J. Krishnamurti – Is there a meditation that… Video

J. Krishnamurti – Is there a meditation that… Video January 19, 2019

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J. Krishnamurti – Is there a meditation that… – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Is there a meditation that… – Transcript

Krishnamurti: I hope you can hear.Is it quite clear?Yes?Good.Would you mind taking away the camera?We have a lot of ground to cover this eveningso we won’t go back and repeat what we have saidduring the last three talks.Yesterday evening we were talking about sorrowand the ending of sorrow.With the ending of sorrow there is passion.And very few of usreally understand or go deeplyinto the question of sorrow.Is it possible to end all sorrow?This has been a question that has been asked by all human beingsperhaps not very consciouslybut deeply they want to find out as we all doif there is an end to human suffering human painand the ending of sorrow.Because without the ending of sorrowthere is no love.And to go into this question very seriously:when there is sorrowit is a great shock to the nervous systemlike a blow to the whole physiologicalas well as psychological beingand we generally try to escape from ittaking drugs drinksand every form of religious escapismor become merely cynical or accept the things as they are- inevitable.And to go into this question very deeply seriouslyis it possible not to escape from it at all?Perhaps my son diesand there is immense sorrowshockand I discover that I am really a very lonely human being.And I cannot face itI cannot tolerate itso I escape from it.And there are many escapes- religious mundane or philosophical.This escape is a wastage of energy.As we said we are talking over things together.You and the speakerare looking into this matter of sorrowand we are together taking a journeynot the speaker alone.If we do not escape in any form from the achethe pain of loneliness the grief the shockbut remain completely with the eventwith this thing called suffering- is that possible?If we hold any problemhold it not try to solve ittry to look at it.If one holds a precious jewelexquisitely hand…- and so on a beautiful thingone keeps looking at itone doesn’t want to escape from it.The very beauty of it is so attractive so pleasurablewe keep looking at it.In the same wayif we could hold completely without any movement of thought or escapehold itthen that veryaction of not moving away from the factbrings about a total release from that which has caused pain.We will go into this a little later too.And also we should consider what is beauty.This is very important.Not the beauty of a person onlyor go to a museum and see the marvellous paintings and statuesand most ancient man’s endeavour to express his own feelingsin stone or in paint or in a poembut also if we ask ourselves: what is beauty?Beauty may be truth.Beauty may be love.And without understanding the natureand the depth of that extraordinary word ‘beauty’it is inevitable thatwe shall never be able to come upon that which is sacred.So we must go into the question of what is beauty.We are not talking about the beauty of a person the facebeautiful sari a lovely treeand the ancient paintings.When you see something greatly beautifullike a mountain full of snow against the blue skywhat actually takes place?When you see something extraordinarily alivebeautiful great majestyfor a moment for a secondthe very majesty of that mountainthe immensity of it drives awayputs all the self-concern all the problems- at that second there is no ‘me’ watching it.The very greatness of that mountainhas driven away for a second all my self-concern.Surely one must have noticed this.And then you say how extraordinarily beautiful it is.There the majesty of that mountain with that snowand the beautiful line against the blue skythat very majestyputs aside for a second the me.Have you noticed a child with a toy?He has been naughty all day long which is rightand you give him a toyand for the next hour till he breaks it uphe is extraordinarily quiet.Which isthe toy has absorbed his naughtiness.The toy has taken him over.Similarly when we see something extraordinarily beautifulthat very beauty absorbs us.That isthere is beauty when there is no self.You understand?When there is no self-interestall the travail of the selfwithout being absorbedor shaken by something extraordinarily beautifullike a mountain or the valley in a deep shadowwithout being taken over by the mountainis it possibleto understand beauty without the self?Because where there is self there is no beautywhere there is self-interest there is no love.And love and beauty go togetherthey are not separate.And as we saidwe have to cover a great deal of ground this evening.So we ought to talk over togetherwhat is death.That is one certain thing we all have to facewhether you are rich or poor ignorantor very full of eruditionthat is the certainty of every human beingwe are all going to die.And we have never been able to understand the nature of deathbecause