Wedding Jewels

Wedding Jewels February 21, 2011

Some brides have the honor (and accountability) to receive more than ample wedding jewelry.  Ornamented in heavy metal leaking with gems has never been a pleasant pass time of mine. However recently, it’s been a very nice mother-daughter time with my five year old.

For years, I’ve had most of my wedding jewelry stored away safe and sound in a place far away from my mind. As little girls grow, you start to see their interests and mine was definitely inclined to glitter, glitter and glitter.

One rainy summer day, I hauled out the small box from the back of the closet. A simple cardboard box with many hidden treasures. She tried on everything and begged me to wear it for longer. At that moment, I knew there was going to be a use for these jewels. Allah always has a plan. We studied the shapes, colors, and designs. A good art lesson. Even my son was interested. He was studying pottery and symmetry at school and noted the designs on the jewelry were similar. Perhaps a good math and history lesson as well.

Amazingly, over time my little ones convinced me that there was more to jewelry than just glitter. Also, when I first received those pieces of gold I did not know my extended family well enough to perhaps comprehend their affection. Now I look at each piece and study the detailed craftsmanship and feel the warmth of those who bought it for “The new bride.” In ways, I’ve done many hearts a diservice by not wearing their gifts for at least them to enjoy. For this, I humbly ask my Lord’s forgiveness.

On a more hopeful note, we recently bought a jewelry armoire. It stands 2.5 feet tall and holds the precious sentiments. My daughter and I transferred the wedding jewels into a more deserving place. A place wear we both can go to easily to select and enjoy the fruits of Allah SWT.  For me the best gift is connecting with loved ones and seeing material wealth in new light. For this I thank my Lord, The Merciful and Provider of All Good things.


Sharda Mohammed is a Canadian born mother of two young children. She has a keen interest in learning to  foster leadership, self esteem, and empathy in young children. She works part time as a Physical Therapist.

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