A Letter to Ramadan

A Letter to Ramadan July 7, 2014

I had just finished putting the baby down for his nap sheepishly awaiting some scream free time when my four year old exclaimed, “What can we do now?” It’s her most oft repeated question and it often feels like my well has run dry of ideas. I gave her a blank stare for about a minute and thought to myself that I can sit her in front of the computer and have her play a PBS kids game or really try to take advantage of the moment. I started towards the construction paper and told her we’d write a letter to the month of Ramadan. She would tell me what to write and I would write what she’d dictate. It didn’t take long to realize how great of a teaching moment this could be as I prodded her on with different points about Ramadan. I pray we can now show her what ‘sadaqa’ looks like and what the month of the Qur’an feels like with constant remembrance and more diligence on our parts.

Here is our letter and we’d love to read yours!

Marwa Aly and Sumaya Eid

Marwa is the mother of two kids. She loves playing volleyball, learning about self development, and drinking a good cup of coffee. You can find more of her writing at www.marwaaly.com.

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