A Quick and Simple Spring Equinox Craft

A Quick and Simple Spring Equinox Craft March 15, 2017

Photo by Ikonact Creative Commons
Photo by Ikonact
Creative Commons

This time of year, eggs are all around us. I love a good quiche and enjoy cooking them in the spring, especially for potlucks and ritual meals. But what to do with all those extra shells? Consider an offering to Eostre.

First poke two holes at either end of an egg. You can now blow the contents out into a little dish and use them for whatever you’d like – omelettes, quiche, baking or whatever you’d like to make! The eggshell can then be dyed in natural dyes, and it will color both the inside and outside of the egg.

The old Easter trick of using a white crayon before dying to write messages or inscribe symbols also works with this method. The eggs will last as a decoration all through the season; I have egg shells dyed in this manner more than five years ago that have yet to begin degrading.

These are also fun little pieces to give out at small rituals or as little party favors. In the past, I’ve used them to decorate trees in my yard. Simply tying a knot in a ribbon or piece of yarn and feeding it through the two holes makes an easy to hang decoration.

Even your mistakes can be well-used. I have had a good time crushing several eggs together until they form a colorful sort of eggshell gravel. This can be an easier, more compact way to store an offering; the colorful shell pieces can also be used in spell bags. They can even be used as compost to bless your garden or offer to the land wights, provided that the dye used was natural and contains no poisonous or harmful agents.

Eggs are such a ubiquitous part of our modern lives that it’s easy to overlook their usefulness. In past times, as light began to shine brighter in the spring and hens greatly increased their laying, these springtime eggs would have been precious.

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