Former homosexual, now Christian, warns Christians to “tell the truth in love” [video]

Former homosexual, now Christian, warns Christians to “tell the truth in love” [video] April 25, 2020

George Carneal tells his story about being raised by a pastor of a Southern Baptist Church, to becoming engaged in the homosexual lifestyle for 25 years. In the first few years he tried to kill himself. It would take another 20 years before he met Christ and was saved.

His story is not about glamorizing a life he once lived but he points to hope for those who have experienced the same pain that he has. He says, “Deliverance is possible. There is hope in Christ!”

George does not attack the LGBTQ or Christian communities in his story, but he does give an honest representation of the life he used to live and how he is living differently today– and what changed him and why.

In his book, From Queer to Christ, My Journey into the Light, he describes the most difficult part of his journey as “a queer culture fantasyland filled with drag queens, drugs and dangerous situations,” a life that is very different from what Hollywood and the media portray to be.

He says the best way that Christians can help people struggling in this lifestyle is to “tell the truth in love.”

In the back of his book he lists all the talking points and arguments used by the LGBTQ community and liberal theologians and debunks each with scripture.

Carneal supports both secular and Christian therapy, which he says helped him for many years through his struggle. Banning what some label as “conversion therapy” is harmful to many in the LGBTQ community who could benefit from it, he says.

His message is one of hope from despair, sharing with others that a life of peace and joy, and restoration to wholeness, is possible.

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