According to Israeli news outlet Haaretz, Christian leaders in the Middle East shunned Vice President Mike Pence in his recent trip to their countries. Christian leaders in Egypt and Jerusalem reportedly decided to boycott his visit, in an attempt to protest President Trump’s December 7th recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Pence was unable to visit Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born, because it is located in the occupied region of the West Bank controlled by the Palestinian Authority who declared that… Read more

On December 6, 2017, President Trump announced that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and that he had instructed the U.S. State Department to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. His declaration caused international reactions, both positive and negative, including the announcement by some countries of their plans to also move their embassies to Jerusalem. Trump’s announcement came eight months after Russia announced Jerusalem was Israel’s capital in April 2017. Shortly after Trump’s announcement, officials from Guatemala… Read more

The cover image for my forthcoming book, “What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam,” unfortunately reveals that discrimination is alive and well in Scotland, not having changed much in several hundreds years. My book is the first of a five-part series designed to educate, equip, and encourage Christians in America (and citizens in general) about Islamic ideology and the rich Christian history that existed in pre-Islamic Arabia. I uncovered a copy of Near Asian artwork c. AD 1307, which… Read more

According to a report released by Open Doors, a nondenominational organization that has been monitoring Christian persecution since the 1970s, roughly 215 million Christians were persecuted in 2017 because of their faith. This translates to 1 out of 12 Christians worldwide. Every year, Open Doors releases its World Watch list, which tracks persecution of Christians worldwide. The list is based on data obtained from Open Doors field workers and external experts, ranking the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted,… Read more

R.C. Sproul, the founder of Ligonier Ministries and Reformed Evangelical stalwart, died yesterday, December 14, 2017 at 78 years-old. The extent of his contribution to the Evangelical world, to teaching the whole counsel of God, to explaining the doctrines of the Christian faith and leading millions of Christians in a closer walk with Jesus cannot be adequately described. However, several have provided a glimpse into the impact of his character, ministry, and reach. John Piper’s eulogy is perhaps one of… Read more

Let’s help Santa grant this child’s wish this Christmas. Please help his story go viral. And send him some Christmas cheer along the way. On November 5th, Ryland Ward miraculously survived the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting after being shot five times. He’s still recovering in a local area hospital and is expected to remain there for another 6-8 weeks. He’s asking for Christmas cards to fill his hospital room. He especially likes cards that have pictures of other children or… Read more

In addition to the federal government funding abortion, state governments are requiring pro-life pregnancy centers, healthcare professionals, doctors, and Christian ministries to promote and advertise information about having an abortion– or receive hefty fines and ultimately close. For example, a recent Hawaiian mandate requires pro-life pregnancy centers, including those run by churches and Christian organizations, to promote and advertise abortion coverage on a website. Fortunately, the Christian organization, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), filed a lawsuit on behalf of the pro-life ministry, A Place for Women… Read more

This Sunday, November 12th, is the International Day of the Bible. Sponsored by the National Bible Association, in partnership with the American Bible Society, the Museum of the Bible, Scripture Union, YouVersion, and Bible Gateway, millions of Christians will participate in social media outreach about the gift of God’s Word, the Bible. International Day of the Bible is a time when pastors worldwide can preach on one common theme: “the greatness and blessing of God’s Word.” Christians are encouraged “to… Read more

Should NFL players who don’t acknowledge the National Anthem be shot? One Dallas Baptist pastor says they would be anywhere else but in America. Black football players who earn millions of dollars for playing a game have been kneeling when the National Anthem is played before the game begins– to protest against their oppression. Making millions and playing football is apparently oppression these days. Kneeling is not only disrespectful to those who wear the uniform that matters (the U.S. Military,… Read more

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