Lessons on Love & Eternity from The Velveteen Rabbit

This article won first place in the 2017 Xulon Press Christian Writers Awards Writing Contest. The Velveteen Rabbit nurtures our imagination to experience love and eternity in our relationships with others and God.“What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit. “When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real,” said the Skin Horse, a wise toy.Being real for the Rabbit meant something more than just being a toy. Have you ever wondered wh … [Read more...]

49 Years After MLK Christian Pastors Call For Arms: Guns & Prayer Are Necessary

One genuine news story ignored by nearly all media this past Christmas was the slaughter of over 100 mostly Christian Nigerians-- and-- the razing of 50,000 homes, the destruction of thousands of acres of farmland, and the displacement of roughly 10,000 people in southern Kaduna, Nigeria.The pre-Christmas season atrocity was just one of many perpetrated by people the government calls, “herdsmen,” who were known to have relentlessly terrorized 25 villages where Christians predominantly live. T … [Read more...]

SILENCE: An Incredible Story of Martyrdom & Faith

"Do we have this kind of faith in America?" Academy Award-Winning Director Martin Scorsese asks when discussing his faith and the faith of the characters in his most recent film, Silence, released on December 23, 2016.The film is based on Shusaku Endo's 1966 novel, Silence, a work of historical fiction based on true events. The film stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson as 17th century Portuguese priests who travel to Japan to spread the gospel and are persecuted and tortured … [Read more...]

January: New Life From Death The Promise of Capricorn

As Joseph Augustus Seiss explains in his seminal work, The Gospel in the Stars, the twelve signs of the Solar Zodiac are divided into three groups with each group having a specific focus. The first group (Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius) focuses on the victory of Jesus Christ (his person, debt paid, battle fought and won).The second group (Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries) focuses on the fruit of Jesus's redemption, namely the Church, which Seiss clarifies is, "the body of … [Read more...]

Andy Stanley’s Claims About Bible, Virgin Birth, Not So Different From Islam

Believe it or not, the buffoonery and erroneous teachings advanced over the past few years by self-ascribed evangelical leaders, was surpassed this Christmas by Andy Stanley, founder of North Point Ministries, and son of renowned evangelist, Charles Stanley.No stranger to controversy, Stanley’s assertions this year about the Bible are worse than those made by former mega-church leader Rob Bell on homosexuality, marriage, and hell. They are far more destructive than Russell Moore’s divisive co … [Read more...]

Enough is Enough Already: Russell Moore Is Detrimental to Christianity & Public Policy in America

Prominent Southern Baptist leaders argue that Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), the “moral and public policy arm” of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), should no longer be on the SBC’s payroll. For years his consistent commitment to divisiveness has now moved beyond being “out of touch” with the ERLC’s constituency, to being out of touch with reality.Historically, his divisive remarks have excluded mentioning the Gospel or why Christians eng … [Read more...]

More Than 3 Million Christians In Iran & Counting Despite Persecution

According to CBN News, in 1994 there were roughly 100,000 Iranians who professed their faith in and commit to follow Jesus Christ. But now there are 3 million believers-- a number that keeps growing because of persecution.CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell recently interviewed Iranian believers living in Turkey who fled from persecution in Iran.One Christian named Reza remarked that many became believers, like him, because of a dream or vision they had. He says: "I had a … [Read more...]

A Message From the Heartland: Trump Kept His Promise to One Pastor to Help Free Pastor Saeed

Pastor Terry Amann of Des Moines, Iowa, is no stranger to politics. He’s been involved in politics and pro-life activism for decades. Most recently, he was a formidable influence in the last three presidential races. One Iowa State Senator just last week remarked that he is the “most influential pastor in politics in the state of Iowa.”Politics aside, Pastor Amann has a heart for ministry, as evidenced by the single most important issue he addressed when he first met Republican presidential n … [Read more...]

Visual: The Inconvenient Truth About “Black Lives Matter”

Black Lives Matter ignores inconvenient but real hard facts: blacks kill whites 25 times more than whites kill blacks.This chart says it all about violence categorized by skin color. Based on statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics under the Department of Justice, in 2010 for example, blacks committed 5 times more violence against whites than whites did against blacks. But, it's actually quite more than that.Blacks account for roughly 13 percent of the population and … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Queer Islamist “Pastor” Organized Dallas BLM Protest to “Create Space for Rage”

Jeff Hood, the organizer of the July 7th Dallas Black Lives Matter rally is a self-described "queer" (homosexual/gay/gender non-conforming?) Islamist who also calls himself a Christian pastor. To provide proper context-- in 2015, after Americans protested the CAIR organized "Respect the Prophet" event in Dallas, Jeff Hood said: “I think that Texas Muslims are the real Christians.”After the Paris attacks, he wrote a blog entry about "The Call of the Muslim Jesus" sympathizing with the Islam … [Read more...]