we are always frightened of dying- aren’t you? -and we hope for continuity after death.So we are going to together find out for ourselves what is dyingbecause we are going to face it.Whether you are young or oldthat is one certain thing in life.And to understand death we must also enquire what is living.What is our life?Are we wasting our life?By that word ‘wasting’dissipating our energies in various formsdissipatingby specialised professions.Are we wasting our whole existence one life?Are we wasting it?People who are rich they sayyes we have accumulated a lot of moneyit has been a great pleasure.Or if you have a certain talenttalent is a danger to a religious life- talent being that which is a giftfaculty an aptitudean aptitude in a particular directionwhich is specialisation.Specialization is a fragmentary process.So one must ask oneself whether one is wasting one’s life.You may be rich you may have all kinds of facultiesyou may be a specialist a great scientist or a businessmanat the end of lifehas all that been a wastageall this travail all this sorrowall the tremendous anxiety insecuritythe foolish illusions that man has collectedhis gods all the saints and so onhas all that been a waste?You may have power positionat the end of it – what?Please this a serious question that one must ask oneself.Another cannot answer this question except yourself.So we have separated living from dying.This dying is at the end of one’s lifeput it as far away as possiblea long interval of time.But at the end of a long journey.we die.And what is it that we call living?Earning moneygoing to the office from nine to five overworkeither in a laboratory in an office or in a factoryand the endless conflictfearanxiety loneliness despair depressionthis whole way of existencewhich we call life living.Is that living?This enormous travail of manhis endless conflict.And to that we hold.This living is called painsorrow anxiety conflictevery form of deceptioncorruption.Where there is self-interest there must be corruption.And this is what we call living.And we know that.We are very familiar with all thatthat is our daily existence.Nobody can cheat us from that.And we are afraid of dying.Which isletting go all the things that we have knownall the things that we have experienced gatheredthe lovely furniture that you have hadand the beautiful collection of your pictures paintings.And death comes and says you can’t have any of those any more.And we cling to the known afraid of the unknown.We can invent reincarnationthat we should be born next lifeand we never enquire into what is it that is born next life.What is born next life is a bundle of memoriesbecause we live by memorieswe live by the knowledge acquired or inheritedand that knowledge is what we are.The self is the knowledge of the past experiencesthoughts and so on.The self is that.The self may invent- there is something divine in onebut it is still the activity of thoughtand thought is always limitedas we talked about it the other day.So this is our living this is what we call life- pleasure and pain reward and punishmentthis is our life.And death means the ending of all thatthe ending of all the things that we have thoughtaccumulated enjoyed.And we are attached to all this.One is attached to one’s familyto all the accumulated moneyto knowledgeto the beliefs that one has lived withto the ideals- we are attached to all that.And death saysthat is the end of it old boy.Now the question is:why has the brain separated living- living which is conflict and so on – and deathwhy has this division taken place?Right?Does this division existwhen there is attachment?Please as we said we are talking over things together.We are sharing the thing which man has lived with for a million yearsthe living and the dying.And so we have to examine the thing together not resistnot say yes I believe in reincarnationI live by thatto me that is important- then conversation between us comes to an end.But if we really go into the question of what is livingwhat is wasting one’s lifeand what is dying.One is attachedto so many thingsto your guru to the accumulated knowledgeto the memory of one’s son daughter and so on.That memory is you.Your whole brain is filled with memory.Not only memory of recent eventsbut also the memorythe deep abiding memoryof that which has been the animalthe ape – we are part of that that memory.And we are attached to this whole consciousness.Right? That is a fact.And death comes and says that is the end of your attachmentand we are frightened of that.Frightened of being completely free from all that.And death is thatcutting off everything that you have got.We can invent we can say yes I will continue next life.Therefore what is it that continues?You understand my question?What is it that in us there is this desire to continue?Is there a continuity at all?Except of your bank account going to the office every daya routine of worshipand the continuity of your beliefs.But they are all brought together by thought.And thought has been limited and