They were attacking reason

They were attacking reason June 15, 2012

This link is bookish related in that it is an interview with an author.  The author in this case is SF writer  John C. Wright.

The interview was done for a Spanish site, but is available in English.  It starts off covering his conversion story from Atheism to first Protestantism and then later to the Catholic Church.  This section in itself is well worth reading.  He is also asked how the Great Books program at the college he attended affected him and prepared him to become Catholic.  I really like the humble answer he gives when asked about applying such a program to Catholic schools.

Q: When you became a Catholic you took the name of a 1st Century martyr, Saint Justin. Why did you choose that patron saint?

He is the patron saint of philosophy.  I think of myself first as a philosopher who writes novels, not as a novelist who writes philosophy.  I pray him to inspire and lead me to be as he was: one who cared more for truth than for life.

He also goes on to talk about the Faith vs. Science canard along with not using his books to proselytize or editorialize as either an atheist and now as a Catholic.

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