What I’ve Learned from Dead Guys (Podcast Interview)

Ryan Cagle and I chat about C.S. Lewis, St. Athanasius, George MacDonald, and my journey from Calvinistic fundamentalism to progressive Anabaptism. Read more

What Do You Think of Patheos’ New Design?

Patheos has a brand-new look. What do you think? Let’s hear your feedback! Read more

Thoughts on the Eucharist: Mystical not Magical, and Everyone Is Included

Does Jesus have a checklist of requirements that must be met before making himself present? And should we exclude certain people from partaking? Read more

A Response to Preston Sprinkle on LifeWay and “the Biblical View of Marriage”

When I posted about LifeWay’s so-called “biblical view of marriage,” Preston Sprinkle made a critical observation that is well-worth addressing. Read more

Sorry, LifeWay, None of Your Authors Hold to “the Biblical View of Marriage”

LifeWay claims their authors must all hold to “the biblical view of marriage,” but I don’t think they’ve really thought through what that would mean. Read more

Breaking: Good Satire Discovered at the Babylon Bee

Visitors to The Babylon Bee were shocked to discover something entirely new to the website: an article containing legitimately good satire. Read more

Faith Communities (and a Hate Group) at Bellingham Pride

I was thrilled to see nine affirming congregations at my city’s Pride parade. And when love collided with hate, the response was amazing! Read more

Yes, I Am a Christolator

An idol is an image made to represent God. But Jesus actually is “the image of the invisible God” and “the exact representation of his being.” Read more

The Invisible Man and His Shadow (An Allegory)

There once was an invisible man. Though no one could see this man, they could see his shadow. But they ran into some problems. Read more

The Importance of Loving Yourself First

Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last. Right? Or do we have that backward? What if you should actually start by loving yourself? Read more

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