derawi (1 year old)

Aseel Ahmed Mahmoud Radwan (1 year old)

Aseel Iyad Nabil Omran (1 year old)

Aseel Muhannad Amin Al Agha (1 year old)

Asia Hassan Hamdi Al-Hinnawi (1 year old)

Atef Mohamed Atef Muammar (1 year old)

Atta Mohieddin Atta Darwish (1 year old)

Aya Ahmed Nawaf Al-Najjar (1 year old)

Aya Muhammad Hussein Ashour (1 year old)

Ayla Ahmed Ali Obaid (1 year old)

Ayla Saeed Saleh Abuelaish (1 year old)

Ayman Ahmed Ramadan Al-Masry (1 year old)

Ayman Muhannad Ayman Ismail (1 year old)

Badr al-Din Badr Muhammad al-Amrain (1 year old)

Baraa Mahmoud Nasser Shehadeh (1 year old)

Baraa of Muhammad Walid Abu Shuaib (1 year old)

Basma Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Sharia (1 year old)

Bilsan Noman Suleiman Haboush (1 year old)

Carmel Hamid Khaled Al-Bayaa (1 year old)

Celine Ismail Muhammad Al-Mutawq (1 year old)

Celine Saed Hassan Al Khatib (1 year old)

Dahab Muhammad Zaki Al-Akhras (1 year old)

Dana Muhammad Tayseer Abu Shammala (1 year old)

Daniel Abdullah Dunian Mansour (1 year old)

Dilla Jihad Hamada Al-Bakri (1 year old)

Dima Muhammad Khaled Ghanem (1 year old)

Eileen Maher Asaad Al-Akhras (1 year old)

Elaf Khalil Yahya Al-Batsh (1 year old)

Elaine Muhammad Sami Abu Naja (1 year old)

Ezz Abdel Aziz Ezz Hegazy (1 year old)

Ezz El-Din Suhaib Ezz El-Din Al-Haddad (1 year old)

Fatima Hamza Subhi Al-Ajl (1 year old)

Fawaz Ibrahim Fawaz Musleh (1 year old)

Firas Adel Nabil Al-Qishawi (1 year old)

Ghaith Iyad Muhammad Abu Draiqa (1 year old)

Ghana Omar Hassan Abu Jazar (1 year old)

Habiba Shehdeh Hassan Dhahir (1 year old)

Habiba Suleiman Sami Abu Naja (1 year old)

Hala Ahmed Atef Al Badrasawy (1 year old)

Hala Hossam Jamil Al-Zaanin (1 year old)

Hamsa Bilal Khalil Zoroub (1 year old)

Hamza Alaa Ibrahim Abu Zuhair (1 year old)

Hamza Ihab Jamil Al-Baz (1 year old)

Hamza Muhammad Zaki Awaida (1 year old)

Hamza Omar Hatem Al-Sadoudi (1 year old)

Hassan Hossam Hassan Al-Ghafir (1 year old)

Hazem Rajab Hazem Abu Saif (1 year old)

Heidi Mohamed Alaa El-Din Ahmed (1 year old)

Hoda Ahmed Jamal Jarad (1 year old)

Hoda Muhammad Ali Al-Louh (1 year old)

Hoor Abdul Shafi Muslim Mahani (1 year old)

Hoor Mustafa Muhammad Al-Naqib (1 year old)

Hossam Ismail Jumah Abu Zari’an (1 year old)

Ibrahim Abdullah Musa Zorob (1 year old)

Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim Salem (1 year old)

Imad Abdel Qader Imad Al-Bayouk (1 year old)

Imad Iyad Imad Al-Arair (1 year old)

Iman Muhammad Ishaq Al-Sayyid Ahmed (1 year old)

Ismail Ali Ismail Hamad (1 year old)

Jamil Ali Jamil Eid (1 year old)

Jihad Abdul Rahman Jihad Muhaisen (1 year old)

Jinan Hamed Nasser Al-Astal (1 year old)

Joud Alaa Muhammad Al-Hassi (1 year old)

Joud Saleh Khamis Nasrallah (1 year old)

Julia Fawzi Saeed Al-Kurd (1 year old)

Juliet Sobhi George Al-Souri (1 year old)

Jumana Nabil Saeed Al-Qanfud (1 year old)

Juri Muhammad Mansour Abdel Gawad (1 year old)

Karam Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Souri (1 year old)

Karim Mahmoud Jamil Al-Dahdouh (1 year old)

Kenan Ibrahim Rami Al-Naji (1 year old)

Kenan Saqr Nasr Al-Sarhi (1 year old)

Kenan Tamer Khalil Ghariz (1 year old)

Kenzi Fadi Salem Al Nabih (1 year old)

Khaled Omar Sami Miqdad (1 year old)

Khalil Ibrahim Fawzi Al-Nafar (1 year old)

Khalil Musab Khalil Al-Ashqar (1 year old)

Khamis Hassan Khamis Abu Tahoun (1 year old)

Lama Mahmoud Muhammad Muslim (1 year old)

Lana Ezz El-Din Ahmed Zoroub (1 year old)

Lana Tariq Ziad Al-Hour (1 year old)

Layan Mohamed Ismail Salah (1 year old)

Lian Muhammad Abdel Jawad Abu Ras (1 year old)

Louay Ihab Subhi Al-Ajl (1 year old)

Mahmoud Basil Mahmoud Al-Khayyat (1 year old)

Mahmoud Basil Ramadan Abed (1 year old)

Mahmoud Mohieddin Mahmoud Al-Sebaei (1 year old)

Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmed Abu Oreiban (1 year old)

Majd Ahmed Salem Al-Qanou (1 year old)

Majd Muhammad Amin Al-Dahdouh (1 year old)

Majid Amjad Majid Al-Ghoul (1 year old)

Maria Ahmed Ali Bustan (1 year old)

Maria Moataz Mazen Aslan (1 year old)

Maria Zaid Nafez Abu Taima (1 year old)

Marwa Hamza Nasser Al-Astal (1 year old)

