Help Mark Van Steenwyk Buy Back The unKingdom of God

Help Mark Van Steenwyk Buy Back The unKingdom of God November 23, 2016

The unKingdom of God

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure to review Mark Van Steenwyk’s book, The unKingdom of God. At the time I said that “if you do see a contradiction between the teachings of Jesus and the examples of his followers—and if you want to be a part of changing that—then I would definitely recommend taking a look at The unKingdom of God.”

Since then, I’ve stayed in contact with Mark via social media and come to know him as a friend. I’ve also become more convinced than ever how important books like this are for the church today. But two events have threatened to limit the spread of Mark’s book.

First, the book’s publisher, InterVarsity Press, has chosen to stop printing the book. Second, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (the parent ministry to IVP) has made the inexcusable decision to force gay-affirming employees to resign. Obviously, Mark does not desire to continue having his work bear the name of such an institution.

The good news is that if he buys out the remaining stock of his book, the rights will return to him, and he can republish the work as he sees fit. It would also allow him to give away many copies of the book to those who would benefit most from it. The bad news is that it will cost him about $3,500, but that’s where you come in!

For a donation of just $15, you’ll get a copy of the book for yourself, and you’ll also provide an additional copy for Mark to give away. There’s a selection of other tiered options for donations that you can see on the GoFundMe page for the book, with the higher levels including a three-day workshop with Mark.

So check it out, and consider helping Mark out with a worthy cause!

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