so creating conflict.We went into all that we are not going to go into it now.And the self the me the ego the personais a bundle of complicated ancient and modern memories.Which you can see for yourselfyou don’t have to study books and philosophies about all that.You can see it for yourself very clearlythat you are a bundle of memories.And death puts an end to all that memoryand therefore one is frightened.Now the question is:can one live in the modern world with death?Not suicide we are not talking about thatbut end as you live all attachmentwhich is death.Right?I am attached to the house I am living in I bought itI have paid a great deal of money to itand I am attached to all the furniturethe pictures the family the memories of all thatand death comes and wipes all that out.And can I live every day of my lifewith death ending everything every day?Ending all your attachmentsthat is what it means to die.But we have separated living from dyingtherefore we are perpetually frightened.But when you bring life and death togetherliving and dyingthen you will find outthat there is a state of the brainin which all knowledge as memory ends.But you need knowledge to write a letter to come hereto speak Englishto keep accountsto go to your home and so on – you need knowledge.But to keep knowledge as somethingnot entirely occupied in the mind.We were talking the other day with a computer expert.The computer can be programmedand it stores that memory.And also the computer can put aside all that memoryin a paper or on a discand keep itself emptyso that it can be reprogrammed or instructed further.You follow?So can the brainuse knowledge when necessarybut be free of all knowledge?That isour brain is recording all the time.You are recording what is being said now.And that record becomes the memory.And that memory that recording is necessary in a certain area.That area is physical activity.It is obvious.And can the brain be freeso that it can function totally in a different dimension?That isevery day when you go to bedwipe out everything that you have collected.Die at the end of the day.You understand all this?If you hear a statement of this kindthat is living is dyingthey are not two separate things at all- you hear that statementnot only with the hearing of the earbut also you hear itif you are listening carefullyyou hear the truth of itthe actuality of it.And for the moment you see the clarity of itand later on you slip backyou are attached you begin to be- you know all the rest of it.So is it possible for each one of usat the end of the day die to everything that is not necessary.To every memory of hurtof your beliefs your faiths your anxieties your sorrowend to all that every day.And then you will find you are living with death all the timedeath being the ending.Also one should really go into the question of ending.We never end anything completely.Because we end if there is any profit in itif there is any reward.To voluntarily endwithout a future assumptionthat there is better.And it is possible to live that way in the modern world.That is a holistic way of livingin which there is the living and the dyingall the time taking place.Then we ought to also talk over together what is love.Is love sensation?Is love desire?Is love pleasure?Is love put together by thought?Do you love your wife?Or your husband your children – love.Is love jealousy?Don’t say no.But you are jealous.Is love fear?Anxiety pain all the rest of it?So what is love?And without that quality that perfume that flameyou may be very richyou have all the sense of powerposition importanceall that hierarchical outlook on lifewithout love you are just empty shell.So we ought to go into this question of love.If you loved your childrenwould there be wars?If you loved your childrenwould you allow them to maim themselves through wars?Kill others and so on hurt others?Can love exist where there is ambition?Please you have to face all this.But we don’t because we are caught in a routinein a repetition of sensation as sex and so on.So love has nothing whatsoever to do with pleasurewith sensation and so on.Love is not put together by thoughttherefore it is not within the structure of the brain.It is something entirely outside the brainbecause the brain by its very nature and structureis an instrument of sensationnervous responses and so on.And love cannot exist where there is mere sensation.Memory is not love.And alsowe should talk over togetherwhat is a religious lifeand what is religion.Again this is a very complex question.Man human beings have soughthave enquired long beforesomething beyond the physicalbeyond the everyday existence of painand sorrow and pleasurehe has always sought something beyond.First in the cloudsthe thunder was the voice of Godthen he worshiped trees stonesthe primitives still dothe villages far away from these ugly beastly townsthey still worship stonestrees small images.And man wants to find out if there is something sacredand the priest comes along and saysI will point out to you I will show you- as the