Marwan Radwan Marwan Al-Masry (1 year old)

Maryam Alaa Abdel Qader Abu Joudeh (1 year old)

Maryam Muhammad Kamel Mohsen (1 year old)

Masa Abdullah Mufid Hegazy (1 year old)

Masa Ayman Samir Moussa (1 year old)

Masa Marwan Mahmoud Hamad (1 year old)

Masa Muhammad Adnan Al-Habashi (1 year old)

Masa Muhammad Hassan Ashour (1 year old)

Mayar Musab Muhammad Daloul (1 year old)

Mayas Moaz Amin Nofal (1 year old)

Mays Bahaa El-Din Khaled Aweida (1 year old)

Mecca Imad Tawfiq Al-Farra (1 year old)

Menat Allah Mahmoud Nayef Abu Shammala (1 year old)

Menat Allah Mattar Ahmed Aliwa (1 year old)

Menna Mahmoud Ismail Hamad (1 year old)

Mian Muhammad Riad Abu Haddayd (1 year old)

Mihraman Suleiman Moin Al-Najjar (1 year old)

Mira Youssef Ibrahim Musleh (1 year old)

Moamen Ihab Saadallah Al-Helou (1 year old)

Mohamed Hossam Mahmoud Hamad (1 year old)

Muhammad Abdullah Yaqoub Al-Hawar (1 year old)

Muhammad Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Jarousha (1 year old)

Muhammad Ahmed Suhail Al-Kahlot (1 year old)

Muhammad Fathi Suleiman Al-Jarjawi (1 year old)

Muhammad Iyad Ziyad Abu Mohsen (1 year old)

Muhammad Mansour Nasr al-Din Abu Nimah (1 year old)

Muhammad Muhammad Talal Al-Gharabli (1 year old)

Muhammad Omar Salem Al-Shawi (1 year old)

Muhammad Shadi Samir Qarqaz (1 year old)

Muhannad Hani Khaled Abu Al-Naga (1 year old)

Munir Fadi Munir Shabat (1 year old)

Musa Ahmed Musa El-Zanati (1 year old)

Musk Ahmed Abdullah Yassin (1 year old)

Musk Ali Hassan Al-Rantisi (1 year old)

Mustafa Musa Azmi Al-Jamal (1 year old)

Najwa Sameh Hani Al-Madhoun (1 year old)

Naya Attia Awad Muslim (1 year old)

Neema Abdullah Castro Abu Ashayba (1 year old)

Nevin Khaled Saleh Hassouna (1 year old)

Nevin Muhammad Yahya Al-Akkad (1 year old)

Nisreen Muhammad Shaaban Afana (1 year old)

Noman Salamah Noman Mushtaha (1 year old)

Nour Hamdan Muhammad Al-Buhaisi (1 year old)

Noura Saeed Atallah Al-Ajili (1 year old)

Nusayba Samer Salem Salem (1 year old)

Obaida Mahmoud Abdel Karim Haniyeh (1 year old)

Omar Hossam Hassan Al-Ghafir (1 year old)

Osama Mahmoud Muhammad Labad (1 year old)

Owais Amer Yahya Al-Balaawi (1 year old)

Qusay Muhammad Hamza Abu Hilal (1 year old)

Ramez Muhammad Ramez Awad (1 year old)

Rana Majd Ramzi Almuqayad (1 year old)

Revan Ezz El-Din Ahmed Al-Saeeda (1 year old)

Rima Hamed Kamal Abu Aoun (1 year old)

Rivana Walid Sabri Al-Nabahin (1 year old)

Rizq Muhammad Gharib Gharib (1 year old)

Rosa Khalil Ibrahim Khader (1 year old)

Rowad Bashir Jamil Abu Saeed (1 year old)

Saad Mahmoud Ayman Labad (1 year old)

Sabreen Fahd Mahmoud Bashir (1 year old)

Saeed Sameh Muhammad Abu Khousa (1 year old)

Saeed Zaid Saeed Zaqoul (1 year old)

Safa Suleiman Salman Al-Najjar (1 year old)

Sahar Ahmed Omar Abu Sultan (1 year old)

Saja Moayed Subhi Samara (1 year old)

Saja Musa Muhammad Al-Aidi (1 year old)

Sajid Ismail Hamdan Totah (1 year old)

Salah al-Din Osama Khalil Abu Laila (1 year old)

Sally Hassan Marzouk Al-Kahlot (1 year old)

Salma Hisham Mahmoud Joyfel (1 year old)

Salma Muhammad Muhammad Ali (1 year old)

Samar Majid Suhail Al-Nahhal (1 year old)

Sanad Muhammad Fathi Abu Ajwa (1 year old)

Sanad Shadi Sharif Al-Sarhi (1 year old)

Sarah Khaled Jihad Abu Jabbara (1 year old)

Sarah Mahmoud Samir Akl (1 year old)

Sarah Majd Abdel Latif Al-Hajj (1 year old)

Sarah Muhammad Yahya Jabr (1 year old)

Sarah Musa Hamdi Akhil (1 year old)

Sawsan Mustafa Mahmoud Barbakh (1 year old)

Sewar Ehab Ahmed Arif (1 year old)

Sewar Fouad Mahmoud Tabasi (1 year old)

Sewar Ibrahim Abdel Raouf Al-Farra (1 year old)

Sewar Rami Muhammad Fadl Hassouna (1 year old)

Shaaban Khaled Shaaban Ziadeh (1 year old)

Sham Abdul Karim Ibrahim Al-Hato (1 year old)

Sham Ahmed Isbitan Abu Sido (1 year old)

Sham Muhammad Ziyad Abu Namous (1 year old)

Sham Tamer Hosni Azzam (1 year old)

Sharif Muhammad Sharif Ghazal (1 year old)

Sidra Muhammad Saadi Qashta (1 year old)

Siham Ibrahim Abdel Karim Al-Kahlot (1 year old)

Sila Ahmed Hussein Madi (1 year old)

Sila Dhafer Ahmed Abu Younis (1 year old)

