Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: RVA Starts the Conversation

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: RVA Starts the Conversation July 13, 2017

Child sexual abuse is a crime that occurs far too frequently. And unfortunately, these instances are often ignored or brushed under the table, particularly in Muslim communities. It is time to break the silence surrounding child sexual abuse, and to gain the tools necessary to both address the problem and facilitate healthy dialogue with our children.

We understand that this is not an easy task. Oftentimes, parents and caregivers may feel that they lack the knowledge or vocabulary to talk to children about such topics. That is why Rape Victim Advocates has created videos of support on starting the conversation on child sexual abuse. With topics ranging from body autonomy, to secrets and private parts, these videos highlight key ways for parents to initiate these conversations in a way that is safe, clear, and accurate.

Take a look at these videos below, and start the conversation with your family at home.

For more information on discussing child sexual abuse with your children, or to learn more about Rape Victim Advocates, click here.  

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