July 2, 2020

Moving Forward Is… Old Times One of the most challenging things I have had to do in my adult life is moving. As a child, the prospect of moving to a new home was exhilarating. There was a new room to decorate, a new neighborhood with new neighbors, and a unique perspective of home. Had I known then what I know now, I would have had much more compassion on my parents – mainly because they were experiencing things much... Read more

January 10, 2020

  Hello Again! Friends, it’s been a while. Life has a way of carrying you along and sweeping you up in its undertow. When you come up for air, you find you’ve drifted a little longer and quite a bit farther than you intended. Last year felt like a rush of adrenaline about 88 percent of the time, and the other 12 percent of the time, my perfectionism held me hostage. So while I was living, it felt like I... Read more

April 10, 2019

Blessings of Change Community and connection are two of my favorite blessings. I’m wired to love. As an only child (shout out to lack of siblings awareness day lol), I grew up soliciting relationships to fill the void of not having sisters or brothers. I wasn’t aware of this until I was much older and had developed the habit of equating proximity with friendship. The pain that almost always ensued brought me to my knees on many occasions. When blessed... Read more

March 31, 2019

Ashes, ashes. What comes to mind when you think of ashes? Wispy, feather-like leftovers from the unwanted offerings of a tragedy? Or, maybe what comes to mind is the absolute end of a thing from which you’ve desperately ached for freedom, and eager, amber flames finally loosen the ropes of its grasp. Ashes are evidence of fire and fire devastates. Its hungry belly never finds nourishment without the starvation of everything in its wake. Uncontrolled, its boundaries are non-existent and disrespectful.... Read more

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