Siraj Abdullah Ayesh Darwish (1 year old)

Siraj Mahdi Jawad Ali (1 year old)

Taim Allah Muhammad Abdul Karim Jumah (1 year old)

Tamim Nidal Ismail Abu Ajami (1 year old)

Tayem Ahmed Samir Al-Fasih (1 year old)

Tuqa Salem Muhammad Abu Maarouf (1 year old)

Uday Mahmoud Fouad Hana (1 year old)

Waad Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Masaraei (1 year old)

Wadih Ahmed Wadih Hamdan (1 year old)

Wateen Muhammad Khurshid Saeed Saq Allah (1 year old)

Yahya Gohar Yahya Al-Balaawi (1 year old)

Yamen Sami Saber Abu Wadi (1 year old)

Yaqin Badr Eid Abu Jabal (1 year old)

Yaqut Anas Hassan Dhahir (1 year old)

Yara Muhammad Fayez Al-Hassani (1 year old)

Yasser Saleh Yasser Al-Hout (1 year old)

Yazan Ahmed Ibrahim Bardawil (1 year old)

Youmna Moeen Abdel Mohsen Al-Hasanat (1 year old)

Youssef Ayman Marzouk Sammour (1 year old)

Youssef Saleh Ibrahim Aslim (1 year old)

Zaher Adi Hamada Al-Bakri (1 year old)

Zakaria Ahmed Muhammad Abu Jahjouh (1 year old)

Zeina Hazem Abdel Hamid Muhanna (1 year old)

Zuhair Ramadan Mahmoud Al-Dahouk (1 year old)

One out of every 100 children in Gaza has been killed by Israeli attacks

2 years old – Just learning how to talk

Abd al-Rahman Baraa Abd al-Rahman al-Hawar (2 years old)

Abdel Hamid Mohamed Abdel Hamid Ashour (2 years old)

Abdel Nasser Ahmed Abdel Nasser Shamlakh (2 years old)

Abdel Nour Amin Marwan Abu Shakyan (2 years old)

Abdel Rahman Abdel Nasser Daoud Al-Halisi (2 years old)

Abdel Rahman Ahmed Fathi Radwan (2 years old)

Abdul Aziz Amr Abdul Aziz Abu Amr (2 years old)

Abdul Aziz Kamal Mansour Sobh (2 years old)

Abdul Rahman Alaa Imad Al-Ajl (2 years old)

Abdul Rahman Ayman Sabry Barhoum (2 years old)

Abdullah Nour El-Din Shaker Abdel-Al (2 years old)

Abdullah Rami Suleiman Hamdan (2 years old)

Adam Abdel Karim Kamel Abu Rahma (2 years old)

Adam Hossam Amin Hassouna (2 years old)

Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abdel Nasser Awad (2 years old)

Ahmed Ahmed Musa Sheikh Al-Eid (2 years old)

Ahmed Ezz El-Din Ibrahim Abu Amer (2 years old)

Ahmed Imad Farag Al-Zatma (2 years old)

Ahmed Mamdouh Salem Hajji (2 years old)

Ahmed Muhammad Saleh Abu Wardah (2 years old)

Ahmed Odeh Muhammad Hussein (2 years old)

Akram Saleh Saeed Abu Shamalah (2 years old)

Al-Moataz Ahmed Karam Muhammad Al-Ghaleed (2 years old)

Al-Shaima Ali Hisham Al-Qarinawi (2 years old)

Ali Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Ran (2 years old)

Alina Khaled Saeed Al-Ramlawi (2 years old)

Amal Hamada Othman Al-Najjar (2 years old)

Amal Muhammad Iyad Badawi (2 years old)

Amani Omar Imad Al-Arair (2 years old)

Amer Bilal Hassan Al Tatar (2 years old)

Amer Salem Sami Al-Adini (2 years old)

Amina Muhammad Salem Al Nabih (2 years old)

Amir Ahmed Abdel Jawad Abu Ras (2 years old)

Amir Ahmed Khader Qanan (2 years old)

Amir Saeed Atta Abu Safra (2 years old)

Anas Hamed Fayez Ahl (2 years old)

Anas Hatem Hussein Al-Khatib (2 years old)

Anas Muhammad Fahmy Al-Najjar (2 years old)

Anas Osama Nafez Al-Maghari (2 years old)

Anya Ahmed Zakaria Barakat (2 years old)

Aseel Muhammad Khader Abu Touha (2 years old)

Ayatollah Salem Odeh Abu Rawida (2 years old)

Baraa Iyad Ibrahim Zorob (2 years old)

Baraa Muhammad Adeeb Aslim (2 years old)

Basma Saadi Muhammad Abu Hamada (2 years old)

Batoul Abdel Fattah Khaled Al-Zuhairi (2 years old)

Batoul Ismail Ibrahim Abu Zuhair (2 years old)

Bilsan Ahmed Fawzi Abu Nimah (2 years old)

Canada Naji Hatem El Nadeem (2 years old)

Eileen Jihad Hamada Al-Bakri (2 years old)

Elaf Hussein Ahmed Al-Astal (2 years old)

Elaine Muhammad Fayez Abu Odeh (2 years old)

Essam Ihab Muhammad Abu Youssef (2 years old)

Ezz El-Din Abdel-Rahman Fathi Radwan (2 years old)

Fadl Muhammad Fadl Al-Agha (2 years old)

Farah Muhammad Jumah Abu Deeb (2 years old)

Faryal Muhammad Ahmed Musa (2 years old)

Fatima Muhammad Abdel Hakim Asfour (2 years old)

Fatima Numan Suleiman Haboush (2 years old)

Fayrouza Mahdi Ahmed Shalouf (2 years old)

Quds Fouad Mustafa Allawh (2 years old)

Ghaith Khaled Radwan Shabat (2 years old)

Ghanem Mahmoud Ghanem Abu Kamil (2 years old)

Hala Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al Khalidi (2 years old)

Hammad Muhammad Hammad Abu Baraka (2 years old)

Hani Ahmed Rabhi Netil (2 years old)