guru does.And the rituals the fancy dressof the western prieststheir rituals their repetitiontheir worship of their particular imageand you you have your own imagesor you don’t believe in any of thatyou say I am an atheist I don’t believe in GodI am a humanitarian.But man you and the speakeralways want to find out somethingthat may be beyond timebeyond all thought.So we are together going to enquireexercising our brain our reason our logicwhat is religionwhat is a religious life.Is it possible in this modern world?Not become a monkand organised groups of monks.So let us enquire into it.When we are able to find out for ourselveswhat is really truly a religious lifeand that can only be found out for ourselves when we understandwhat religions actually are and put aside all thatnot belong to any religionto any organised religion to any guruto any psychological so-called spiritual authority.There is no spiritual authority whatsoever.That is one of the crimes that we have committed.We have inventedthe mediator between truth and ourselves.So when you begin to enquire into what is religionand in the process of that enquiryyou are living a religious life not at the end of it.The very process of looking watching discussingdoubting questioning having no belief no faithin that process of investigationyou are already living the religious life.We are going to do that now.We seem to lose all reason all logic and sanitywhen it comes to religious matters.So we have to be logical rationaldoubting questioningall the things man has put together about Godthe saviours the gurus and their authorityeverything completely aside.That is not religionthat is merely the assumption of authority by the fewor you give them authority.You give them authority.Have you ever noticedwhere there is disordersocially politically in human relationshipout of the disorder if it is not resolvedcomes a dictator a ruler.You have recently had examples of this:in Italy as Mussoliniand Hitler that madman and so on.Where there is disorderpolitically religiously in our lifeyou will create the authority.You are responsible for the authority.And there are people who are too willing to accept that authority.So together we are going to look at what is religion.Where there is fearman inevitably seeks something that will protect himsafeguard himthat will hold him in a sense of certaintycomplete securitybecause he is basically frightened.And out of that fear we invent gods.Out of that fear we invent all the ritualsall the circus that goes on in the name of religion.All the temples in this countryall the churches and the mosquesare put together by thought.You may say there is direct revelationbut you never question doubt that revelationyou accept itand if one uses logic reason sanity- and all the superstitions that one has accumulatedall that is not religion. Obviously.Can you put all that asideto find out what is the nature of religionwhat is the mind brainthat holds the quality of religious living?Can you as a human being frightenednot invent not create illusionsbut face fear?Which we talked about the other day.Fear can disappear completely psychologicallywhen you hold it remain with it not escape from itwhen you give your whole attention to it.It is like a light being thrown on feara great flashing lightand then that fear disappears completely.And when there is no fear there is no Godthen there is no ritualseverything becomes unnecessary stupid- that is irreligious.The things that thought has invented become irreligiousbecause thought is merely a material processbased on experience knowledge memorywhich is material process.And when thought invents the whole rigmarolethe whole structure of organised religionswhich have lost completely – no meaning at all.Can you put aside all thatvoluntarily not seeking a reward at the end of it.Will you do it?When you do thatthen we begin to ask what is religionand is there something beyond all time and thought.You may ask that questionbut if thought invents something beyond that questionthen it is still material process.We have said that thought is a material processbecause it is sustained nourished in the brain cells.The speaker is not a scientist but you can watch it in yourselfwatch the activity of your own brainwhich is the activity of thought.So if we can put aside all thatvoluntarily easily without any resistancethen you will inevitably ask:is there something beyond all time and spaceis there something that has never been seen before by any manis there something immensely sacredis there something that the brain has never touched?So we are going to find out if you have done the first stepwhich is wipe away all this rubbish called religion.It is because you have used your brain your logicyour doubt your questioning.Then what is meditation?Because that is part of so-called religion.What is meditation?To escape from the noise of the world?To have a silent mind a quiet mind a peaceful mind?And you practice systems methods to become aware.Systems methodsa mould to keep your thoughts