Grow Mama Picks for April

Grow Mama Picks for April April 21, 2014
  1. We found this free, live, online course about the female companions starting Sat. April 26 for 11 weeks. Be sure to mark your calendar!
  2.  Is there are more fun and excellent way to teach your children the meaning of Quran than with legos?!
  3. If you are wondering about all the steps you need to take to get your role as “homeschool teacher” working for you- listen to this seminar on 5 keys to stress-free homeschooling while transitioning from mom to teacher”
  4. We need to increase awareness among ourselves and other parents, video games affect brain development. Here is a start.
  5.  Oil pulling is being revived as a new health and beauty practice. With many health benefits for oral hygiene, our friends really enjoy it. So, you might want to give it a try.
  6.  Is hijab really an obligation? The answer based on unambiguous evidence is clear, and it comes with a good recommendation about taking ownership over our religious decisions.
  7.  To busy for Quran? Try these 3 steps to get started.
  8. Here’s a fun guide to ordering coffee around the world, in case you need to prepare for an international vacation, or a trip to a fancy coffee shop with friends.
  9.  How do you raise children who share your values? It’s a scary question, but an important one to ask and think about. This article tackles the consequences for our response to good and bad behavior. Read on for some tips like: Praise the character, not the action, nouns work better than verbs (you’re a great helper), let them feel guilt not shame for bad behavior, and more.
  10. ATTN: Mom’s of high school children, we are loving some posts on the Hidayah Services blog. Be proactive in guiding your children to college in the best way, especially if that guidance is lacking at their school.

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