Groups lists products for which aborted baby tissue is used for testing, vaccine information

Groups lists products for which aborted baby tissue is used for testing, vaccine information July 23, 2020

Children of God for Life has researched, reported on, and released lists and information, to inform consumers and the general public about products that are tested with cells from aborted babies.

The group has also published information about the use of aborted baby tissue used in medical research, and in the creation of vaccines and medicine.

Their efforts have successfully resulted in persuading companies like PepsiCo and Kraft to now use ethical testing alternatives for their products, among others.

For example, once COG brought it to light that aborted baby tissue was being used to test products, several companies canceled or amended their contracts with Senomyx, an American biotechnology company that develops additives to amplify certain flavors and smells in foods.

Senomyx “used aborted fetal cell line HEK-293 to TEST artificial flavors currently used by three companies,” according to one fetal products list the group has published.

They include Kraft – Cadbury Adams LLC, which canceled its contract with Solae, which canceled its contract with Campbell Soup, and Campbell also canceled its contract with Pepsi Beverages, according to COG.

As a result of COG’s 2012 boycott efforts, Senomyx no longer uses any aborted fetal cells in PEPSICO research and development.

COG also published a list of U.S./Canadian-made vaccines and medicines that use aborted baby tissue, the companies that produce them, and ethical alternatives.

COG has also published information about aborted fetal material used in vaccines and medicines based on manufacturer package inserts, science publications and published patent information.

The group also publishes good news, like the pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur’s recent decision to discontinue the production of its Poliovax vaccine, which was produced using aborted fetal cell lines, MRC-5.

“Moral options exist for Rabies, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles and Smallpox vaccines,” it states.

Using aborted baby tissue for vaccines has been practiced in the United States since at least 1936.

Forced abortions were performed under the federal “Model Eugenic Sterilization Law” of 1922, and baby tissue was used for polio research. Harry H. Laughlin, director of the newly formed Eugenics Record Office, funded by the Harriman and Rockefeller families and the Carnegie Institute, was appointed to head a “master race” project.

He testified before Congress in 1914, explaining a eugenics program, which would be a model later lauded by Hitler.

Debi Vinnedge in her book, Forsaking God for the Sake of Science, lists numerous examples. One includes a medical practice in 1936 at Bellevue Hospital in New York.

Dr. Albert Sabine used a new approach

“by the use of 3- to 4-months-old human embryos, obtained aseptically by Cesarean section…The brain and cord, the lungs, kidneys, liver, and spleen were stored in the refrigerator, fragments of these tissues being taken for the preparation of media at 3-day intervals.”

Vinnedge explains,

“Dr. Albert Sabin was in the early stages of his polio vaccine research. And such research wasn’t confined to just his experiments because worldwide, scientists were racing to be the first to find a vaccine for polio which was crippling over 100,000 persons annually. So not only were the methods of forced abortion and sterilization perfectly legal, it was seen as heroic and laudable.”

Vinnedge also points to a 1952 Journal on Immunology article, which explains the methods of Drs. Enders and Wells, who won the Nobel Prize for their polio research:

“It was obtained under sterile precautions at the time of abdominal hysterotomy for therapeutic indications. Embryos of between 12 and 18 weeks gestation have been utilized. Rarely tissues were obtained from stillborn fetuses, or from premature infants at autopsy…In the experiments on prolonged propagation of virus three sorts of embryonic materials were used: elements of skin, connective tissue, and muscle; intestinal tissue; brain tissue. Embryonic tissues were prepared in the following manner. Whenever possible the embryo was removed from the amniotic sac under sterile precautions, transferred to a sterile towel and kept at 5 C until dissected.”

The polio vaccine was a product of years of eugenicist research and medical experiments using tissue and organs from aborted babies. It was made possible by legislation passed by Congress– and was significant funding from elitist families who are now well known globalists, who organizations have funded sterilization, birth control, abortion and other means of population control, worldwide for nearly 100 years.

The legal efforts culminating in the creation of the polio vaccine were a precursor to the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized abortion. Decades later, fetal tissue continues to be used for medical research and the creation of vaccines, medicine, and even food additive testing.

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