Working for the Akhira

Working for the Akhira January 3, 2013
Every new year has its share of memories and learning experiences, some happy, some painful. It’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and realign our priorities as well as make new promises to ourselves. While making new resolutions, we should try to view them with the scope of the aakhira. To better days! To…
To faith- know every year that it’s a gift, not to be taken for granted or neglected. Intangible, indefinable, but it is everything.To prosperity- but not at the expense of honesty, dignity, soul. I hope that at the end of each year, a string of people owe me, not the other way around.

To health and children- but all the while remembering that we are visitors traveling through this temporary  life, and no matter what happens to us or those we love, we will reunite at the end.

To love- knowing that like pleasant weather, it can come and go. Neither deprive nor define ourselves by it.

To work- being more overwhelmed than ever every year also means that we’re growing and more capable.

To wisdom- may we learn to apply what we know more properly, and increase us in useful knowledge. May our shortcomings and mistakes serve to humble us and teach us a lesson, not hurt others and cause pain.

To sustenance- may we always view it as a tool to take what we need of the world, not to be showy, to be extreme in extravagance, and if it breeds within us arrogance, then it’s much better to do without. May we have the foresight to see and appreciate this and to change.

To trust- perhaps the most taken-for-granted gift of all. I hope every year brings more trustworthy people into our lives. It is a life devoid of color and joy when we feel that we can’t trust the ones we love.

To new experiences and opportunities- All of us are instilled with the ability to affect and leave our mark on the world. Each year, we are inspired by those who surpass us in organized efforts in helping others, or in becoming leaders in their field of work. Whatever the goals are, view it through the lens of what it will mean for our aakhira. I believe that there is a message within so many of us, incubating and waiting for the effort and introspection it takes for it to come alive.

My hope is for better days ahead this year! Happy 2013!

Mona Abdala

Mona is a mom of two young daughters who lives and works in NJ and is passionate about all things expressive. She is a teacher, fine artist and photographer ( She is also a coffee connoisseur and you can find her café online at 


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