Hanzada Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Masry (2 years old)

Hatem Ahmed Hatem Al-Hassi (2 years old)

Haya Fadi Ayman Abu Ghalioun (2 years old)

Hisham Abdo Fayez Al-Banna (2 years old)

Hoor Hossam Fawzi Al-Bawab (2 years old)

Imad al-Din Hazem Muhammad al-Bardawil (2 years old)

Imad Saleh Maher Farwaneh (2 years old)

Iman Khalil Ahmed Shaheen (2 years old)

Iman Muhammad Ali Abu Nada (2 years old)

Iman Muhammad Farid Qandil (2 years old)

Islam Hazem Khalil Zaqout (2 years old)

Islam Ihsan Osama Al-Gazzar (2 years old)

Islam Rami Zuhair Arafat (2 years old)

Ismail Hassan Nayef Abu Shammala (2 years old)

Iyad Muhammad Hassan Maarouf (2 years old)

Iyad Muhammad Shaaban Abu Sharifa (2 years old)

Izz al-Din Muhannad Izz Afaneh (2 years old)

Jaber Abdul Jaber Nimr Abu Khousa (2 years old)

Jad Youssef Awad Shaaban (2 years old)

Jana Hassan Mahmoud Al-Najjar (2 years old)

Jihad Ibrahim Jihad Al-Maghari (2 years old)

Jihad Khaled Jihad Abu Amer (2 years old)

Jinan Ibrahim Kamal Rashwan (2 years old)

Judy Abdullah Dunian Mansour (2 years old)

Judy Hussein Fayek Abu Eida (2 years old)

Julia Abdel Rahim Saadi Mansour (2 years old)

Julia Amjad Jamil Abu Hussein (2 years old)

Julia Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Assi (2 years old)

Jumana Naji Abdel Rahman Abu Hammad (2 years old)

Juri Muhammad Arif Shalayil (2 years old)

Karam Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Riyati (2 years old)

Karam Hossam Musa Abu Ishaq (2 years old)

Karam Muhammad Abd al-Rahim al-Madhoun (2 years old)

Karam Mustafa Jamil Eid (2 years old)

Karim Mahmoud Majed Mushtaha (2 years old)

Karim Mahmoud Moeen Ayyash (2 years old)

Kenan Dia Munther Hassan (2 years old)

Kenan Khalil Ibrahim Khadr (2 years old)

Kenan Muhammad Mahmoud Farhat (2 years old)

Kenzi Muhammad Samir Al-Bahnasawy (2 years old)

Khaled Ahmed Bashir Shamlakh (2 years old)

Khalil Moaz Khalil Ayyash (2 years old)

Kinda Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Riyati (2 years old)

Kinda Khamis Nasser Al-Tahrawi (2 years old)

Laila Muhammad Hisham Thari (2 years old)

Lama Bilal Abdul Rahman Al-Hawar (2 years old)

Lamar Ali Mahmoud Qeshta (2 years old)

Lana Omar Kamel Jundi (2 years old)

Lara Ayoub Zafer Al-Helou (2 years old)

Layan Muhammad Sayed Al-Aker (2 years old)

Linda Musab Taher Al-Suwerki (2 years old)

Lyar Jamal Al-Din Khaled Abu Saeed (2 years old)

Lynn Ghassan Mahmoud Al-Qanou (2 years old)

Mahmoud Muhammad Awad Al-Araj (2 years old)

Mai Taher Ahmed Abu Younis (2 years old)

Malak Abdul Rahman Muhammad Hammad (2 years old)

Malak Gomaa Abdel Fattah El Shaarawy (2 years old)

Malak Mahmoud Ibrahim Salem (2 years old)

Malak Moses Nahed Al-Fasih (2 years old)

Malak Muhammad Majid Al-Daqs (2 years old)

Malak Muhammad Youssef Al-Saidi (2 years old)

Malik Aqeel Nazmi Qalja (2 years old)

Malik Karam Rafiq Hamdouna (2 years old)

Malik Mahmoud Atef Halawa (2 years old)

Malik Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Ayada (2 years old)

Marah Ahmed Ramzi Attouh (2 years old)

Maria Muhammad Kamel Abu Hujair (2 years old)

Maria Muhammad Sabri Al-Braym (2 years old)

Maryam Khaled Raed Rajab (2 years old)

Maryam Tamer Fathi Al-Nabahin (2 years old)

Masa Louay Ibrahim Khader (2 years old)

Masa Thaer Wael Al-Majayda (2 years old)

Mila Muhammad Rafiq Abu Ghali (2 years old)

Mira Abdullah Mounir Ghabayen (2 years old)

Moatasem Billah Youssef Fathi Akl (2 years old)

Moataz Radwan Marwan Al-Masry (2 years old)

Moaz Walid Abdel Haq Al Mahlawi (2 years old)

Mona Ahmed Mahmoud Kashko (2 years old)

Muhammad Ahmed Jabr Abu Musa (2 years old)

Muhammad Ahmed Shukri Hammad (2 years old)

Muhammad Fadi Dhiyab Musa (2 years old)

Muhammad Hamdan Ibrahim Al-Maqadma (2 years old)

Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Al-Akhras (2 years old)

Muhammad Ihab Awad Al-Muqayd (2 years old)

Muhammad Lafi Muhammad Abu Malih (2 years old)

Muhammad Mahmoud Youssef Al-Hassi (2 years old)

Muhammad Mahmoud Youssef Hussein (2 years old)

Muhammad Munir Harb Dawas (2 years old)

Muhammad Rajab Muhammad Al-Naqib (2 years old)

Muhammad Ramzi Sobhi Al-Ajl (2 years old)

Muhammad Yassin Ahmed Sheikh Al-Eid (2 years old)

Muhannad Zaki Musa Asalia (2 years old)

Musk Abdel Karim Mounir Ghabayen (2 years old)

Mustafa Islam Ali Abu Singer (2 years old)

Mustafa Mohamed Omar Jalambo (2 years old)

Nabil Iyad Nabil Omran (2 years old)

