Why is AT&T Promoting Polyamorous As Normal?

Why is AT&T Promoting Polyamorous As Normal? February 15, 2017

On Valentine’s Day, Entertainment One premiered its second season of You Me Her on the Audience Network, operated by AT&T. I haven’t watched it and don’t plan to, but it’s another example in a long list of media efforts to normalize that which is harmful.

The show is billed as a “contemporary classic romantic comedy.” Unlike Three’s Company, where three heterosexual monogamous roommates lived together, this show is promoting the “lifestyle” choice of polyamorous relationships otherwise known as “throupling” as the “in-thing.”

AT&T promoted the show in a press release prior to its Valentine’s Day roll-out as a way for young adults to “find themselves.” It stated:

“What happens when this peculiar rom-com fades to black? Can they prove their best, truest, happiest lives really are together, even when more conventional alternatives beckon? They stood up to the outside world but now they have to face something even more formidable: themselves.”

Sadly, this is not the first or the last attempt by the media to promote perversion as normal. There’s Transparent, Becoming Us, and Big Love, all designed to make anything other than monogomous heterosexual relationships “normal” and “socially acceptable.” Even Fox’s, Empire, has jumped on the bandwagon. Anyone can be whoever they want and with whomever they want. The only thing that is important is “being happy,” “being loved” and being “themselves.” What an incredibly short-sighted, self-absorbed selfish existence.

Such a worldview limits human sexuality and identity to self-perceived notions of gender that are relative. Morality is subjective, and there’s really no right nor wrong, except for those who disagree with such perversion. AT&T is promoting the rationals used by many today,

“I was born this way.”

“I can’t choose who I love.”

“I have a right to be happy just like everyone else.”

“We aren’t hurting anyone.”

“Who is the government to legislate love?”

which only justify harmful and perverse behavior. 

If sexual identity is fluid and dependent upon one’s feelings, there’s no basis to oppose necrophilia, bestiality, or sologamy as normal, and legal.

In fact, last year, the effort to normalize sex with animals as an acceptable lifestyle choice was successful. A documentary won an award for exploring the intimate sexual relationship between a man and his lover– Dolly, the Bottlenose Dolphin. No one should have a problem with Flipper being molested. After all, who can say Flipper isn’t consenting? Humans can’t read dolphins’ minds; it’s up to each person to decide.

The same argument used for throupling has been used over the past 40 years to legalize sexual interaction with children. People are publicly advocating without shame: “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster;” and, “pedophilia is natural and normal for males.”

Even incest activists in the consanguinamorous community argue it’s their turn to have their sexual preference and lifestyle choice validated socially and legally.

The reality though, is that none of this promotes healthy relationships, productive members of society, or right role models for children. Children and young adults have enough challenges in their lives to be constantly bombarded by the media about self-absorbed and harmful sexual behavior. Right moral behavior still exists despite AT&T’s attempts to redefine it.

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