10 Reasons why Christians must vote biblically

10 Reasons why Christians must vote biblically October 28, 2020

The American Pastors Network  (APN) is encouraging Christians to vote biblically. It has listed 10 reasons why Christians should vote, and vote for candidates whose policies align closest to the truths of scripture.

“There is no doubt that voting is a very significant aspect of the Christian witness for truth that the Word of God calls us to portray,” Gary Dull, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network, said in a statement. “Biblically minded Christians will be biblically minded voters for biblically correct issues, ultimately electing candidates God will use to glorify His name.”

“When Christians vote, they have the opportunity to support biblical truth by voting in favor of the issues and the candidates that are in agreement with scripture,” APN explains. “Doing so has the potential to bring principles of righteousness into the public square that will exalt a nation, according to Proverbs 14:34.”

Each of the 10 reasons is expounded upon, but overall, Christinas are encouraged to vote to:

  1. Support candidates and issues that are biblically based.
  2. Practice civil obedience.
  3. Uphold biblical values.
  4. Stand against evil in the nation.
  5. Promote that which is morally good in the country.
  6. Function as Christ’s ambassadors.
  7. Be involved in government.
  8. Put our prayers into action.
  9. Maintain our freedoms.
  10. Function as “salt and light.”

“There are candidates who, given the chance, would remove the freedoms Americans hold dear,” APN adds. “Attacks on the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Bible, all which stand for freedom and liberty, occur daily. Christian voters biblically support the blessings of ‘the perfect law of liberty’ (James 1:25), which will further guarantee the freedoms upon which the American civilization was established.”

The American Pastors Network is partnering with iVoter Guide, which informs Christians about the issues in their local districts. The comprehensive guide provides voters with side-by-side comparisons of policy positions of candidates and how they align with biblical values.

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