Nabil Yasser Nabil Nofal (2 years old)

Nadine Muhammad Amin Matar (2 years old)

Naji Imad Jamil Abu Assi (2 years old)

Neema Issam Farag Al-Fafsous (2 years old)

Negma Saher Saeed Al-Sayed (2 years old)

Nesma Anwar Abdel Latif Fayyad (2 years old)

Nesma Mahmoud Abdel Karim Salman (2 years old)

Nesma Samer Maher Al-Muqayed (2 years old)

Nevin Muhammad Raed Al-Saati (2 years old)

Nour Amr Muhammad Maghari (2 years old)

Nour Asim Nabil Abu Shammala (2 years old)

Obaida Raafat Alaa El-Din Ahmed (2 years old)

Omar Ahmed Ziad Ashour (2 years old)

Omar Ali Muhammad Qazi (2 years old)

Omar Bashir Ahmed Abu Sharia (2 years old)

Omar Thaer Munther Al-Hanafi (2 years old)

Omneya Yahya Khaled Al-Wakhiri (2 years old)

Osama Abdel Aziz Ahmed Salem Daoud (2 years old)

Qusay Mansour Adham Al-Falouji (2 years old)

Rafif Mazen Muhammad Maarouf (2 years old)

Rafifan Nouri Rafifan Tanboura (2 years old)

Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq Al-Sultan (2 years old)

Raghad Hani Khaled Abu Al-Naga (2 years old)

Rajab Ahmed Hatem Al-Hassi (2 years old)

Rakan Shadi Atallah Al-Aidi (2 years old)

Ramadan musk Abdul Karim Al-Ashi (2 years old)

Razan Alaa Muhammad Jasser Al-Qatati (2 years old)

Rehab Essam Hussein Saleha (2 years old)

Retal Ahmed Essam Salah (2 years old)

Rima Imad Abdel Majeed Aslim (2 years old)

Roaa Salim Yassin Al-Astal (2 years old)

Sabah Abdul Latif Youssef Abu Saad (2 years old)

Safa Bilal Muhammad Al-Ramlawi (2 years old)

Salah Ezz El-Din Al-Qassam Musa Ashour (2 years old)

Saleh Mahmoud Youssef Abu Nasser (2 years old)

Salim Youssef Nabil Abu Saif (2 years old)

Salma Hassan Khaled Abu Shuqair (2 years old)

Salma Muhammad Khader Al-Azaib (2 years old)

Salma Muhammad Khalil Abu Al-Ala (2 years old)

Sama Muhammad Zuhair Al-Sharafa (2 years old)

Samira Sultan Naeem Al Qaraan (2 years old)

Sarah Abdullah Atta Al-Hamayda (2 years old)

Sarah Muhammad Jamal Al-Maghari (2 years old)

Selina Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Nouri (2 years old)

Sham Ahmed Shamekh Jarad (2 years old)

Sham Muhammad Abdel Nasser Al-Masry (2 years old)

Sham Rabie Jumah Abu Jazar (2 years old)

Siham Nidal Ismail Abu Ajami (2 years old)

Sila Mahmoud Hassan Al Khawaja (2 years old)

Siraj Muhammad Fathi Akl (2 years old)

Sondos Ramez Nabil Shaqoura (2 years old)

Suhaib Saeed Misbah Madi (2 years old)

Suleiman Abdullah Shaaban Eid (2 years old)

Tala Ahmed Hassan Al-Khatib (2 years old)

Talal Osama Talal Al-Shafi’i (2 years old)

Talin Muhannad Amin Al-Agha (2 years old)

Tayem Samed Muhammad Al-Akkad (2 years old)

Tia Mustafa Muhammad Al-Hanafi (2 years old)

Toleen Ahmed Zaki Al-Sharafa (2 years old)

Toleen Muhammad Khaled Al-Bayaa (2 years old)

Wafa Karam Muhammad Bakr (2 years old)

Walid Khaled Juma Al-Behbahani (2 years old)

Ward Ahmed Fawzi Al-Qufaidi (2 years old)

Ward Hamto Ahmed Al-Satri (2 years old)

Ward Muhammad Hussein Al-Aal (2 years old)

Waseem Mohamed Ramadan Eid (2 years old)

Watin Ahmed Ibrahim Samaan (2 years old)

Watin Muhammad Salem Al-Hashash (2 years old)

Yacoub Ahmed Yacoub Ayyash (2 years old)

Yara Muhammad Ezzat Abdel Latif (2 years old)

Yazid Ahmed Atef Al-Kurd (2 years old)

Yousry Muhammad Abdel Qader Al-Siksek (2 years old)

Youssef Abdullah Muhammad Abdul Hadi (2 years old)

Youssef Muhammad Jibril Jibril (2 years old)

Zaid Hilal Muhammad Abu Al-Amrain (2 years old)

Zain Muhammad Ziyad Al-Hur (2 years old)

Zain Ziyad Ahmed Al-Muqayd (2 years old)

Zakaria Abdullah Zakaria Al-Astal (2 years old)

Zakaria Ezzedine Suleiman Haboush (2 years old)

Zein al-Din Muhammad Maher al-Kahlot (2 years old)

Zeina Ahmed Nizar Shehadeh (2 years old)

Zeina Ashraf Essam Eid (2 years old)

Zeina Muhammad Mahmoud Hamad (2 years old)

Zeina Ziad Adel Nashbat (2 years old)

Zuhair Abdel Fattah Zuhair Al-Kurd (2 years old)

More than 1,000 children have lost one or both legs since October 7 (many amputations took place without anesthesia)

3 years old – Died a toddler

Abdul Rahman Abdullah Fayek Mahmoud (3 years old)

Abdul Rahman Ahmed Essam Shaat (3 years old)

Abdul Rahman Ahmed Marwan Abu Taim (3 years old)

Abdul Rahman Deeb Abdullah Rifaat Abu Al-Qumsan (3 years old)

Abdul Rahman Youssef Salah al-Din Abu Jadallah (3 years old)

Abdullah Abdul Rahman Abdul Karim Al-Salak (3 years old)

