BekahBekah Evie Bel. I am an Aussie Syncretic Hellenic Pagan, Omnitheist, Devotee of Hekate and Hearth Witch. I was raised Agnostic, bordering on Atheist and became Pagan long before I knew the label existed in a modern sense. It was in my early teen years, around 1999, that I discovered modern Paganism and my journey began.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I joined the online Pagan community and within the year I found myself the sole admin of moderately sized Pagan social network called The Pagan Veil – which has recently closed down due to hosting issues.  I also have a small presence in the Aussie and Pagan Homeschooling communities.


My “conversion” into Hellenism is fairly recent, before 2016 I was an Eclectic Pagan with Hellenic leanings.  My focus was on the Greek Gods, the Theoi, but my practice was not Hellenic.  Now, however, I am in the formative stages of practising Hellenism, I am in discovery mode and you get to share that journey with me.  The Syncretic part of my label mostly refers to the fact that I live in Australia and therefore will have to adapt Hellenism in some fairly significant ways.  But I am also still Pagan, so some of my adaptations will likely be somewhat influenced by my general Paganism.

Hearth Witch Down Under is a blog that will focus on multiple things.  My journey into Hellenism as an Aussie.  How I incorporate Paganism and Hellenism into my parenting and homeschooling.  General Pagan and witchy stuff, with a special focus on Aussie Paganism, Aussie Witchery and, of course, a bit of Hearth Witchery.  And perhaps the occasional off topic non-Pagan thing I think still fits relatively okay here.