More Than 3 Million Christians In Iran & Counting Despite Persecution

According to CBN News, in 1994 there were roughly 100,000 Iranians who professed their faith in and commit to follow Jesus Christ. But now there are 3 million believers-- a number that keeps growing because of persecution.CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell recently interviewed Iranian believers living in Turkey who fled from persecution in Iran.One Christian named Reza remarked that many became believers, like him, because of a dream or vision they had. He says: "I had a … [Read more...]

A Message From the Heartland: Trump Kept His Promise to One Pastor to Help Free Pastor Saeed

Pastor Terry Amann of Des Moines, Iowa, is no stranger to politics. He’s been involved in politics and pro-life activism for decades. Most recently, he was a formidable influence in the last three presidential races. One Iowa State Senator just last week remarked that he is the “most influential pastor in politics in the state of Iowa.”Politics aside, Pastor Amann has a heart for ministry, as evidenced by the single most important issue he addressed when he first met Republican presidential n … [Read more...]

Visual: The Inconvenient Truth About “Black Lives Matter”

Black Lives Matter ignores inconvenient but real hard facts: blacks kill whites 25 times more than whites kill blacks.This chart says it all about violence categorized by skin color. Based on statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics under the Department of Justice, in 2010 for example, blacks committed 5 times more violence against whites than whites did against blacks. But, it's actually quite more than that.Blacks account for roughly 13 percent of the population and … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Queer Islamist “Pastor” Organized Dallas BLM Protest to “Create Space for Rage”

Jeff Hood, the organizer of the July 7th Dallas Black Lives Matter rally is a self-described "queer" (homosexual/gay/gender non-conforming?) Islamist who also calls himself a Christian pastor. To provide proper context-- in 2015, after Americans protested the CAIR organized "Respect the Prophet" event in Dallas, Jeff Hood said: “I think that Texas Muslims are the real Christians.”After the Paris attacks, he wrote a blog entry about "The Call of the Muslim Jesus" sympathizing with the Islam … [Read more...]

Ramadan Bombathon: 1850 Dead in 30 Days

June 5- July 6, 2016 marked the month of Ramadan, the Islamic holiday is observed worldwide. Followers of the Qur'an fast during the day, then eat at night, for a whole month, to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran given to Muhammad. It is emphasized by leaders as a time of peace and forgiveness for all Islamists. However, as the Religion of Peace website shows, Ramadan is one of the most deadly months of the year.The editors of the site write: "Muslims often insist that other … [Read more...]

This is What the Bible Really Says About “Transgender” [video]

A movement to justify "transgender" sexual behavior "because it's in the Bible" or because it's the "Christian thing to do," continues on the stage of both the theatre and the White House. But neither actor ever mentions what the Bible specifically says about transgender behavior-- that it is an "abomination."The latest example of Obama misusing the Bible is suggesting that the "Golden Rule" allows him to force children of the opposite sex to share bathrooms, showers, and living facilities wi … [Read more...]

Watch New Franklin Graham ‘My Hope’ film

"What is the value of a soul?" the latest film produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, answers."Value of a Soul" tells the true stories of the unexpected journeys of a drug dealer, Army captain, and a mother who "search for true worth as their worlds crumble." This new My Hope film also features a performance by Tenth Avenue North, and a message from Franklin Graham about the real value of the soul.Watch it here. … [Read more...]

Five Questions for Ted Cruz on America’s Cuban Mistress Crisis

If the alleged Sex Scandal is ‘Garbage,’ then Ted Cruz should have no problem answering these five questions to clarify ongoing unanswered questions. GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz has denied accusations of having affairs with five different women.Sort of.What’s important to note is not necessarily what people say, but also, what they don’t say.His response appears to be hedged, a skill most politicians and staff learn to master.On March 25, 2016, Cruz posted on Faceboo … [Read more...]

Virgo: First Zodiac Sign of the Virgin Whose Seed Saves

Part Two of a Series: "God's Zodiac: The Gospel in the Stars" The First Zodiac Sign: Virgo: The Virgin Whose Seed Saves The stars have remained in their places for thousands of years. Seiss explains that God connected star groupings with: "symbols and ideas he wished to convey, and transmitting and explaining to his posterity those names and figures thus conjoined with the stars, he would link with his astronomy a whole system of thoughts and hopes as clear as the stars themselves, and utterly … [Read more...]

The Original Christian Zodiac

This is the first in a 13- part series entitled, "God's Zodiac: The Gospel in the Stars."What if everything you were ever taught or believed about astronomy, horoscopes, and the Zodiac were false? What if the original Zodiac was perverted, distorted, and changed to such an extent that no one knew its original meaning imprinted in the sky?The daily horoscopes printed in newspapers, magazines, or online are actually perversions of the original horoscope God inscribed in the heavens when He … [Read more...]