Blissful Moments

Blissful Moments June 13, 2011

What is the meaning of joy? Does it mean you can eat ice cream all day or fill your shoes with sand from the playground as many times as you like? Or maybe it means to swing till you are truly exhausted? Or does it mean you are gifted with a special talent or an exclusive handmade dress? Baking cookies each Friday? Looking forward to the month of Ramadan? Joy is to be found in the small and oh so rich things. True joy can always be found whether one is tall, short, young,old, rich or poor.

We are surrounded by beautiful things; the shining sun, rising each day as Allah commands and the moon, sparkling at night. The rich raindrops falling from the lovely clouds and the many colors that are spread all over the world. The soft and incredible detailed sand; for each inch on earth is known by Him. Each leaf that falls from the tree, each pair of shoes that lays on the ground waiting to be put on. Each smile, ready to uncover the happiness within. Each tear, ready to uncover silent pain. Everything is known by the Most Beloved, the Bestower of Gifts.

All we receive are gifts from the Creator. Isn’t that lovely? And truly a thought and belief that brings relief after crying and calmness after storms. So that we may remember that Allah is indeed near and that He responds to the one calling upon Him alone. He is the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious and with Him and through Him are things full of grace and joy.

So full, we can experience these great feelings here and also in a much different world; a world on another level. A world that is elevated and more respected to the pious ones. A place none can describe in full detail except for Him alone. A place none can enter, except with His permission. A beautiful place, the most beautiful place one can ever dream of.

Even though we shall never be able to fully comprehend the beauty of this special place during this life, we can dream about it. Dream, hope and wish. A very, very strong wish to be among the people of Jannah. To be cleansed and pure and fresh and clothed with special soft green clothing. To be able to hear the angels sing for Him, glorifying Him alone!

To be surrounded with true beauty- floating rivers, red jewels, delicious fruits and musk, flying and gentle horses. Sweetness upon sweetness. True never-ending blissful moments, and the loveliest of all- to be near the Most Beloved, so we shall never experience sadness ever again. True joy in this life, the joy one can experience on the straight path, the joy of being grateful and humble with whatever Allah demands for you. This joy can be extended and exalted on another level and last forever.

Make it your dream, wish and hope to be among the pious who may experience this ultimate joy of living so very near to The Most Beloved. Allah! The Gracious, Most High, Bestower of Gifts. For He alone can make you enter Jannah if it is His wish.

Oem ‘Îsa wa Hawâ’ wa Maimoonah

Tasneem loves blueberries and authentic Moroccan tea. She and her husband have three wonderful children and together they love to fully embrace family life through seeking their unique homeschooling journey, inshaAllâh. She blogs at

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