under control- sit cross-legged repeat some mantra.I have been told the meaning of that wordetymologically means ponder over not becoming- that is one of the meanings -and absorbput aside all self-centred activity.That is the one of the root meanings of mantra.But we repeat repeat repeatand carry on with our self-interested waysour egotistic ways.So mantra has lost its meaning.So what is meditation?Is meditation a conscious effort?You meditate consciouslypractice in order to achieve somethingto achieve a quiet mind brainto achieve a sense of stillness of the brain.What is the difference between that meditator and the man who saysI want money so I work for it- what is the difference between the two?Both are seeking an achievement.One is called spiritual achievementthe other is called mundane achievement.They are both in the line of achievement.So to the speaker that is not meditation at all.Any conscious deliberateactive desire with its willis not meditation.So one has to ask: is there a meditationthat is not brought about by thought?Is there a meditation of which- the speaker was going to say you are not aware of?You understand all this?Any deliberate process of meditationis not meditation – that is so obvious.You can sit cross-legged for the rest of your life and meditatebreathe and all the rest of that businessand you will not come anywhere near the other thingbecause that is a deliberate action to achieve a result.The cause and the effect.But the effect becomes the causeso it is in a cycle you are caught.So is there a meditationthat is not put together by desireby willby effort?The speaker says there is- you don’t have to believe iton the contrary you must doubt ityou must question itas the speaker has questioned it doubted ittorn it apart.Is there a meditationthat is not contrived organised?To go into thatone must understand the brain which is conditioneda brain which is limitedand that brain is trying to comprehend the limitlessthe immeasurable the timeless- if there is such thing as the timeless.And for thatsound is important to understand.Sound and silence go together.If you don’t understand sound the depth of soundbut we have separated sound from silence.Sound is the word.Sound is your heart beating.The universe is filled with sound- universe in the sense the whole earthall the heavensthe million starsthe whole sky is filled with sound.Obviously.You don’t have to listen to scientists about it.And we have made that sound something intolerable.So we want to have a brain that is quiet peaceful.But when you listen to sound the very listening is the silence.Silence and sound are not separate.So meditation is somethingthat is not contrived organised.Meditationit begins at the first stepwhich is to be free of all your hurtspsychological hurtsto be free of all your accumulated fearsanxietiesloneliness despair sorrow.That is the foundation that is the first step.And the first step is the last step.If you take that first step that is over.But we are unwilling to take that first stepbecause we don’t want to be freewe want to depend.Depend on power other peopledepend on environmentdepend on our experience knowledgewe are always depending dependingand never be free of all dependence all fear.And therefore the ending of sorrow is love.Where there is that lovethere is compassion.And that compassion has its own integral intelligence.And when that intelligence actsaction is true.There is no conflict where there is that intelligence.You have heard all thisyou have heard the ending of fear the ending of sorrowbeauty and lovebut the hearing is one thing and action is another.You hear all these things which are truelogical sane rationalbut you won’t act according to that.You will go home and begin all over againyour worries your conflicts your miseries.So one asks what is the point of it all?What is the point of listening to this speaker and not living it?In the listening and not doing is the wastage of your life.If you listen to something that is true and not actyou are wasting your life.And life is much too precious.It is the only thing that we have.And we have also lost touch with naturewhich means we have lost touch with ourselveswhich are part of nature.You don’t love trees the birds the waters and the mountain.You are destroying the earthand we are destroying each other.And all that is such a waste of life.When one realises all thisnot merely intellectually or verballythen one lives a religious life.Not put on a loin cloth or go round beggingor join a monastery- that is not a religious life.A religious life begins when there is no conflictwhen there is this sense of lovewhen you can love another your wife or your husbandbut that love is shared by all human beingsit is not given to one person and therefore restricted.So there is if you give your heart and mind brainthere is something that is beyond all time.And there is a benediction of thatnot in temples not in churches not in mosques.That benediction is where you are.\s

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