Abdullah Osama Khader Abu Suriya (3 years old)

Adam Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Samra (3 years old)

Adam Nader Harby Al-Helou (3 years old)

Adam Rizq Jumaa Al-Nahal (3 years old)

Adham Diaa Muhammad Al-Qahwaji (3 years old)

Ahmed Amjad Majed Abu Odeh (3 years old)

Ahmed Basil Ramadan Abed (3 years old)

Ahmed Hakim Mahmoud Al-Helu (3 years old)

Ahmed Hamto Ahmed Al-Satri (3 years old)

Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Sawalhi (3 years old)

Ahmed Ismail Jumah Abu Zari’an (3 years old)

Ahmed Jamal Adnan Al-Rayes (3 years old)

Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Tabasi (3 years old)

Ahmed Mahmoud Nabil Matar (3 years old)

Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Hamid Ashour (3 years old)

Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahim Haider (3 years old)

Ahmed Raafat Mahmoud Al-Zein (3 years old)

Ahmed Raed Nabil Farhat (3 years old)

Ahmed Saeed Muhammad Al-Tahla (3 years old)

Aisha Omar Mustafa Shehab (3 years old)

Aisha Salah Al-Din Ismail Abu Shammala (3 years old)

Alaa Alaa Niaz Nasir (3 years old)

Ali Amer Ali Zaqout (3 years old)

Ali Ismail Mahmoud Al-Derawi (3 years old)

Ali Mahmoud Khalil Al-Shaer (3 years old)

Ali Muhammad Ali Al-Mubayed (3 years old)

Ali Muhammad Zakaria Al-Astal (3 years old)

Alma Taha Amer Al-Majayda (3 years old)

Amani Muhammad Abd al-Rahim al-Madhoun (3 years old)

Amin Muhammad Amin Matar (3 years old)

Amir Muhammad Jumah Dhahir (3 years old)

Amira Muhammad Salim Al-Sawarka (3 years old)

Amjad Khaled Kamal Rashwan (3 years old)

Anas Muhannad Sami Aslim (3 years old)

Aseel Muhammad Mazen Shaldan (3 years old)

Asim Magdy Mustafa Ali (3 years old)

Athal Qais Abdul Karim Al-Zahrani (3 years old)

Ayman Mahmoud Ayman Al-Jayeh (3 years old)

Ayman Younis Attouh Abu Namous (3 years old)

Aysel Hamdi Hikmet Ghaben (3 years old)

Azad Tariq Muhammad Al-Maghari (3 years old)

Balsam Omar Jamil Al-Zaanin (3 years old)

Bana Iyad Gamal Nasr (3 years old)

Bassam Sameh Muhammad Al-Sankari (3 years old)

Bassem Hassan Muhammad Abu Riala (3 years old)

Batoul Mahmoud Dababesh (3 years old)

Bayan Medhat Abdel Fattah Dhaif (3 years old)

Beirut Muhammad Iyad Abu Shammala (3 years old)

Bilal Ahmed Khalil Zorob (3 years old)

Bilal Mahmoud Muhammad Al-Sadoudi (3 years old)

Bisan Muhammad Sami Al-Nawas (3 years old)

Bisan Osama Salama Hussein Ali (3 years old)

Dahoud Magdy Tayseer Abu Shahma (3 years old)

Dalal Majid Ismail Abu Shammala (3 years old)

Dia Saeed Anan Tanboura (3 years old)

Diala Rani Mahmoud Muammar (3 years old)

Dima Jihad Hamed Abu Awaimer (3 years old)

Eileen Amjad Alian Abu Ayada (3 years old)

Elaine Osama Muhammad Dabour (3 years old)

Enas Khabbab Muhammad Nabil Al-Mutawq (3 years old)

Ensar Mohamed Sobhi Samara (3 years old)

Ezz El-Din Saeed Nabil Al-Laham (3 years old)

Fadi Khaled Muhammad Al-Bardawil (3 years old)

Farah Hazem Abdel Hamid Muhanna (3 years old)

Farah Muhammad Ahmed Abu Oreiban (3 years old)

Fatima Asim Hassan Abu Musameh (3 years old)

Fayez Mahmoud Fayez Ahl (3 years old)

Ghala Hamza Mufid Hegazy (3 years old)

Gharam Hassan Samir Akl (3 years old)

Ghazal Imad al-Din Ismail Abu al-Qumsan (3 years old)

Ghazal Jameel Moein Atallah (3 years old)

Habiba Al-Rahman Musab Basim Al-Kurd (3 years old)

Hala Muhammad Younis Al-Agha (3 years old)

Hala Raed Ibrahim Al-Sawalhi (3 years old)

Hamed Darwish Hamed Abu Khatla (3 years old)

Hamza Alaa Nasr Jarghoun (3 years old)

Hamza Muhammad Nahed Al-Fasih (3 years old)

Hamza Rami Nidal Aliwa (3 years old)

Hamza Wael Ahmed Al-Astal (3 years old)

Hana Moamen Mahmoud Al-Talaa (3 years old)

Hassan Hani Hassan bin Saeed (3 years old)

Hassan Mutee Bassam Al-Ghafir (3 years old)

Haya Ahmed Saleh Hamed (3 years old)

Hello Hassan Fawzi Al-Bawab (3 years old)

Hoor Muhannad Abdul Qader Al-Attar (3 years old)

Hosni Mohamed Hosni Muhareb (3 years old)

Ibrahim Nael Bashir Al-Rahn (3 years old)

Ibtisam Noman Suleiman Haboush (3 years old)

Imad Alaa Imad Al-Ajl (3 years old)

Iman Khaled Mahfouz Kishko (3 years old)

Islam Sameh Hani Al-Madhoun (3 years old)

Iyad Ahmed Amer Al-Majayda (3 years old)

Izz al-Din Abdul Misbah al-Khor (3 years old)

Jad Hazem Muhammad Al-Bardawil (3 years old)

Jad Samer Muhammad Al-Mubasher (3 years old)

