Decoding Obama: No, Muslims Did Not Found America, But Their Piracy United Americans Against Islam

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Obama recently claimed, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since its founding.” This is both true and false.It is true in the sense that Islam posed a threat to America’s early existence. The North African Islamic Barbary Pirates proved to be a significant impetus towards uniting a divided colonial delegation to sign the Constitution and strengthen their Navy and Marine Corps.The early Americans knew full well world history, which meant they were well aware that their new en … [Read more...]

The Scandal of “Evangelical” Hypocrisy: Prayer, ISIS, and Obama


Friday night I received an email from the founder of a self-described Christian event planning organization, who wrote, “Over the last 48 hours we have focused our creativity and resources on supporting an appropriate response to the 21 Egyptian Christian martyrs.” He goes on to explain that his team created a website, asked thousands of churches to have a “Moment of Silence” on Sunday, February 22, and is encouraging people to pray every morning during Lent at 7:03 a.m. for “solidarity.”Let … [Read more...]

An Appeal to Rob Bell: Come Home, If it Ever Existed

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In 1992 I visited Wheaton College and met the members of a really cool student band called “____ ton bundle”. These young guys, only five years older me, were indie before there was indie. Their shaggy hair, quirky glasses, and almost hipster grunge-style, before there ever was grunge, brought an edge to an otherwise white male middle class Midwestern band.I still have my cassette tape of their only album, “taking my donkey to town,” even though I no longer own a cassette player.  Fortunat … [Read more...]

The Truth About My Headline-Making Trip to Israel


Explosion on Syrian border witnessed from Mt. Bental, Golan Heights, Israel Truth matters. That's why during the lunch hour at a northern Israeli kibbutz, I skipped a group event to set the record straight about the first few days of myheadline-making trip in Israel. It seems that those vilifying it are misinformed. I've been traveling with people who represent many faiths, ethnicities, ages, and even have friends and relatives whose lifestyles and/or political beliefs are quite different than … [Read more...]

Nazi Holocaust: Incomparable to Muhammad’s Plan for Jews

Commemorating the anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation is important. But remembering without action is irrelevant.The reality is that in America more hate crimes are committed against Jews than all other groups combined, according to a recently released FBI report.Internationally, eradicating Jews and Israel is integral to Islam. Muslims believe, according to the Qur’an that worldwide Islamic rule will only occur once Israel is destroyed and Babylon is rebuilt. Which is why enforcing a w … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two City Protests: Sharia in Dallas vs. Christian Prayer in Baton Rouge

On January 17th Sound Vision Foundation, a Chicago-based 501 (C) 3 organization held a “Stand with the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas, a suburb outside of Dallas, at the Curtis Culwell Center on Independent School District property. The event, permitted by the Superintendent of Public Schools, launched a Strategic Communication Center for Muslims to advocate censoring and criminalizing non-Muslim speech.Sound Vision asks: “Frustrated with Islamophobes defaming the Prophet? Remember the Dani … [Read more...]

Christian Ministers Leading from the Front: In and Out of the Pulpit

Ministers have always been at the forefront of leading America, calling upon God for mercy, guidance, wisdom, and revival. Historically, they led both in and out of the pulpit—spawning the American Revolution, opposing slavery and organizing the Underground Railroad, actively registering people to vote, supporting civil rights, prison reform, and poverty legislation, and fighting in war and/or serving as military chaplains. Because every area of life is political, ministers have and continue to e … [Read more...]

Bobby Jindal Leads the Saints in the Greatest Game Ever Played

One of the most impressive leaders I have ever met is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. A strong family man, devoted husband, father, and son, and perhaps one of the most astute and articulate politicians I know, he’s also quite hip.With sincerity oozing from his pores, one is immediately drawn to his passion for life and his commitment to bringing about good for his neighbors, family, and the electorate who overwhelmingly voted for him four times. Not only has he turned Louisiana’s economy ar … [Read more...]

Like it or Not, Christianity is why America Exists and Most Importantly Isn’t a Theocracy

Those who argue Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics or that faith should be kept separate from public policy either misunderstand, disregard, or reject historical facts that explain Biblical Christianity’s influence on America’s existence.In fact, Christianity has influenced the western world more than any other faith or ideology. The western world orders time based on biblical order. Night and day, 24 hours, seven weekdays, how time itself is organized follows Biblical creationism. … [Read more...]

Preaching in 2014 America, Similar to Soviet Occupied Poland


I recently had the privilege to join 100 ministers and faith leaders on Gov. Mike Huckabee and David Lane’s Journey Tour, traveling to Poland, Germany, the UK, and California.During this time I had the opportunity to speak to ministers and faith leaders about a range of issues related to religion and politics in America. After visiting Arka Pana Church in Poland and hearing Gov. Huckabee’s Q &A with Priest Wladyslaw Palmowski (the underground church’s leader during Soviet occupation), I w … [Read more...]