When Saying No to the Government Could Mean the End of Your Ministry [video]

In addition to the federal government funding abortion, state governments are requiring pro-life pregnancy centers, healthcare professionals, doctors, and Christian ministries to promote and advertise information about having an abortion– or receive hefty fines and ultimately close. For example, a recent Hawaiian mandate requires pro-life pregnancy centers, including those run by churches and Christian organizations, to promote and advertise abortion coverage on a website. Fortunately, the Christian organization, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), filed a lawsuit on behalf of the pro-life ministry, A Place for Women… Read more

This Sunday Celebrate the International Day of the Bible

This Sunday, November 12th, is the International Day of the Bible. Sponsored by the National Bible Association, in partnership with the American Bible Society, the Museum of the Bible, Scripture Union, YouVersion, and Bible Gateway, millions of Christians will participate in social media outreach about the gift of God’s Word, the Bible. International Day of the Bible is a time when pastors worldwide can preach on one common theme: “the greatness and blessing of God’s Word.” Christians are encouraged “to… Read more

Baptist Pastor Says NFL Players Would Be Shot In Other Countries For This

Should NFL players who don’t acknowledge the National Anthem be shot? One Dallas Baptist pastor says they would be anywhere else but in America. Black football players who earn millions of dollars for playing a game have been kneeling when the National Anthem is played before the game begins– to protest against their oppression. Making millions and playing football is apparently oppression these days. Kneeling is not only disrespectful to those who wear the uniform that matters (the U.S. Military,… Read more

Scorpio’s Sting: No Match for the Suffering Servant

Scorpio, the Sufferer The ancients believed that Scorpio’s sign pointed to a mighty warrior who was injured in battle, yet still emerged victorious. With super human powers, he fought the monster Serpent Python, the three-headed fire-breathing Chimaera, and the deadly dragon. Thousands of years before the Greeks attributed this god-human to Herakles, and the Romans to Hercules, the Phoenicians and Chaldeans worshipped this warrior god as a savior and healer. Scorpio (October 23-November 21) in Arabic and Syriac, Al Akrab,… Read more

National Cat Day May Be New, But Cats Have Been Worshipped For Thousands Of Years [video]

In America, October 29th is National Cat Day. And, while cute and fuzzy fur ball gifs dominated social media, what may be well less known is the deity status cats have held for thousands of years. Famous felines like, “Grumpy Cat,” Sylvester, Hello Kitty, Tom (Tom and Jerry), and many others, have graced the screen, held a corner on the books and games market, and more recently, taken social media by storm. Two of the most popular shows on the Hallmark… Read more

Martin Luther’s Reformation Revolutionized Praise and Worship

The outworking of Luther’s transformation of the church was the emphasis of corporate worship. This meant that one could read– and sing– in one’s own language. Read more

Soli Deo Gloria– A New Perspective on Work (and life)

The last of Martin Luther’s Five Solas, Soli Deo Gloria, puts into perspective the purpose of life for all Christians: to glorify and enjoy God forever. One’s vocation, or calling and purpose, is to glorify God– no matter their ethnic, religious, cultural, or socio-economic background. No distinctions exist within Christianity; no one Christian is above another. This was another revolutionary concept Luther introduced– and mind-blowing– coming from an ordained priest and monk– who rallied against one of the Roman Catholic… Read more

Why Sola Christus– in Christ Alone? [video]

Following Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, and Sola Gratia, Martin Luther clarified the ultimate distinction between Protestantism and every other belief: salvation was possible through Christ alone: Sola Christus. Truth comes from scripture alone. Faith comes from Christ alone. At the heart of the matter lies the answer to the question: is saving faith in Jesus Christ enough? Or does one need to contribute something to atone for one’s sins– in addition to Christ’s death on the Cross and resurrection from the grave? By… Read more

Martin Luther’s Response to the Pope and Charles V: Sola Scriptura

For many, many centuries, the Roman Catholic Church was the political and religious authoritative head of the Holy Roman Empire. Marriages and national alliances could not be forged without the Pope’s consent. The Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church ruled through “the Divine Right of Kings.” Meaning, what the Roman Catholic Church ruled, was civil and criminal law. The German monk, Martin Luther, upended this entire system, beginning the era of Protestantism, and a movement called the Protestant Reformation,… Read more

The Monk Who Stood Against an Empire and Changed the World [video]

One man, Martin Luther, stood alone against an empire. His motivation was spiritual, but the outcome of his conviction was spiritual and political, leaving a global legacy 500 years later and celebrated this October 31st. The Holy Roman Church ruled the Holy Roman Empire through a feudal system of kings, queens, lords, landowners, and bishops. It stretched across several continents and rivaled other empires for thousands of years in economic and military prowess. Rome was its capital; the Vatican, the… Read more

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