Jannat Hamza Subhi Al-Ajl (3 years old)

Jinan Ammar Youssef Abu Muayliq (3 years old)

Joud Abdel Halim Ezzat Abdel Latif (3 years old)

Joud Muhammad Eyadah Al-Rifi (3 years old)

Judy Asaad Maher Abu Lashin (3 years old)

Judy Muhammad Asaad Abu Shawqa (3 years old)

Karam Musa Youssef Al-Hassi (3 years old)

Karim Hussein Akram Al-Malh (3 years old)

Karim Karam Muhammad Bakr (3 years old)

Karim Muhammad Abdel Aziz Tamraz (3 years old)

Karim Tariq Abdul Hakim Al-Mutawq (3 years old)

Karim Tariq Awad (3 years old)

Kenan Ashraf Tayseer Al-Herbawi (3 years old)

Kenan Muhammad Ibrahim Darwish (3 years old)

Kenan Muhammad Salim Nabhan (3 years old)

Kenzi Haitham Zaki Awaida (3 years old)

Khaled Abdullah Waheed Al-Tabash (3 years old)

Khaled Yahya Khaled Abu Hilal (3 years old)

Laila Saeed Atta Abu Safra (3 years old)

Lana Muhammad Nasser Al-Samri (3 years old)

Lara Ahmed Samir Abu Shammala (3 years old)

Layan Khalil Shawqi Abed (3 years old)

Layan Saeed Abdel Nasser Al-Taweel (3 years old)

Lina Mahmoud Muhammad Qanan (3 years old)

Lynn Abdel Rahman Eayish Ramadan (3 years old)

Lynn Saeed Mahmoud Al-Madhoun (3 years old)

Mahmoud Fahd Mahmoud Bashir (3 years old)

Mahmoud Hossam Mahmoud Hamad (3 years old)

Mahmoud Mohamed Hamdy Deeb (3 years old)

Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Derawi (3 years old)

Mahmoud Rani Mahmoud Abu Saada (3 years old)

Majd Mohamed Ismail Salah (3 years old)

Majd Muhammad Hamdan Totah (3 years old)

Makram Mustafa Ibrahim Al-Latta (3 years old)

Malak Ismail Rabih Habboub (3 years old)

Malak Khalil Ibrahim Al-Hato (3 years old)

Malak Nabel Wageh Al-Namnam (3 years old)

Malik Hisham Musa El-Zanati (3 years old)

Maria Gabriel Abu Al-Atta (3 years old)

Maria Hudhayfah Salah Abu Shakyan (3 years old)

Maria Muhammad Arafat Al-Bahtini (3 years old)

Maryam Abdel Aziz Omar Farwaneh (3 years old)

Maryam Abdel Rahman Maher Al-Mutawaq (3 years old)

Maryam Ahmed Abdel Raouf Al-Halabi (3 years old)

Maryam Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Ran (3 years old)

Maryam Amjad Majid Al-Ghoul (3 years old)

Maryam Mahdi Ashraf Barghouth (3 years old)

Maryam Maher Salah Othman (3 years old)

Maryam Muhammad Tayseer Abu Shammala (3 years old)

Maryam Wael Abdel Rahman Al-Khudari (3 years old)

Masa Ihab El-Din Khaled Aweida (3 years old)

Mayar Muhammad Fawzi Ahl (3 years old)

Menat Allah Maher Khaled Abu Obaid (3 years old)

Milana Ayman Samir Moussa (3 years old)

Mira Muhammad Saeed Washah (3 years old)

Miral Muhammad Fawzi Ahl (3 years old)

Mirna Ahmed Louay Al-Minawi (3 years old)

Mirna Ali Mahmoud Qeshta (3 years old)

Moamen Amen Moamen Aljarah (3 years old)

Moatasem Billah Raed Ahmed Kashko (3 years old)

Mohamed Tamer Mohamed Al-Sayed (3 years old)

Muhammad Abdel Rahim Omar Sharaf (3 years old)

Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim Gouda (3 years old)

Muhammad Adel Muhammad Musa (3 years old)

Muhammad Basil Abdel Azim Al-Hajj (3 years old)

Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Abu Al-Amrain (3 years old)

Muhammad Ihab Farouk Al-Aqez (3 years old)

Muhammad Moataz Obaid Yassin (3 years old)

Muhammad Muhammad Basman Saqr (3 years old)

Muhammad Nidal Muhammad Saleh Dardouna (3 years old)

Muhammad Omar Nafez Al-Ghoul (3 years old)

Muhammad Raafat Saleh Shalouf (3 years old)

Muhammad Ramadan Muhammad Kamal Al-Nono (3 years old)

Muhammad Shawkat Mahmoud Al-Rantisi (3 years old)

Muhammad Waseem Samir Rashid (3 years old)

Muhammad Yahya Sami Al-Jourani (3 years old)

Muhammad Yasser Rafiq Abu Habib (3 years old)

Muhammad Youssef Fayez Qasim (3 years old)

Muhammad Youssef Muhammad Abu Shawish (3 years old)

Musaab Mahmoud Nayef Abu Shammala (3 years old)

Musk El-Khetam Ismail Awad Weshah (3 years old)

Mustafa Muhammad Mustafa Al-Lilli (3 years old)

Nada Abdel Rahman Nizar Shehadeh (3 years old)

Nada Amin Ahmed Abdel-Al Muharram (3 years old)

Nagham Refaat Omar Abu Shab (3 years old)

Nahed Abdel Rahman Nahed Obaid (3 years old)

Nasser Khamis Nasser Al-Tahrawi (3 years old)

Nassim Mohammed Ahmed Jahjouh (3 years old)

Noha Iyad Saeed Al-Naffar (3 years old)

Nour El-Din Anwar Abdel Latif Fayyad (3 years old)

Nour El-Din Hamada Ahmed Jarghoun (3 years old)

Nour El-Din Hamza Omar Abu Odeh (3 years old)

Nour Muhammad Iyad Barzeq (3 years old)

Nour Youssef Omar Sharaf (3 years old)

Noura Ahmed Deeb Radwan (3 years old)

Noura Musab Kamal Abu Naim (3 years old)

Ola Ahmed Muhammad Abu Jahjouh (3 years old)

Omar Ahmed Nawaf Al-Najjar (3 years old)

Omar Islam Khader Musa (3 years old)

Omar Khamis Sidqi Al-Madhoun (3 years old)

Omar Muhammad Khalil Abu Hamad (3 years old)

Omar Youssef Rizq Abu Al-Layl (3 years old)

Osama Bilal Nafez Maghari (3 years old)

Qusay Muhammad Alaa Al-Din Ahmed (3 years old)

Rabab Mahmoud Nafez Al-Aidi (3 years old)

Rand Sameh Muhammad Abu Khousa (3 years old)

Rayan Ayham Nihad Shawa (3 years old)

Razan Adham Bashir Thabet (3 years old)

Razan Muhammad Ahmed Bolan (3 years old)

Reda Muawiyah Ahmed Khalla (3 years old)

Reman Al-Muatasem Walid Al-Quqa (3 years old)

Rima Ahmed Samir Qanita (3 years old)

Riyad Muhammad Riad Totah (3 years old)

Roaa Salah al-Din Muhammad al-Dalu (3 years old)

Saba Abdul Rahman Muhammad Saleha (3 years old)

Sabah Mahmoud Jamil Al-Khatib (3 years old)

Sadan Abdul Hadi Riad Matar (3 years old)

Saif Al-Din Saleh Abdullah Al-Arqan (3 years old)

Salah Ahmed Salah Al-Ajrami (3 years old)

Salma Ahmed Tawfiq Al-Madhoun (3 years old)

Salma Maysara Iyad Sarsak (3 years old)

Sama Ahmed Youssef Abu Rahma (3 years old)

Samer Mohammed Mohammed Al-Mubashir (3 years old)

Samir Muhammad Samir Tamraz (3 years old)

Samira Muhammad Omar Hegazy (3 years old)

Sanad Salah al-Din Hamdan al-Najjar (3 years old)

Sanad Saqr Izzat Abu Rukba (3 years old)

Sarah Bilal Muhammad Hassouna (3 years old)

Sarah Firas Fahmy Al-Najjar (3 years old)

Sarah Saeed Jaber Abu Huwaishil (3 years old)

Shaaban Ahmed Shaaban Halasa (3 years old)

Shahd Munther Muhammad Abu Sariya (3 years old)

Shahd Yasser Ahmed Abu Halhoul (3 years old)

Sham Hussein Muhammad Abu Hamad (3 years old)

Sham Izz al-Din Saleh Abu Dahrouj (3 years old)

Sham Khalil Abdul Hafez Al-Baghdadi (3 years old)

Sham Mahmoud Nasr al-Din Abu Nimah (3 years old)

Sham Marwan Abdel Hakim Al-Mutawq (3 years old)

Sham Tariq Ziad Dahman (3 years old)

Sobhi Abdullah Sobhi Hegazy (3 years old)

Souad Mohamed Mohamed Gouda (3 years old)

Suhaib Mahmoud Muhammad Shanaa (3 years old)

Suhail Majid Suhail Al Nahal (3 years old)

Suzan Muhammad Salman Abu Al-Atta (3 years old)

Tamam Mustafa Amin Nofal (3 years old)

Toleen Muhammad Fayez Al-Madhoun (3 years old)

Tuqa Musab Khalil Al-Ashqar (3 years old)

Uday Ahmed Muhammad Al-Aleel (3 years old)

Ward Khalil Abdullah Abu Hayya (3 years old)

Ward Mahmoud Ismail Harzallah (3 years old)

Wissam Abdel Hadi Adel Daher (3 years old)

Wissam Muhammad Ayed Adwan (3 years old)

Yahya Muhammad Yahya Jabr (3 years old)

Yaman Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ashqar (3 years old)

Yamen Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ashqar (3 years old)

Yamen Nidal Saleh Mishmish (3 years old)

Yazan Moaz Hammad Hammad (3 years old)

Yazan Ramez Muhammad Qashta (3 years old)

Yazid Jabr Noman Hamid (3 years old)

Youssef Fathi Suleiman Al-Jarjawi (3 years old)

Youssef Fawzi Zuhair Al-Laham (3 years old)

Youssef Hammam Mustafa Abu Toha (3 years old)

Youssef Muhammad Fahmy Al-Najjar (3 years old)

Zaid Adel Awni Al-Dous (3 years old)

Zaid Ahmed Jihad Abu Jabbara (3 years old)

Zaid Amer Akram Murtaja (3 years old)

Zain Ahmed Abdel Aziz Abu Al-Kass (3 years old)

Zain Azmi Mahmoud Abu Ayada (3 years old)

Zain Mahmoud Totah (3 years old)

Zain Saed Muhammad Muslim (3 years old)

Zein al-Din Anwar Musa Jaber (3 years old)

Zeina Muhammad Talal Al-Dahshan (3 years old)

Zeina Nasser Hosni Moussa (3 years old)

These are only the first 1,000 names, all younger than four years old. This is less than ten percent of the total number of children killed in Gaza in the past ~110 days.

This list also does not include the thousands of children still buried under the rubble of their homes.

If this doesn’t break your heart, you need a heart transplant, my friend.

The full(ish) list of children killed in this “war” can be found here. (For the record, 36 Israeli children were killed – one of them an infant.)

If you have a soft spot for children and/or expectant mothers in Gaza, at the bottom of this post are several videos for you to check out. The first is just three minutes long, the second is about half an hour, and takes a deep dive into the issue. Both are very recent – and factual.

Especially as people of faith, it’s our responsibility to care about all human beings.

What you can do: Contact the people in Washington DC who (allegedly) work for you and tell them, “ENOUGH. CEASEFIRE NOW. NO MORE WEAPONS TO ISRAEL. STOP THE GENOCIDE. NOW – OR YOU’RE FIRED.”

Reach your Representative here, and your Senator here. Email President Biden here.

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